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Kid groaned loudly, not wanting to leave from his current position. It was heart warming and plain comfortable, whatever was under his head that is. The person or thing's soul gave off soothing soul waves and Kid couldn't help bet snuggle his head in closer in hopes of getting more of the pleasant feeling, which made Mad nearly gag.

'You realize if you don't leave soon, your partners and that death scythe child will find you in this questioning position,' the madness sighed irritatingly. Kid frowned as he now remembered his beast, the heartless voice piercing his soul like venom. The shinigami had no idea what it was talking about though when Mad had said 'questionable position' until he opened his golden eyes slowly.

His face was pressed up against Maka's 'bosoms' tightly, his arms wrapped around her small torso tightly and their legs tangled together. Kid's mind suddenly went to a halt, his breath catching in his throat and his heart speeding up. His face turned a deep crimson shade before the gears in his brain began to move once again and comprehend the situation.

"Gahh!" the shinigami yelled as he jumped off of the unconscious meister as fast as he possibly could. "Her symmetry is completely off! Damn it! It's all my fault! I deserve to die!" Kid bawled loudly as he took on a groveling position and began to repeatedly smack the ground with his right hand. 'Wow, he's more oblivious than a rock being
thrown into a volcano,' Mad muttered as the shinigami continued to rant.

Several seconds past, and Mad just couldn't take it. His frustration and anger swelled through the shinigami's own soul, racking his wavelength. After several frustrating moments, Mad was finally able to think clearly yet again and slowly began to slowly take over the shinigami's body since his guard was currently down. The madness had full control of his arms when Kid finally decided to stop and notice Maka. Mad cursed under his breath silently before vanishing back into the depths of Kid's mind.

"Shit, there are more important things to worry about right now other than symmetry," Kid hissed as he crawled back over to Maka, his mind now comprehending that his legs and arms felt like shattering into shards at any moment, his head felt like fifty tons of lead and his torso felt like jello. Now something was DEFINITELY wrong with Kid. Symmetry was always his first priority no matter what, and he nearly died for the sake of it on several occasions, such as Anubis for example. Maybe Maka was more important to him than symmetry? Kid tried not to think about it that way, but it was the only real logical answer no matter which way you looked at it.

The shinigami eventually made it back to the meister, his body shaking violently and dark circles forming under his eyelids. It must've been at least midnight by then. The dark sky was completely cleared, stars disrupting the symmetry in the distance with a half moon placed in he center of all of it.

Kid had no time to admire or hate the sky at the moment, for he was too preoccupied just staring at the blonde meister before him. "Oh that's right, my head was right there..." Kid pointed out as he pointed at the forbidden area. The shinigami blushed subtly before summoning Beelzebub a few feet in front of the two meisters. 'Staring is not polite and it makes me feel perverted,' Kid tried to convince himself as he shoved his arms under the fragile meister's body and picked her up much like Soul did earlier, except Kid's grip was much more tighter and cautious.

His feet nearly stumbled over each other on his way to the board, and he almost couldn't hop on yet alone stand straight. "I have no choice now, I must get back to Death City and get Maka some help... then I can go kill Asura." 'Tch, yeah right.' The teen ignored the comment and began to descend into the sky.

Not even sixty seconds later, Kid had began to ask something towards the madness, saying it was for killing someone, the killing someone part muttered, but audible. Mad would've declined, but the madness just couldn't resist the urge for blood lust, just like his creator Asura, and agreed before leaving Kid's body in a physical form only visible through Kid's eyes, part of the madness still lurking within his soul so Mad could return without having to fight through it all over again.

The shinigami didn't looked relieved yet, his expression looking like a cross between depressed and exhausted. He couldn't help but look down at Maka, she looked like a goddess even in this state towards the OCD shinigami, which bothered him, A LOT. 'N-No one or anything is more beautiful than symmetry... so why can't I help myself? Am I sick or something? Why does this have to be so damn confusing! It was that dream that did it! I bet that fake kiss is what's sparking my interest...'

He shook it off the best he could once they nearly smashed head-on into a building, but Kid quickly evaded it by at the last second going completely vertical to the ground, obstructing gravity. The shinigami's teeth were clenched shut with fear as they descended back up into the sky, horizontal once again.

Kid managed to reach Maka and Soul's apartment about fie minutes later going at top speed without so much as glancing at the disheveled meister in his arms. The door was surprisingly wide open and Kid managed to drag him and Maka inside, closing and locking the door behind them just in case any screaming would be heard.

The dark-haired shinigami had managed to make it to what seemed to be Maka's bedroom before nearly collapsing on her bed. Kid had managed to bask in the tidiness and symmetry of the room as he caught his breath at Maka's bedside on the ground, his right hand sub-consciously intertwined with Maka's left.

Moments later after catching his breath, Kid crawled over to one of the bare corners of the medium-sized room and plopped himself down mutely, awaiting the arrival of the object of request. Mad returned not even three seconds after he sat down and handed the item Kid had requested, a pistol, a real one with real bullets. The shinigami muttered a thanks before Mad reentered his body.

The meister sighed, cocking the gun whilst he held it normally unlike his usual fashion of holding it upside down. "I'm sorry, Maka, please forgive me for what I'm about to do," Kid whispered desperately as he watched Maka's unconscious form twist and turn on top of the covers, her body shivering

Maka's Mind: Half an hour earlier

Large emerald eyes open slowly, her vision blurry even though the only thing she could see was just plain white. Maka eventually sat up, her curiosity getting the best of her as she looked around. It didn't make sense, all she could see was endless whiteness, not even a shadow forming beneath her form which surprisingly kept in place. Her hands caught her eye though, they were extremely small compared to her normally sized hands.

She soon felt her face, he shorter legs covered with white leggings and her small pink dress which covered her chest. Maka had felt like she was five years old and her father had dressed her up again. The only thing that remained were her neatly tied dirty-blonde pigtails.

Where was she? The question annoyed her and she sat there for what seemed to be an eternity just thinking about it. Perhaps she drowned and Kid had not saved her like she had thought. Maka remained sitting there for several moments later, until a feign tapping sound echoed through her ears.

She checked her hands and she definitely wasn't tapping the 'floor'. This was all not making sense, the tapping, her current location and just about everything else. Maka stared around for the source of the tapping noise as it grew louder into a desperate banging.

The meister found the source in no time from behind her. There was a small boy dressed in formal attire, black suspenders over his shoulders and shinigami skulls keeping hem in place, a white dress shirt underneath and tucked into nicely fitting black dress-pants. That was when Maka finally noticed, the color black was surrounding the boy and blending in with his hair that also held three white stripes. 'Wait, stripes? Kid-kun?" Maka exclaimed as she stumbled to get to her feet.

Kid was holding up a long red ribbon next to the line of separation between the two opposite colors in his right hand, his other tapping something invisible, almost as if there was a barrier between the two colors.

Maka blinked several times, trying to comprehend the situation as she approached the boy. He looked desperate as he continuously pressed up the ribbon towards her hand, but the invisible barrier stopped him from reaching it. She then knew for sure that Kid wanted her to grab on to the ribbon for some reason, so she slowly reached her hand out, the hand passing through the barrier as if nothing was there, but a bright light began to emit from the invisible barrier.

The darkness gave Maka a gloomy feeling and also the chills like a bad cold. Her hand was instantly hit with a wave of coldness, but she fought through it until she gripped the top end of the red ribbon. She gripped it tightly, her hand beginning to sting lightly. The sting soon grew into an acid-like feeling, as if the ribbon didn't want her even touching it. Kid began to slowly frown as he noticed Maka's grip loosen.

"Don't let go," Kid told the small meister desperately as her gaze slowly drifted upwards to lock with the shinigami's soothing eyes. "Please, promise me you won't." Maka soon noticed that Kid's body was slowly disintegrating from the feet up the looser her became. Was this how Kid's soul felt like? Cold and acid-like?

Maka's skin on her hand was soon peeling off bit by bit to be replaced with glossy blood. Her fingers were forced to let go, that is, before she caught it again with her other hand tighter than earlier just as Kid's head nearly disappeared. "I will never let go, I promise," Maka replied sincerely, a warm smile placed on her lips as the shinigami's body fully reappeared and he smiled back. Her heart skipped a subtle beat, but she denied it and instead said to herself that it was just the darkness giving her chills.

The ribbon soon began to feel warmer and actually pleasant as the light seized from the invisible barrier and it shattered to pieces loudly and the whiteness from Maka's side began to gradually meld with Kid's darkness.

"I'm sorry again, Maka, but it's for the best," what sounded like Kid's voice muttered apologetically. 'Don't let go...' Smaller Kid whispered. Maka instantly shot up, her eyes opening immediately and her body aching. A gun was pressed up to her forehead, a shinigami sitting on her stomach and straddling her waist, that same gun clenched in his hands tightly. Sticky sweat streaked Kid's arms, his teeth clenched with his right eye a glowing crimson color.

"Kid!" Maka nearly screamed as she watched him pant wildly. "A-Are you trying to kill me or what?" Kid didn't move, his arms now shaking as he readied his finger on the metal trigger. "You're Mad, not Kid! Get the hell out of Kid's body! He doesn't fucking need you!" She usually disliked AND disapproved of extremely foul language, but apparently Kid was the exception to her mental rule. But before either of them knew it, a loud gun firing sound could be heard going off, and a bullet drove into Maka's headboard of her bed, the shot only missing due to the fact that Maka tackled the possessed shinigami at the same time to the ground, the gun spiraling out of his hands and towards the other side of the room.

Kid instantly clawed for the gun desperately, but Maka's arms were currently pinning his own down and keeping his arms from stretching out fully and grabbing the gun. "W-Wait, are you Kid or Mad?" Maka stuttered, slightly horrified as Kid had suddenly stopped reaching for the gun and she noticed the mismatched eyes.

"Kid-Mad!" two different voices answered furiously and simultaneously, the two locking gazes. "Please, Maka, give me the gun so I can kill myself," what seemed to be Kid begged, his face pained into an expressionless position. "Cut the crap out, fledgling, and kill the little bitch already! I saw your little dream, I actually triggered it, hoping to give you a nightmare, but boy did that backfire." The shinigami's body suddenly went limp, his heart rate slowing and his eyes suddenly shutting, Maka still very bewildered as to what was happening.

Moments past and Maka remained disabling Kid's motionless body with her own in the same position, her grip tightening on his arms and leaving nail marks. Golden eyes shot open, staring up directly into Maka's. "You're back, Kid, good thing too because the madness was abou-" The dark-haired meister bellow her suddenly brought his feet to her chest, his knees at his own chest and kicked with little of his force, yet it sent Maka soaring into the far wall.

The uncalled for kick quickly gave Kid an opening to snatch the gun and pin the blonde meister, obviously in pain, up to the wall, her face grimacing in pain. His right hand was placed around her left, which contained the pistol which he shoved into her hand. The gun was pressed up to his throat by his own hand whilst Maka's dangled. His index finger laid on the trigger, holding the death scythe wielder's finger in place as well.

"I want you to kill me, Maka. You deserve to, I've let my corruptness hurt you and I will not stand for it! I've ruined one of my best and only friends! I'll never live with myself if you don't kill me now!" Kid begged, his arms quivering, Maka now looking saddened. "Now shoot me! Eight times would be favored but shoot as much as you want to get
your rage out."

"I'm not going to shoot you Kid," Maka stated. "It was just a small little bite after all. Black*Star used to bite me all the time when I was younger to show how big of a 'man' he was. It's nothing, had no affect on me at all." She laughed weakly afterwards, Kid staring at the deep bite marks intently.

"I want to try something," Kid abruptly brought up, his eyes slowly ghosting upwards and locking with Maka's beautiful emerald ones. "It has to do with that 'dream' the madness was speaking of earlier. If it's not true, you kill me instantly, okay? If it is... I'll try to live with myself, for this special thing may mean the world to me." Maka blinked confusingly, even if it wasn't true, whatever it was, she could still restrain him until the others found out where they were and returned, so she slowly nodded, completely unaware of what was
about to happen because of that small gesture of the head.

"Okay, deal, I guess," Maka sighed as Kid's stare gradually made her uneasy. 'Please, promise me you won't.' The voice echoed throughout her head, acting like a conscience, her eyes widening by a fraction.

"Please, promise me you will," Kid begged desperately, his voice trembling. "When the time comes, I want to die by your hands, miss Albarn." The blonde meister frowned, as if his words were picked out to drive a dagger through her chest. 'Formal much? Calling a whore 'miss' isn't proper etiquette, fledgling.'

"Kid, you're beginning to piss me off so do whatever it is you need to do!" Maka growled acidly, offended somehow by Kid's most recent plead. "Don't you dare make me go back on my word or else you're no better than stupid Mad!" Kid's expression remained the same, a mere sigh was the only thing that escaped his lips. 'Don't tell me you're going to...'

His face slowly moved closer to her own, causing her cheeks to start to burn. Kid paused, only centimeters away from their noses touching as if he were thinking over something one last time. He then suddenly closed the gap between them by delicately placing his lips on the blonde meister's own, much like she had done to him in his hellish nightmare, which was completely uncalled for for Maka.

'I'm kissing Death the Kid?' Maka's conscience sprung to life after her brain comprehended the shock and the fact that she was being kissed. 'I-I'm in a relationship with Soul! This isn't right!' Her arms wouldn't move and all she could do was feel her heartbeat speed up intensely, her cheeks redden into a deeper shade of crimson. 'Would you like to have the shinigami kill himself, fledgling?' what sounded extremely similar to Mad smirked deep within Maka's mind. She cursed silently in the back of her mind just as Kid slowly backed away.

"Y-You stole my first kiss, jerk! That's all you wanted to do!" Maka snapped, suddenly becoming very aggressive on the subject. "I don't know if you knew this, but I'm kind of in a relationship with Soul! It's just plain dishonorable."

"Ah, I do believe Liz informed me about something like that, but I have no idea what you're talking about," Kid replied, unfathomed by the yelling a he turned his back to her and released the gun into her hand. "I had no intention of stealing your first kiss, so I do not find this dishonorable. Aha, got it." Maka blinked several times as the shinigami spun back around to face her as his thumb and index finger reached into his mouth. He pulled out a black and violet flickering object in the shape of a berserk lightning bolt a moment late and held the object in front of her face.

"This was the consequences of my bite, but luckily I could extract the madness before it spread to your soul," Kid explained, not even the faintest blush staining his face. "It was like the CPR I performed earlier, it was no kiss, but a vital treatment in order for survival."

"You did what!" Maka screamed. Kid just shrugged, his eyes now looking heavy. "I-I..." The meister was suddenly at a loss for words as she watched Kid crush the madness into dust in the palm of his hand, and threw the dust-like particles into the air. Maka sighed and dropped the gun on the floor before staring back up at Kid. "Thanks, I wouldn't even be here right now if it weren't for-" Kid merely nodded before Maka could even finish her sentence and suddenly collapsed into her body. She instantly caught him, his body and clothes soaking wet.

The Mind of Death the Kid: Same Time

"Shitty little fledgling!" Mad cursed as the dark figure approached Kid's crouching one. "The warmth of that soul... and the kiss sealed the deal! Damn you! Damn you and that bitch! Thanks to two dip-shits, my powers are now freaking sealed! I was so close to full control of this pitiful soul when you ruined it! And what an awful cover-up, it's obvious you just wanted a chance to kiss her, not extract the madness from her soul." The madness was obviously beginning to disintegrate at a quick pace from the feet up, his arms already beginning to disappear.

"S-So what?" Kid's voice trembled as his head raised to gaze deeply into the madness' glowing eyes. "If I told her I just wanted to kiss her, that'd ruin our friendship for sure and she would probably have a restraining order on me. But I told you I would destroy you
unsymmetrical scum, and now I can finally go after Asura without any distractions. Ha, it's actually quite funny. I studied your actions for the moment we came into contact in case a problem like this were to up rise, and I couldn't help but notice your extreme discomfort towards love and affection. This was a mere game of chess from the start and it's check-mate for you, bastard."

"So you're capable of complex strategies, are you? Well I hope you know that this seal won't last as long as you think and soon, I'll break free and you, will in fact, be the one in check-mate," Mad added as his neck began to disintegrate quickly.

"I know that, which is why I'm going to have to show more affection towards others and open my horizons a bit. I barely know Maka, if you can believe that (because I can't), by the way, which is why the seal won't last long," Kid smirked as blood began to curdle sown the sides of his mouth. "Affection seal." At that moment, Mad suddenly imploded
with the remainders of his head, the cloud of dark red smoke taking on the shapes of hearts.

Maka and Soul's Apartment: Same Time

"Yeah," Soul sighed apathetically into the red flip-phone, his left eye peeking through the small opening in the door and watching his meister and the shinigami intently. 'Damn, she's falling hard.' He had only arrived ten minutes ago, but it was long enough to catch most of everything.

"Maka's got him right now at our apartment, and I'm pretty sure he's spending the night since he just passed out," Soul informed as he silently creaked the door closed and walked as quietly as possible into the kitchen. "Alright, be sure to call up Tsubaki and Black*Star too. See you Monday." The weapon then shut the phone and shoved it into his pocket before approaching the counters, a depressing look wiping over his face. He instantly reached for one of the cupboards and pulled out a medium-sized glass before turning on the faucet and filling it three quarters of the way.

The death scythe slowly trudged himself over to the table and plopped himself down on the chair. It was only seconds later before a door could be heard opening and closing, followed by Maka's figure approaching the kitchen.

"Hey," Soul greeted casually once the blonde meister was in earshot, replacing his painful depressed expression with a lop sided grin. Maka stopped the second she entered the room once she noticed the lights on and a certain white-haired death scythe sitting in one of the chairs at the table. Even the mere sight of him made her stomach twist painfully into knots with guilt. She smiled back the best she could without it looking guilty.

"Hey," she responded shakily, keeping her grin up which made her seem even more guilty. The two stood and sat in an uncomfortable silence for what seemed to be an eternity. Maka swallowed hard, finally working up he guts to approach the sink and get a glass of water for Kid.

"Do you want to break up?" Soul inquired before Maka could even reach the sink, her feet coming to a complete stop. 'Does he know? Maybe he took it the wrong way,' Maka tried to convince herself as she turned back towards Soul, her facial expression looking slightly concerned.

"W-Why do you want to break up with me?" the meister finally replied as she awaited a response from her partner as he suddenly grew a great interest for his glass of water, shaking the water back and forth subtly.

"I never said I wanted to break up with you, I'm just asking you what you want," Soul sighed as he took a small sip of water and set down the glass. "Look, I saw what played out between you and Kid, I actually saw the whole thing and you're probably thinking 'I hope he didn't take it the wrong way' or something close to that. But I'm cool with it, if you hadn't, he'd have surely killed himself in secrecy. Which is why I want to know: do you like Kid?"

Her face instantly took on a bright shade of red, but replied anyways. "I don't like Death the Kid intimately, if that's what you mean, to tell the truth, I barely know him and he barely knows me. I'm surprised we can even call each other friends. But I think it would be for the best if we broke up."

"Whatever makes you happy, makes me happy, for sure. But if any of the guys you date make you even frown, I'll punch their faces in," Soul tried to laugh arrogantly as he raised a fist into the air and Maka couldn't help but smile. 'Because of Kid...' he added silently. 'I won't let him nor anyone else hurt my meister no matter what.'

"Thanks for understanding, Soul. Maybe if it doesn't work out being apart, we could always try again," the meister grinned as she continued to get Kid's water. Maka began to walk out of the room several moments later, a glass of water in-hand but stopped directly in front of Soul before leaning forward and just grazing her lips over his right cheek before continuing forwards, the two now grinning widely. "Oh, I forgot, Soul, can I borrow your phone?"

His smile faded slowly as he slowly raised his left eyebrow. "Sure, but why?" Soul asked casually as he shoved his hand into his pocket and searched for the cell phone. "I don't think anyone will be answering at two o'clock in the morning." Maka slightly blushed and suddenly stared at the corner of the room, avoiding eye contact as Soul held out the phone.

"Kid needs to change clothes and I'll feel perverted if I change him," the blonde meister whispered, making Soul chuckle slightly with an added smirk as she snatched the phone quickly.

"What was that? I couldn't really hear you," Soul inquired tauntingly as his meister's face reddened. She clenched the phone tightly before whispering exactly what she had said before, only quieter. "Huh? I couldn't quite catch that."

"Kid needs new clothes okay!" Maka snapped furiously as she flipped open the phone. 'Geez, sometimes I wish Soul was more like Kid.' "I'm just calling up Liz and Patti so they can change his clothes for me."

"And why can't you change him?" Soul pushed, causing his meister to grow even mire infuriated. "You've got two hands, and my room is just down the hall, so you could let Kid use mine."

"I'm a girl, moron!" the meister yelled, her face now completely crimson. "Maybe it's okay for you guys to act all perverted and disrobe a girl, but it's just not right for a girl to disrobe someone of the opposite sex unless she's a whore, a relative or someone close to that or something!"

"Oh, I forgot you were a girl with that flat chest and all..." Soul giggled as the phone in Maka's grasp snapped in half. "Hey! I didn't have a warrantee on that thing, damn it! You owe me two hundred dollars, now cough it up!"

"I'm leaving you with warning this time, next time you'll be talking a joy ride through hell, got it?" Maka hissed before dropping the remainders of the red phone onto the table and marching off towards the living room.

Maka and Soul's Apartment: 4:00 AM

Maka laid in her bed, sound asleep and her conscience currently clean. She stirred constantly in the bed, often whispering "Kid-kun, don't go..." Or some variation of that, as well as, "I promise...". It was driving her mad, and eventually, a thought struck her and notified her that something wrong: Wasn't Kid supposed to be sleeping in the bed?

"Kid?" Maka groggily whispered as she sat up and stared around the room for any sign of life. The results were grim and her eyes instantly widened as her body shot up from the bed and instantly dashed out the door. "Ki-!"

"Oof," the figure in front of the puzzled meister as she had suddenly ran into something, not even one foot out the door. She and the other person or thing were instantly flung backwards, their foreheads smacking together and giving each a splitting headache. "And now the symmetry is off," sighed the figure as clothing being ruffled could be heard. "Are you alright, Maka?"

Her green eyes slowly opened to the all too familiar face of Death the Kid, a small grin forced onto his face and his body bent over so they'd be eye level, a hand in front of her face and offering to help her up. "You should really be getting back to bed."

"B-But what about you?" Maka stuttered as she shakily placed her hand in Kid's. The shinigami easily brought the shorter meister to her feet before straightening out his ivory dress shirt. "Shinigami do not require sleep, nor eating or drinking," Kid explained as he urged her back into her room using his right arm. "And thank you for the clothing as well."

"You're welcome, but you look like you're heading somewhere and are in a hurry, care to explain?" Maka inquired anxiously as Kid suddenly looked a tad bit guilty, his mouth etched into a slight frown.

"I have some... business to attend to," the shinigami tried to explain without hesitating. "Grim Reaper business, that is. I am sorry for waking you, but please to return to your slumber before you wake Soul."

"Oh yeah, Soul..." Maka sighed apathetically as Kid's frown deepened. He opened his mouth to question what was wrong, but she ha seemed to know exactly what he was going to ask. "We broke up last night, but no biggie, we both agreed and everything, he just called me flat-chested again, that's all."

"Well tell him you're perfect as it is and there is no need in changing any aspect of you," Kid stated broadly as he replaced his frown with a smile. "Now go back to bed, oh, and if I'm not back by noon, inform my father and request a coffin from Sid or any of the school faculty, got it?"

"W-Wait? Why? What's going on?" Maka questioned as her vision began to blur and her legs suddenly became jello. "Please tell me you're bringing Liz and Patti for protection, wherever you're going."

"I can't and I won't drag them into such a dangerous situation, plus, I still have this," Kid explained as he reached into the right pocket of his black dress pants and pulled out the pistol from earlier. "Plus, I've got another one in order to retain the symmetry." He smiled ad he pulled out another identical pistol using his empty hand. "So please, go back to bed." Kid shoved the guns back into his pockets right before Maka stumbled into his torso. Kid had no choice but to embrace the meister, her head pressed up to his chest, before she would fall to the ground.

The shinigami then leaned down to her legs and sweeped them up, carrying her bridal-style back into her room and setting her down gently on the bed, pulling the covers up to her chin. "Can you promise me two things though, Kid?" Maka whispered, Kid subtly nodding in response. "Don't commit suicide if that's what you're doing, because we all love you, I love you and it would pain us to see you die." Kid couldn't help but slightly blush as the first proposal was made. "And also, come back alive, okay? If you were to die, I'd never forgive myself no matter what."

"I think I can promise that much," Kid grinned before turning around and slowly walking out of the room. "I'm sorry, please forgive me for last night." The shinigami apologized as he approached the door. Maka laughed weakly, her eyes threatening to close.

"It's alright, Kid, the kiss was to extract the madness and Mad was controlling your actions when you attempted to shoot me and have me shoot you," she ensured. 'That's not exactly correct..." Kid commented silently.

"Thanks," Kid muttered as he exited the room, shutting the door as well. "Please forgive me someday for the sin I am about to commit, Maka." The shinigami then proceeded to walk towards the door, but when he opened the wooden door slowly, Soul was just standing there, his arms crossed over his chest and a menacing look had taken over hisfeatures. "Did we wake you, Soul? Excuse us if we did, I was just explaining something to Maka."

"Stay away from my meister," the death scythe growled as Kid took a step backwards I to the house in order to create more space as Soul seemingly grew larger. "Don't talk to her, don't touch her, hell, don't even look at her. You've crossed the line and nearly drowned my meister, so stay away!"

"Whatever pleases you, Soul. I had no intentions of keeping my ties with Maka, in fact, I was planning to commit suicide tomorrow at midnight," Kid explained, sounding slightly angered as his eyes narrowed out. "And if you loved her so much, quit pointing out her imperfections since she's perfect in every aspect! She's a goddess compared to my humble form!"

"Since when did this get into a discussion about me and Maka, eh! She's my meister, of course I can call he flat-chested, we're like siblings!" Soul replied, both of their voices rising. "And shut the hell up you shinigami bastard!" The scythe wound up his arm for a sucker punch to the face, one that Kid could've easily dodged, but he allowed it to plant and jumped backwards a bit to make it seem that he meant to dodge it. "Do you know how that makes Maka feel when you say you're going to kill yourself! Were you ever even considerate of her feelings or thoughts!" Kid instantly landed on the ground, hacking louder as blood splattered the carpet.

"N-No..." Kid whispered as he stared at the ground. "The thought slipped my mind... I didn't even think about she may have thought... I'm so stupid." Soul watched as the shinigami slowly climbed to his feet and faced him blankly. "It's settled, from this day forth, I am no longer friends with Maka Albarn and am no longer going to keep in contact with her." The death scythe nodded and stepped out of the way in order for Kid to exit the building. "I'll also be staying in your basement so I won't be causing any trouble. Oh, and Liz and Patti are coming this afternoon, so have three beds/futons, or two prepared in your basement. I won't be needing a bed."

"Fine, just go do whatever you have to do," Soul snarled as he stepped back into the apartment and slammed the door shut. Little did either him or Kid know that Maka was witnessing the whole scene from just around the corner, her eyes wide with shock, tears threatening to fall as she ran back into her room.

Kid sighed outside of the door as he pulled out his two guns and summoned Beelzebub, jumping on in the process and ascending into the brightening skies of dawn as he headed northeast.

Meanwhile, Maka had managed to write down Shinigami-sama's number of "42-42-564 " on her bedroom mirror, seeking advice as she fought back the tears the best she could. But when the mirror flashed into the shinigami realm, her father stood here with a blank expression, Shinigami-sama standing directly behind him.

"There you are, Maka, I was going to call you but this works too," Spirit greeted as Maka began to looked infuriated. "Look, I'm not permitting you to see Kid-kun anymore. That monster needs to be locked up somewhere."

"Like I'm going to listen to some cheating papa!" Maka screamed as Lord Death stepped into the scene silently. "You can't tell me who I can't see or be friends with!"

"Death Scythe is right for once, Maka," Shinigami-sama sighed, butting- in as Maka's eyes widened to the sizes of apples.

"Hey, what is that supposed to mean!" A vein pulsed in the white mask that belonged to Shinigami-sama right before the red head dropped to the ground due to an unforgivable Shinigami-chop.

"Anyways, Maka-chan, Kid is dangerous around everyone, but he's most dangerous around you," the reaper explained. "That's only because the madness cannot stand your soul by the least bit and will go to any lengths to get rid of it, it's the same with Marie. Both of you have rare wavelengths that have the power to heal, but Kid's madness is strong enough to fight back, unlike Stein."

"B-But..." Maka whispered, at a loss for words yet again as she tried to protest, but completely failed.

"Don't even speak with him, kay'?" Lord Death asked as the screen began to blur. "Because it's reached a point where if Kid goes berserk even once more, he may not be able to come back." Maka couldn't even speak, even to say a goodbye as the mirror returned to normal and she claimed a seat on her bed, her mouth agape.

"How could Kid p-possibly let our friendship end just like that? Without even fighting it..." Maka whispered as the words of the younger Kid from her dream rang out through her head. 'Please, promise me you won't...'

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