-1Maka and the gang are out save their good friend Kid in the book of Eibon, but they did not expect this when they actually saw him...

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Falling into the Madness

It was... dark... Very dark, too dark, just darkness... The ULTIMATE symmetry through the eyes of the symmetry obsessed shinigami. Death the Kid, son of Shinigami-sama himself.

The ultimate symmetry is what Kid had longed for since the moment he came into this world. He never showed it, and sometimes he didn't even notice it... But the madness that tempted him in the last chapter of the book of Eibon pushed him over the edge...

"Kid!" several voices called from the dark and gloomy hallway, echoing into the dark dungeon, hardly audible, but it would be enough to give hope to any sane person. The young shinigami blinked several times, his golden eyes heavy and nearly closed as his head drooped. He wasn't sure if he was hearing things again so he presumably ignored it.

Kid was currently shackled to the wall standing upright, the sleeves of his white undershirt torn off and his specially-made symmetrical suit jacket lying in ribbons in the corner, his shinigami emblem hanging crooked on his shirt.

"We're coming!" One voice stuck out from the rest and was probably the most memorable to Kid; it was the voice of miss Maka Albarn, the leader of the group.

His striped head instantly shot up, his eyes wide with shock as he now knew it wasn't just his imagination. "M-Maka...?" Kid mummbled weakly as his left eye twitched slightly. 'Foolish Shinigami! Kill them the moment they come in! It's the least you can do to repay them for they're efforts!' an unknown voice scolded coldly as a crimson color took over the once beautiful amber color that filled his eyes. His blunt mouth stretched into a murderous smile as footsteps could now be heard. "S-Stop! I don't need you, madness, now that my friends have come to rescue me!" Kid's true voice fought back in a random outburst as the figures now became visible. 'There's no use in fighting back now, I've already conquered half of your soul.'

"SHUT UP!" Kid shrilled at the top of his lungs as Maka entered the dark room, wielding Soul firmly in her grasp, but stopped abruptly with utter shock. Partly because Kid looked like he took a rollercoaster ride through a large paper-shredder machine and also because of the large and incoherent scream to 'shut-up'. "What are you waiting for Maka?" Soul inquired quick and harshly as he watched the shinigami cautiously, but his partner wouldn't budge.

'You're mine now, shinigami...' At that moment, the weak-looking Shinigami broke through the chains as if they were nothing and stood in a new fighting stance with his open hand facing Maka and his fist clenched next to his chest; most likely a martial arts stance.

"Kid! It's just us! Maka, Soul, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Liz, Patti, Ox, Harvar, Kilik, the twins, Kim and Jacqueline!" Maka burst out randomly, taking a deep breath after reciting the list of names. The sudden outburst made Kid waver slightly, but he still stood strong in the same stance.

"YAHOOO! Never fear! The great BLACK*STAR has come to save Kid!" the boastful voice of the arrogant assassin rang out through the room as a teal-haired boy burst into the room, the demon weapon Tsubaki in hand, currently in enchanted sword mode.

"Calm down, Black*Star, Maka and Soul seem to already have this under control," Tsubaki at least tried to explain to the no-brained idiot wielding her.

"So what, Tsubaki? This job is obviously too big of a job for such little people to handle," the assassin smirked mischievously in reply as everyone else in the room stared awkwardly at the interruption. "Only a big man such as myself should be able to handle such a job!"

"Would you quit it already, baka (dumb, idiot)?" Maka groaned as Kilik, Ox and Kim entered the room sweat-dropping with their weapons in hand. "Tsubaki is right, we have this under control."

"That's what you think, human," Kid abruptly spat out acidly, everyone suddenly drawing their attention back to the shinigami. Kid NEVER even addressed them as humans the whole time they knew each other, but he way he said it made the seem as scum.

"K-Kid?" Maka stuttered as she noticed the blood-red eyes. She then finally noticed it, Kid's shinigami soul had somehow vanished and in replace was just a swarming ball of black and dark-violet madness.

"You will address me as Mad, since I am the madness after all," the boy smirked as Black*Star grew impatient and Ox, Kilik and Kim still looked clueless as to what was happening. "The shinigami willingly gave his body up to me in order to satisfy his lust for nothingness. I will carry out the deed with ease, even if I must battle a death scythe." The red eyes then glanced at Soul for a mere second.

Liz and Patti were the last to enter the room, breaking the tension as Patti could be heard singing "Giraffe~! Giraffe~!" in a sing-song voice with Liz scolding her hastily in the back round to get more serious.

They both abruptly stopped their actions the moment they entered the large room. "You're not Kid-kun!" Maka finally burst out as Black*Star now looked enraged. Kid smirked widely into a murderous grin as be jumped into the air, nearly up to the ceiling as he seemingly got ready to drop a kick on the unsuspecting meister.

"I already told you that I'm not that pitiful shinigami and that your friend is gone for good," the voice commented coolly as his body began to plummet towards the ground, an axe-kick ready and aimed for the meister's blonde head.

"HAHAHA! Don't think you can even lay a finger on any of us while I'm still around!" the voice of the assassin chuckled loudly and echoed throughout the room as the teal-haired boy appeared out of nowhere and next to the possessed form of Kid, hid wave length fully charged and heading for his upper-torso.

The shinigami quickly turned his head to only get a glance at the yellow wave length piercing through his chest almost as if it were butter. "I told you! The great Black*Star is undefeated! AHAHAHA!"

Kid instantly dive-bombed into the ground only a split second later, head first, creating a large and gruesome crater with smoke filling the room.

"That was a bit overboard, don't you think?" Soul sighed as he transformed into his human form and Black*Star landed directly in front of him with a large smirk plastered onto his face.

"Don't worry, that guy might've been all talk and no bite, but that's Kid we're talking about, he doesn't die as easily as a normal person would do," Black*Star explained boastfully. "But I jut surpassed GOD! How freaking awesome is THAT?" Tsubaki sighed as usual as she too returned to her human form and stood next to Black*Star.

"Can someone please explain to me what just happened?" Ox asked, butting-in as he adjusted his glasses. "Why did Black*Star just pummel the guy we're supposed to be saving into the ground, and why are you all not angry and instead you're slightly praising him?"

"Did you even hear a word he said to Maka and us, Ox?" Soul sighed as Maka, Liz and Patti all stayed dead silent. "Kid was being possessed by the madness and was about to attack us when Black*Star took him down."

"Well, you may want to look over their if you're so confident you knocked him out," Ox suggested as a dark form could be seen emerging from the large crater.

"E-Everyone! Don't hold anything back even if it is Kid! We have to knock this nonsense out of him!" Maka ordered, wavering slightly as Soul nearly turned back into his weapon form, but was stopped by an uncalled for kick to the face, sending him flying into the wall. "SOUL!" Maka screamed loudly as Tsubaki returned to weapon form and the others got into battle stances, all except for Liz and Patti who stayed unusually quiet.

"I-I'm okay," the groggy voice of Soul called out from the dust as he walked back into the scene. "I wasn't made a death scythe for doing nothing ya know. So not cool though, that was a cheap shot anyways." The weapon then returned to his weapon form in a flash of light with Maka catching him with ease in the palm of her white-gloved hands.

"For Kid!" Maka yelled fiercely as she was the first who jumped into combat, swinging her scythe at the shinigami's head which in return, he dodged swiftly.

"For Kid!" the other's voices called back as an echo as the rest all jumped into battle as well... except for Liz and Patti who both just watched silently.

Kid dodged Maka's attacks with ease and eventually ended up swinging her halfway across the room from the momentum of one of her more powerful strikes. Soul instantly returned to his human form as he noticed the lack of confidence in his meister's soul after they landed on the ground harshly. 'Come on, Soul, just use me just this once... Come on, you know you can't win without me...' the voice of the small demon whispered within the crevices of his mind. "No I don't, stupid demon. I'm a death scythe and I can handle this..." Soul mummbled as he tried his best to get his meister back up on her feet.

Back in the fight, Ox had failed several times to get a clean shot at Kid, even with Kim and Black*Star distracting him slightly. He began to grow flustered as added more force behind his attacks unconsciously as Black*Star grew impatient.

The assassin was currently in his ninja-weapon form, occasionally getting a slight cut on the shinigami. "Ahg, I'm never going to win this way..." the boastful teen muttered as Kid then heaved himself back up into the air with ease.

"This body has more agility than anticipated," Mad smirked as he did a full mid-air back flip. "Plus, a shinigami is much harder to kill then any of you puny mortals."

Black*Star watched angrily from the ground as Kim missed numerous times to get a good shot at Kid with Jaqcliene. "Soul Execution!" Mad yelled randomly as swarms of flickering black and dark purple streaks of what looked like lightning swarmed his body and he landed in a squatting position on he ground in-between the four meisters.

Ox adjusted his glasses as his face took on a dreary look. Kid had grabbed on to the tip of Harvar as they finally found an opening. "How about a madness shock wave, eh?" Kid smirked as his new wavelength swarmed sown the staff and in a split second, Ox had looked like he had stuck his finger in a light bulb as he fell over backwards.

"What the hell?" the assassin burst out as he gripped Tsubaki tighter and Harvar returned to human form, except he looked no better than Ox and too collapsed next to his partner, the occasional flicker of black or purple on one of their limbs.

"You're going to pay, whoever you really are!" Kilik exclaimed as he readied his thunder pot. "Thunder and fire style!" The young meister smirked as he shot several waves of thunder and fire at the possessed shinigami, occasionally getting a hit as Kim back Kilik up from behind and Black*Star attacking from Kid's blind side; his back.

Kid continued to flip and jump over the numerous attacks as Soul still desperately tried to wake his meister, Liz and Patti still silently watching from the doorway.

"HIYA!" the assassin yelled as he aimed another kick for Kid's head, which he dodged easily and used the opening to flip the assassin over and slam him onto his back. "I'm not nearly done yet! Tsubaki, enchanted sword mode!" The demon tool nodded and did as commanded obediently as Kilik and Kim continued to fire away with their weapons. The assassin then kicked up and onto his feet, aiming a few slashes at Kid's head and occasionally cutting a few strands of hair.

"WITCH HUNTER!" Maka's voice rang out from above the teen with stripes in his hair. Kid's now crimson eyes widened largely as he turned around as fast as possible, only to be met with an immense white light which sent him flying into the southern wall and smashing through it as if it were nothing, as well as the other behind that one.

Maka landed on the ground panting, dropping Soul in the process as she dropped to her knees. "Oi! You nearly had my head there, Maka!" Black*Star yelled as he stood up straight, as well as Kilik and Kim.

"Asura's wreath within me, awaken..."

"Y-Yeah, sorry Black*Star..." Maka slightly giggled as Soul returned to his human form and smiled widely.

"In the darkness and from the depths of hell you guide me..."

"Hey! Don't forget about Ox and Harvar over there! They're the ones that need actual help," Kilik slightly laughed as the pots too turned back to their human forms.

"But I ask you now..."

"Nah, they'll be fine," Maka slightly joked as she got up to her feet and began to approach the hole in the wall. "But I don't think Kid will be for a while after that last attack."

"DESTROY THEM!" the sickening voice of Mad rang out through the room as Maka froze in her tracks, a large orb of flickering black and purple appeared in the center of the room out of nowhere.

"HA! What in the hell-" The assassin was interrupted abruptly by a large explosion emitting from the small orb, which consumed the whole entire room in one go with a euphoria of black and purple flickering colors.

Liz and Patti watched wide-eyed from the doorway, only missing the explosion by a centimeter. Their emotions were written all over their faces, anger, sadness, shock, betrayal and most of all, fear. The two just stood their silently, awaiting for the smoke to clear and reveal the damage.

The scene cleared in a matter of seconds, revealing everyone who was in the room lying unconscious on the ground, covered in soot and ash with Death the Kid standing in the middle of all of it. Maka, Harvar and Tsubaki had managed to keep conscious, even as Kid began to laugh insanely.

"I am by far the superior being here!" Mad chuckled wildly as the whole room seemingly shook. "I'll just kill you all now to put you out of your missor-" His crimson eyes quickly drained back into their normal shinigami gold eyes as he fell forwards and onto his torso as consecutive gun fire could be heard for behind, eight to be exact.

Behind the now extremely injured Death the Kid stood a quivering Liz with her sister in her weapon form in hand and both hands wrapped around her tightly, the gun smoking. The twin pistol was panting as her whole body shook and she stared down at her meister's bloodied body.

"L-Liz...?" Maka muttered, barely coherently as she attempted to climb to her feet. Liz silenced her with a mere hand as Patti returned to her human form and Liz took out a small mirror from her pocket.

She quickly wrote in Shinigami-sama's number and a large, white shinigami mask could be seen moments later. "Hey! How ya doin'? Wassup? Wassssup?" the goofy voice that belonged to Lord Death asked. "Did you retrieve my Kiddo-kun for me, Liz-chan, Patti-chan?"

"Uh, there was a bit of trouble but we have him now, but I'm afraid he's gravely injured and will need medical attention a.s.a.p." the older Thompson sister replied as Lord Death stood their silently. "Alright then! Let's get to work and bring Kiddo back here!" Shinigami exclaimed as he began to wave. "I expect you all back here in one piece in about an hour! Bye~!"

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