Title: Express Delivery

Rating: G

Triggers/Warnings: Abandomnet

Spoilers: None/set pre-series

Notes: Written as comment fic for Elrhiarhodan's Prompt Fest. Prompt: Satchmo - Express Delivery

"El don't be mad," were Peter's first words to her as she walked in the door. From another man, those words might have conjured thoughts of an affair, or maybe a ridiculously expensive "man toy". Not with Peter, though. It meant he had probably done something ridiculous that he felt he needed to beg forgiveness for. Before she could formulate a response a golden ball of fur shot across the floor and barreled into her legs.

"Uh, it's an express delivery of love?" Peter said. It was a horrible line, and if she weren't trying to sort out her own emotions about the dirty, smelly puppy sniffing her, Elizabeth would have laughed.

The guilty, hopeful expression on her husband's face told her more than anything else. No wonder he looked torn between fond amusement and terror; Elizabeth had never really wanted a dog, and yet, here was one in her home. A stinky, filthy puppy. Peter must have a good reason for bringing the little one into their home because this sort of impulse was so not like Peter at all.

"He and his litter mates were abandoned in a dumpster," Peter admitted. "Found them at a crime scene, and we should have taken them to the shelters, but everyone took one, except this guy. I couldn't just leave him."

Peter looked angry. Elizabeth felt angry; who could do that to an animal? The puppy was unconcerned about the humans' grumpy moods, and instead did a happy, uncoordinated wiggly dance of joy around her feet. He tripped over his own paws, and settled for rolling onto his back so she could scratch the soft fur of his chubby belly.

The battle was over before it had really started; El knew it the moment those big brown eyes looked up at her. Add the puppy's expression of slavish devotion, and she was won over. "All right," she agreed, and picked the little one up.