A Wolf's Love

Chapter 5

Harry watched helplessly as Jacob paced the clearing. They had arranged to meet the Cullens and the wolf pack on neutral grounds in the hopes that the urge to fight each other wouldn't be as strong as if they were on the wolf pack's had taken control of the pack a couple of weeks ago and so far the pack had really calmed down but Harry didn't want anyone to be fighting tonight. The news they were giving was supposed to be good and yet people were acting as if they had to tell them that someone had had only spent a short amount of time with seth and Edward before he sent them to 12 Grimauld Place but they seemed really nice and they were obviously in love. Why couldn't everyone just be happy for them?

"Jacob, will you please stop pacing? You're making me dizzy." Harry complained as he rubbed his temples. Jacob looked up sharply as if he had forgotten that Harry was there at all. Jacob smiled sheepishly before moving over to where Harry was sat.

"Sorry, I'm just worried. What if they don't accept them? I know I'm of the pack now but they could choose to go rogue and attack them." Jacob exclaimed as he ran a hand through his hair. Harry looked up at his mate with sadness shining in his eyes. How had he missed Jacob getting this worked up? He wrapped his arms around Jacob's waist and pressed a soft kiss to his stomach through his shirt.

"Calm down, Jake. They won't go rogue and Leah would kill anyone who tried to hurt Seth, including the pack. It'll be fine, I promise." Harry said. He purred as he felt Jacob's hands run through his hair.

"I get what you're saying but I just keep remembering all the things we've said about the Cullens over the years and how much hatred was always behind those words and now they'll have to accept one of them into the pack. I just can't see that happening." Jacob replied with a heavy voice.

They heard rustling in the bushes to their left and turned to see half a dozen wolves making their way towards them. Harry couldn't help but admire how beautiful they were. They seemed both graceful and dangerous. They were beautiful but he still thoguht that Jacob had an almost etheral beauty about him in his wolf form but he was slightly biased. The wolves nodded to Harry and Jacob in a greeting before laying down and waiting for the Cullens to arrive. He wanted them to change into human form again but he knew they didn't trust the cullens enough to be in human form around them yet.

"We shouldn't have long to wait now." Harry said in a cheerful voice. He couldn't stand the tension surrounding the wolves, it was worse than jacob's pacing. A wolf rumbled in acknowledgment of his statement but no one else made a sound.

"We're so sorry to keep you waiting. One of my daughter couldn't find the right pair of shoes and had to change her outfit to match the ones she could find." A voice called out from behind them. Harry turned and saw six beautiful creatures enter the clearing. It would have been obvious that they were vampires, he would have known it even if he hadn't been told by Jacob. He had heard of Carlisle Cullen in passing. He was a vampire who was trying to make more vampires leave humans alone and drink animal blood. He hadn't done too bad, he had converted a few covens in the US and the UK but Harry couldn't see all vampires converting to animal blood. It went against their instincts.

"It's ok, the wolves have only just arrived so you haven't missed anything." Harry replied with a smile. He saw Carlisle nod in understanding and smiled gently at him. He turned to the side so that he could see both the wolf pack and the vampires. "Right, anyone want to say anything before me and Jacob make the announcement?"

"No, I think we'd all like to get this over with." Carlisle spoke up for his coven.

Harry nodded and turned to look questioningly at the wolf pack. He saw the biggest wolf shake his head negatively.

"Ok, then. First of all I'd like to thank you for agreeing to the meeting and not attacking each other on sight." Harry said with a smile on his face. He saw Jacob roll his eyes at how he was going about this and stuck his tongue out at him before continuing. "The reason we called you both together is because Seth imprinted on Edward and were afraid to tell you."

"That wasn't the best way to break it to them Harry." Jacob said as he looked from the vampires, who had their mouths hanging wide open, to the wolves, who seemed to have trouble standing upright.

"I know but i just thought 'why beat around the bush?', you know? Besides now we just wait for the reaction and convince them that they should just accpet them." Harry replied with a shrug of his shoulders. He waited for a few more minutes before they all exploded. They all tried to talk at once and Harry couldn't understand a single word. Eventually he could hear one voice above the others but he wasn't pleased with what he heard.

"What will we do? We'll have to kill one of the faggots. We'll kill the mutt. I'm sure Edward will realise he's wrong then and go back to Bella so he can marry her and have children and be happy." Harry searched the crowd to see who was speaking and froze when he saw who it was. Esme. He hadn't expected her to be against it. He thought that she'd do anything for the boy she thought of as a son.

"Is that how you all feel?" He whispered. Everyone looked up in confusion.

"What do you mean?" Carlisle asked.

"Do you all feel as strongly as your lovely mate there? Do you think that 'one of the faggots need to be killed'?" Harry asked as his hands tensed and curled into fists.

"What? NO! If they're mates they're meant to be." Carlisle replied with wide eyes. He turned to look at Esme and was shocked at the scowl on her face. He took a step back and shuddered at the hatred he could see in her eyes.

"You never were man enough Carlisle. You never fight for anything. You won't fight to defend your family, you won't fight to defend your mate, you won't fight to defend your way of life. You always walk Carlisle and I'm sick of it. I found Bella in Phoenix and told her to come here as I had a single son. We're both witches and we've had spells on you and your precious family for months. You didn't even try to fight it. Edward will marry her and have a child with her and if that means that I have to kill the little faggot to get to him then I will. You can't stop me." Esme hissed. The Cullens flinched at the venom in her words.

"He might not be able to stop you but I can." Harry called from where he was stood. They all turned to see him holding a ball of fire in his hand. They watched as the ball pulsed and grew a sickening green colour.

"What are you?" Esme whimpered. She had never had to fight anyone with powers. she didn't know if she could do it. He was so powerful.

"I'm a wizard but you'll be more interested to know that i'm the master of death." Harry replied with a smirk. He threw the ball in the air and watched her eyes follow it fearfully.

"Please...don't...I was just trying to help my family...please..." Esme whimpered as she fell to her knees. Harry knew that if she could, she would have tears rolling down her cheeks.

"You've been a bad girl Esme, time for your punishement. Don't worry about your little partner coming to save you, she's a little preoccupied. Bye bye." Harry said as he threw the fire at her. Everyone watched in sick facination as the fire covered her body instantly and she screamed in pain. It only took a minute for her to turn to ashes but, to everyone watching, it seemed like forever.

"What do you mean that Bella is a bit preoccupied?" Jacob asked when he tore his eyes away from the sight of the ashes.

"When I met her in the diner I sensed she had powers but I couldn't give it away so I called the American ministry and told them about a witch using her powers to abuse people and gain things herself, the punishment for that is to have your powers drained from you. It's a very painful process so she's suffering too." Harry answered.

"Oh, okay then. Is everyone else okay with Edward and Seth or would someone else like to speak up?" Jacob asked. He was getting tired and just wanted to go home with his mate and snuggle on the couch. He waited until everyone had shaken their heads and sighed. "Good, we're both free to come and go on each others land and we'll be having dinner every sunday to get to know everyone and get used them. Vampires, don't worry, Harry has a recipe book so that he can cook for vampires."


Seth watched as everyone played baseball. He was glad that Harry had put up silencing charm or they might have had the police over by now, thinking that they had bombs going off or something. He thought back to the past few months and couldn't help but be grateful to Harry for everything he'd done for them. If he hadn't have been here, no one would have figured out that Esme and Bella were witches and were using spells to bewitch everyone. Edward was too relieved that nothing could come between him and seth but Carlisle had been upset for a while but he had eventually realised that his mate had been at the hospital all along and Esme had been hiding her from him. Her name was Rachel and she was a nurse at the hospital. Everyone loved her. The Cullens, Remus, Sirius and the wolf pack were now like a family. They still had arguments but most of the time they were happy. There had been some surprising friendships forged too, Seth thought as he looked over to Emmett and Paul laughing with Rosalie and Leah. He sighed in happiness and looked toward where Harry and Jacob were laid. Jacob's hand was softly carressing Harry's bulging stomach and he had a huge grin on his face. Harry had anounced that he was pregnant when Seth and Edward had got back and had asked them to be the godfathers, they had immediately agreed. They were expecting the twins any day now. Everyone was finally happy. Seth looked wistfully at his stomach and then back to Harry's bukging one. Well, almost everyone, but that could wait. He was in no rush.

A/N: I'm so sorry that it's taken me so long but my internet's been playing up. If anyone was offended by Esme then i'm sorry but I wanted to surprise you with who was going to be the bitch. at first it was going to be Rosalie but it just changed. Do you think I should've stuck with Rosalie? Well I'm finished with this one now, what do you think?