[Chapter Three] -- 28 Days Later

Richard Andrade was dressed in blue jeans and a baggy t-shirt while coarsely scrubbing away at grafitti tattooed to his school's walls. Everything from love-letters to anarchy was found on these walls, even the occasional English essays. It was his second day out of Juvi and he was hoping to get back on his computer. He was thinking of lighting incest around his computer to make it 'his' shrine - he was that addicted. The internet was no joke for Pud; it was almost a religion to him. Nothing could pull him away from the usual "I'm just checking something real quick" or "Gimmie five minutes" while his parents were in the house. Yet he didn't look the type - owning no eye glasses, nor wearing high-waters and button up shirts on a regular basis. He dyed his hair every once in a while, streaking it blond - which made him look alienated with his natuaral jet black hair.

As he finished up the last few bricks on a single wall, he noticed one of the doors of the classrooms cracked open. He looked up at the clock - 5:26; he was supposed to finish scrubbing the halls at 5:30 exactly. He looked down both sides of the corridor he was in, then walked to both exits to check if there was anybody walking his way. Odd, there was no janitor to send him home, wonder why?

He finished scrubbing mindlessly for the next four minutes only to not feel guilty about not completing his task (Pud was like this, born and raised on the fact that you 'finished what you started'). He then cleaned up the sponges, bucket, and the soapy residue that plagued the floor from the trail of his cleaning. Once again, as he was feeling over-cautious, he checked for any onlookers or jaywalkers that happend to be comming this way. There were none, and he proceded to sneak in the pitch black room, ever so slightly. He turned around and, before shutting the door, checked to see if it would turn or not. It didn't, damn teachers not even closing their doors shut properly, this meant one thing, that the door was going to lock behind him. He quickly scanned the room for any light source, windows basically, and he found two large ones facing the very door. He slowly shut the door, as to not make any noise to even distract the birds from their work, and off he was.

Pud had stumbled upon an open computer lab. What luck, his wildest dreams had suddenly been released wildly into the unkown abyss of the information highway. He quickly sat at one of the computers and noticed that it was on. 'Strange', he thought, he leaned over to the next computer and checked to hear if the fan was running, sure enough, it was. Pud, for the sheer entertainment of seeing a school computer-administrator in total shock, pressed forward. He went to the main PC, which was located in a small cubicle and noticed as: Admin. The computer was on alright, somebody forgot to do their job this morning. He quickly hijacked the session, and went on the internet to an FTP site he had memorized a few days earilier. He downloaded the first reverse lookup keystroke logger that he could find, and downloaded it on the school's speedy T1 connection - then proceded to install it. He found the area in which the passwords get loaded into the memory without haste, and forced the machine to dump core in that area. Things led to another in seconds, and he grabbed the core file before it automatically got deleted (which was approximatly two seconds, since all of the computers in the lab had been upgraded to WindowsXP). He then opened the core file in vi (visual interactive [editor], and found the user's name about halfway down the gibberish, untransalated nonsense. He deleted everything before the user's name, counted 127 characters after the name by tapping on the monitor, not missing a thing. He deleted everything after that character, and saved the file as a text file, and imported it into MS Word. He set up two colums (one with the user name and one with the rest of the babble), and saved it as a Word Template File, then once more, imported it, but this time to MS Access. He had found the plaintext version of the Administrator's password.

He saved the password in a text, then saved the text onto a floppy and put it in his pocket. He was just about to shut down the computer when he heard a noise.

"What in bloody hell? Damn, motherfuckin' kids and teachers. Damned right shoot 'em all if I could. Gawd help me, teach these bastards to just shut the fuckin' doors properly dammit."

The janitor then took a deep sigh, and scanned the room once more for any out-of-place materials or objects. He found none, then shut the door behind him. Pud stood there for a moment, trying not to move, yet abruptly shaking without control. He was leaned back against a wall of the cubicle, directly infront of the main door to the hallway. With the floppy still in his hand, shaking, he placed it back on the desk, and wrote on the front: Admin PW, then stuck it in his back pocket. He knew that he couldn't use the main door to get out anymore, since it was locked. Yet he thought of this before hand, and quickly unlatched one of the large windows, and simply crawled out of the building onto the school yard. Pud closed the window as much as he could, then ran home...not looking back at the school once.

To Be Continued...