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Okay last time Mikan confessed to Natsume. Then Natsume being as stupid as he is, didn't say anything.

So yeah. I was going to say something else. Then I got an e-mail now I forgot about it. Wow shows how much I pay attention to things. Oh right I am going to try to finish this story by this week. Then some more information read at the end of this story.

Normal POV in the morning at Mikan's front door.

The group of girls were waiting outside of Mikan's door waiting for her to open the door. They have been waiting for about 10 minutes. They came and knocked on the door. They asked her to open the door and all she said was okay. She sounded really sad. So they were waiting for her to open the door. After a few more minutes the door started to creak open. When it was all the way opened they saw Mikan. He hair was all messed up. Her face was wet. Her cloths were all over the place.

"What happened?" asked everyone. Mikan was a little surprise. She didn't show it though.

"What do you mean?" asked Mikan. She hasn't seen what she looked like this morning.

"Have you seen yourself?" asked Anna.

"You look like someone who just got dumped or cheated on," said Nonoko. Mikan had to blink a few times before closing the door on them.

"She does relies we are going to break the door down, right?" asked Kyoko.

"I hope she does or she is in for a big surprise," said Hotaru. Everyone moved away from the door, and Hotaru took out her baka gun. She fired it and the door fell down. Mikan was sitting on her bed. Everyone was waiting for her to come back to the real world. Then they heard a sign from her.

"Guess I am going to have to tell you guys right?" asked Mikan. They all nodded at her. "I told Natsume how I felt." Everyone starred at her. First surprised then confusion.

"Then why are you sad?" asked Nonoko.

"Yeah, shouldn't you be really happy?" asked Anna. Mikan was going to answer, but Hotaru cut her off.

"Let me guess, Natsume being as stupid as he is, didn't say anything just stare," said Hotaru. Mikan nodded.

"That stupid person!" yelled Anna. Everyone just stared at her. "What I was going to say something else but that is un-lady like."

"Ignore the idiot for right now," said Nonoko. Everyone nodded.

"Now Mikan get ready, we are going to chill at the beach," said Kyoko.

"No, I am going to stay here for the day," said Mikan. The girls looked at each other. They didn't say anything. But it was like they knew what each other was thinking. The next thing you knew all the girls tackled Mikan and dragged her to her bathroom.

Over to Natsume's room. Which already has the guys in the room.

"So what you are saying is that Mikan confessed to you," said Ruka.

"And you were to stupid to say anything to her?" asked Koko.

"I didn't say the stupid part!" yelled Natsume.

"I know but it is true you are stupid," said Koko.

"I am not!" yelled Natsume.

"Yes you are," said Daichi.

"No one asked you!" yelled Natsume.

"I know," said Daichi.

"Anyway, how are you going to fix this mess you caused?" asked Ruka.

"Can't we forget about everything?" asked Natsume.

"Sure you can, but what about Mikan?" asked Yuu. Natsume hit himself on his head.

"Then I don't know what to do," said Natsume.

"Don't worry just leave it to us," said Ruka.

"Why am I regretting telling you guys?" asked Natsume.

"Cause you normally do," said Yuu.

"Okay well lets go to the beach!" yelled Koko.

At the beach.

The two groups just arrived at the beach. Everyone else were already hanging out there. Mikan was tired from being attacked by her friends. Her group saw Natsume's group. Mikan looked towards the ocean. Natsume was watching Mikan. Everyone else was looking at each other. They smirked at each other and grabbed Natsume and Mikan. They went their separate ways.

With Mikan.

"What are you doing?" asked Mikan. Trying to get out of her friends grip.

"We just thought that you didn't want to see Natsume right now," said Anna. Mikan just nodded knowing something else was there, they didn't tell her though. So they locked Mikan up in her room until it was night.

With Natsume.

"Why are you guys dragging me?" asked Natsume.

"Because we got an idea," said Ruka. Natsume just starred at him.

"Dude you are going to be mad on what we are going to say," said Koko.

"What is the plan?" asked Natsume.

"You are going to sing to her tonight," said Daichi.

"No," stated Natsume.

"Why not?" asked Yuu.

"It would be stupid," said Natsume.

"So you don't want Mikan and you are to stupid to get rid of your ego for one night and get the girl you want?" asked Ruka. Everyone just starred at him.

"Okay that was weird, but it was true," said Koko.

"I do not have an ego," said Natsume.

"Then sing for her," said Daichi.

"Fine what song?" asked Natsume.

"He gave into that real fast," said Yuu.

"Duh," said Ruka. "And don't worry we got that picked out now you just need to practice.

Later that night.

"Were are you guys taking me!" yelled Mikan. Right now she is being dragged by Anna and Nonoko. How did this happen? Well, the girls broke down the door and dragged her by her legs off her bed. Then grabbed her arms and started to drag her towards the beach. Yup just a normal day.

"Will you shut up!" yelled Hotaru. Mikan just kept quiet. After a few minutes they arrived at the beach.

"So what do you guys want?" asked Mikan. She turned around and everyone was gone. "Weird." Then she turned to leave when she heard someone singing. She turned around and saw Natsume. Plus Ruka and Koko in the background playing things. They don't matter.

Oh, her eyes, her eyes make the stars look like they're not shinin'

Her hair, her hair falls perfectly without her tryin'

She's so beautiful

And I tell her everyday

"Okay you can stop the music," said Mikan. All three of them stopped what they were doing.

"Why?" asked Natsume. Koko and Ruka jumped down from where they were and hid.

"Because I don't want to listen to the song," said Mikan.

"Do you know how hard I was trying to not kill anyone?" asked Natsume.

"I already have an idea," said Mikan.

"Then why did you make me stop?" asked Natsume.

"Because I don't want to hear it in song. I just want you to tell me," said Mikan. Natsume just starred at her.

"Not doing that," said Natsume.

"Why not?" asked Mikan.

"Because I have to big of an ego to do that," said Natsume.

"Now he admits it," whispered Koko.

"Fine don't say it goodbye," said Mikan. She was walking away. She got half way down the beach when Natsume hugged her from behind. Everyone who was trying to hid were surprise. Natsume's grip around her got more tight.

"Sorry I couldn't watch you leave," said Natsume. He spun her around and kissed her. Mikan was standing there wide eyed. She didn't know how to react. When he ended his kiss he said, "I love you."

All the others just were wide eyed. They didn't expect that to happen. Then Mikan hugged Natsume. They were with each other for the rest of the night.

"So what is it a happy ending?" asked Yuu.

"I guess so?" asked Ruka.

"But isn't there suppose to be problems with their relationship?" asked Anna.

"Don't you think that has already happened?" asked Daichi.

"True," said Kyoko.

"So the end right?" asked Nonoko.

"Right?" asked Hotaru.

"Yup Bye, Bye," said Persona popping out of no where.

"Right," said Hotaru.

"Awkward," said Reo.

"Enemy person," said Persona.

"Anyway bye," said the group.

Okay then weird. But that is the end. As you already guessed. So yeah.

Bye read my other stories if you feel like it I guess if you haven't already.