[Chapter One] -- Exploitation

"Jesus Christ it's hot in here," said Pud to himself as he scooted across the wroom with his roller-chair to the A/C and turned it on to 'high.' He looked down on himself, only to find his shirt drenched in his own sweat, and gel from his hair was dripping down the left corner on one of his eyebrows. He cracked his neck sideways and looked at the clock at the same time. Pud was used to multitasking, especially on the weekends when there was nothing to do but sit at home and sulk infront of a blinking curser on his monitor. It was 2:21 AM, he had been online for the past eight hours. His computer had been playing Slipknot since then… and one of their songs got stuck in his head, which he tried to immitate but failed miserably. He decided to cleanse himself for a [very] brief moment, for there was no time to waste at all. He got up from his chair and staggered to the kitchen sink, where he dropped his head in all the way and turned on a full blast of rushing cold water. After a few seconds of seeming torture, he whipped his head back and gaped a the wall for a second or two, blinking heavily.

"For the Love of God…when will I learn not to kill myself infront of my PC like that. I look like some mad whore run out of buisness" He told himself, while opening up a cupboard and taking out a super-size bag of nachos to munch on… for he was planning to torment himself a bit more before he called it a 'day.' He was hot on his heels with something new he discovered. An exploit deep within the very founding roots of PakCom.

PakCom was Pud's Telco., it had been for years. Now this exploit, which he nicknamed "Mux0r," was about to be exposed to all of Heven's City. For the past six hours he was in deep concentration with on-and-off modes of meditation, not letting anything disturb him while he programmed viciously in Assembly. "MOV... flag comma false...MOV...frun comma TRUE, enter, MOV OLDX comma nospace zero, XOR space EDI comma nospace EDI" He programmed aloud to himself. Talking with his mouth and fingers Simultaneously. Him, brutally pounding at his keyboard, almost finished after a long hard night. The final product was almost done. He was racing against time, and the odds weren't great at all. Pud didn't know whether PakCom had information about this hole in their system and were patching it up as he typed, or if he was the only one. The hole enabled him to network his computer to theirs via the internet, getting "Guest" access (file sharing seemed to be on, a definite 'no-no' in the techie world). And from there he was proceeding to crack the Administrator's password using a program he was compiling at the time.

He hypothesized that once he got into one of the computers stationed that they would be, themselves, networked up and with Administrator accessibility he could roam free as he wanted, wherever he wanted, via his Admin. PC. He had talked to some friends about this a few hours ago, and they weren't interested at all, they quivered at the thought of malicious work, especially for a local Telco - yet at the same time excited. Pud was destined to follow through on this. Him being 17, on his graduating year of high school and a full scholarship to John Hopkins Medical School was hanging on the line, ventured forward.


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