Seventh year Rose Weasley gritted her teeth. Why did she do this to herself? The almost eighteen year old was currently hiding under the bleachers spying on the Hufflepuffs Quidditch practice. Which was not easy considering the position she had to put her neck into just to see the practice. Well to be honest it wasn't really the practicing part per say, more like one of the players that was the reason for Rose being in the position she was in.

Rose sighed as her dark brown eyes found the blond flying around the pitch forgetting the pain coursing up and down her neck and back. The now familiar and expected feel of butterflies erupted inside the red head's stomach. Rose hated herself as a smile formed on her face unbidden. Her mind was screaming at her in protest. Why him, why Scorpius Malfoy? The girl knew her mind was wasting its time. She had had feelings for Malfoy for forever, well since the middle of last year anyways. Rose closed her eyes. What had changed? Why was she noticing him now? And why exactly did she have feelings for him? He was oh so completely different than any guys she had liked in the past. For one thing, he had very little experience with females, or at the least was very good at keeping what experience he had extremely quiet, unlike the outgoing, popular guys she had dated who had girls following them around. He was far more private and quiet than anyone else Rose knew and yet for some reason Rose felt herself drawn to this boy.

Rose frowned as she opened her eyes, recalling how Madison Parks how recounted about how Scorpius Malfoy had turned down her and had started spreading rumours about how he must not be interested in any females in that way if you got her meaning. Madison Parks was known for being a very willing participant in certain activities and wasn't very good with being turned down. Actually there were rumours spread about the fit she had gone into, that Rose hoped were true because it certainly had sounded amusing. Of course if the rumours were true and Rose had missed witnessing that particular tantrum well that would be very disappointing indeed.

Rose sincerely hoped that Scorpius had turned down Madison because he was just very cautious at whom he was involved with and that it wasn't for the reason that Madison was spreading through the school. Rose would be sorely disappointed if Scorpius was more interested in wanting to date her cousin James than her. Not that she could really judge him if he hadn't turned down Madison, considering Rose herself was experienced (although not to the extent Madison was, she did have some standards).

Rose watched as the practice came to an end and the team made their way into the lockers, her cousin Albus joking around with Chloe what was her surname again?, another member of the Hufflepuff team. James still gave Al a hard time about getting into Hufflepuff, but now Al just rolled his eyes and walked away having rather enjoyed his time in his house thus far. Partially, Rose thought because it got him away from James. That was one of the reasons why Rose enjoyed being in Slytherin she didn't have to deal with her cousins all of the time. The Slytherin got up from where she was hiding behind the stands and made her way back towards the school.

"Rose!" Albus Potter still sweaty from practice ran up behind his cousin. Rose couldn't help but smile at her oh so cheerful cousin. His Hufflepuff demeanor was so different from that of her roommates.

"Hey Albie, how was practice," she laughed to herself as she watched Al wince at being called 'Albie'.

"I don't know Rosie-kins, you tell me, oh wait that's right you weren't really watching the practice." Al shot back at his cousin with a knowing grin. Rose felt her face heat up as she avoided her cousin's eyes. Al laughed.

"Shut up," Rose mumbled glancing at Al out of the corner of her eye. Once her feelings for the somewhat mysterious blond had not shown signs of fading away, Rose had approached her cousin in hopes he could answer some questions about his roommate. Sadly, Scorpius was a private person even with his roommates, while getting along with them; he had not shown any interest in becoming anything more than acquaintances with them.

"So you haven't even tried to approach the guy in a non stalker type manner?" Al questioned his cousin, grinning at her situation.

Rose snorted. "Right, because that will work. He doesn't have any friends, nor has shown any interest in having friends, so it's not like approaching him asking to be his new best friend will work, nor will attacking him like Madison did work, because he turned her down. So I can't jump him or become his friend and go from there." Al was quiet for a moment.

"Well despite what Madison says, I don't think Malfoy is interested in blokes," he said hesitantly. Rose turned to look at him.

"Well Jason, you know my roommate Jason," Al cut off at the look on Rose's face. She did indeed know Jason very well.

"He loves to, err, parade around the room starkers," Al said. Rose smirked, that definitely sounded like Jason, who was known for being very in love with himself (how he was in Hufflepuff of all houses, Rose didn't know, the only thing she could come up with was that he probably wasn't smart or cunning enough for Ravenclaw or Slytherin and definitely wasn't Gryffindor material).

"Well, Malfoy came in the other day, rolled his eyes and threw a towel at Jason making a comment about how no one wanted to see that." Al turned to Rose, "I don't think he would do that if he were, you know, interested."

"Well, if he didn't want people to know," Rose started to say as Al shook his head.

"I don't get that vibe off of him, and before you say maybe he's asexual or whatever the term is for not being interested in the physical side of things, I know for a fact that he is sexual. Just don't ask me how," Al said wincing at some embarrassing memory. Rose looked at him.

"How do you know he's not asexual?" she promptly asked. Al turned pink before hissing "I told you not to ask." Rose shot an 'innocent' smile at her cousin. Al looked around to see who was around. All his teammates had reached the castle already and the two were quite alone. Rose leaned in as Al lowered his voice.

"I, uh, walked in on him, last month, you know," Al was bright pink. Rose looked at him confused.


Al lowered his voice further. " I walked in on Malfoy, last month, in the middle of the night, in the loo, err, releasing sexual frustrations," Al said in one breath, the brightest pink Rose had ever seen him. Rose's eyes widened.

"Ooh!" So Malfoy was a sexual being, part of Rose was a bit relieved at this, although she really hoped Al was right and that he wasn't sexual for other males.

"So he is sexual, and yet he turned down Madison," Rose mused. Al shrugged, "Maybe, he's shy and that's why Madison jumping him didn't work, it was too much too soon and scared him." Rose mulled over her cousin's words before grinning.

"What?" Al said weary of his Slytherin cousin.

"I've been doing this all wrong. I don't need to be all Gryffindor about it and just ask him out, I need to be a Slytherin about it."

Al raised an eyebrow. "Meaning what?"

"Meaning Operation Seduce Malfoy is a go."