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Warning: There is more Bella bashing in this version but it just came out like that. This story will be a slash fiction so if you don't like it then don't read it.

Jacob put the last of his stuff into his car and sighed. He went back into the house and looked around with a shiver. It looked so empty. He moved to his room to check that he hadn't forgotten anything. He wiped his eyes and moved to the kitchen. He got two letters out of his jacket and put them on the table. One letter was for his father and the other letter was for Sam. He didn't want them to worry so he told them where he was, how to contact him and why he had to leave. He felt himself tear up when he thought back to the reason that he was leaving town.


Jacob raised his hand to knock when he heard a girl giggle inside. It had to be Bella but he had never heard her giggle before.

"Are you sure that this is alright Alice?" Bella asked in an unsure voice. Jacob heard the rustling of cloth and a sigh. He couldn't tell what they were doing but he ached to tell Bella that he was sure that she would look beautiful.

"I'm sure. He'll love you in it. It looks a bit like his mother's wedding dress." He heard Alice reply. Wedding dress? What was she talking about? He was about to go in and ask what they were talking about when he heard the voice speak again. "Have you thought of a way to break the news to Jacob yet?"

"No. I don't know what to say. I can't just come out and say 'Jacob I know you love me and I love you but i'm getting married to Edward' it would hurt him so much. I'm just waiting for the right time." Bella said in a depressed voice. Jacob stood there with wide eyes and he could feel the sting of tears. He turned to run but saw Edward stood behind him with a sympathetic look on his face.

"I'm sorry you had to hear it like that but I thought you deserved to know. She loves you but not enough. I might not want to admit it but you're a good guy Jacob, you deserve to be happy." Edward gently squeezed his shoulder to comfort him and Jacob found himself oddly pleased that he was there. He smiled gratefully at Edward and ran to his car and sped off. He knew that Edward was right. He did deserve to be happy but he just couldn't do that here. He had to go somewhere else.

*End Flahsback*

Jacob had left Bella's house and started packing his things quickly. He had to be gone before his dad got back or else he knew he'd never leave. He had called his cousin and asked about visiting him and Sirius had jumped at the chance and told Jacob about Remus and his godson. Jacob felt better that someone there was going to be his own age. He took one last look at his house before driving away.

Bella's P.O.V

Bella was thinking about the day she had had when Charlie got the call. One minute she was fantasizing about the different wedding dresses and the next she was listening to shouting downstairs. She went down to investigate what was going on. Her dad was on the phone and was arguing with someone. She decided to find out what was going on. She had a right to know. She went to Charlie's room as quietly as she could and picked up the phone. She held a hand over her mouth to stop the other people hear her breathing.

"Don't you try to pin this on my Bells. It's your boy who got the idea of them being in love into his head. She's never said that she was interested in him." Charlie shouted. He must be talking about Jacob. She thought about Jacob and almost laughed. He had no idea that he had already lost to Edward. She'd marry Edward, get turned and then she spend the rest of her life being beautiful and having people falling at her feet. That's how it should have been. She just loved having Jacob around though, she should keep him around for a while. He was like a fan. He was always going on about how much he loved her and how he wished she'd choose him, it was a really good confidence boost.

"It's your bitch of a daughter who's been leading my Jacob on. If she would've just told him about the wedding then he wouldn't have run away." Billy shouted back. Bella barely held back a gasp. Jacob had left? What if he met someone? He wouldn't worship her then. She didn't even want to think about what would happen then. She might not want Jacob but that didn't mean he could go off and fall in love with someone else. She had to find out where he was.

"My daughter never told him about the wedding because she didn't want to upset him. You know how sensetive he is. Anything sets him off." Charlie argued back. Bella couldn't help but agree. Jacob always got upset about the little things.

"If you're going to be a jerk about this then screw you Charlie. I thought you'd be able to see what a bitch your daughter has turned into and do something about it but apparantly you're too much of a pussy." Billy said. Bella had to bite her tongue before she started to insult Billy. How dare he talk about her like that?

"Wait Billy i'm - " Charlie's response was cut off by the dialing tone. Bella hung up the phone quietly and went back to her room. What was she going to do? Edward wouldn't let her go look for Jacob and she doubted that he'd look for him. She'd just have to wait until Jacob came back and convine him that he still loved her.

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