5 years later…

Rose opened her eyes, the moonlight streaming in through the window, revealing the bare back of Scorpius who was lying fast asleep next to her. Rose smiled softly, gazing fondly at her husband. She still couldn't believe she was married. Of course it had only been a day. Well less actually. Warm air blew in softly through the open glass doors, white gauzy curtains moving in the breeze as the sounds of the water right outside lapped softly at the sand. The island they were on was a relaxing site for their honeymoon and yet Rose's thoughts were not.

The young woman sighed. Her mind had been replaying the events of all those years ago when she had put her Operation Seduce Malfoy plan into action. She chuckled at herself. She had been a silly little girl she thought. It was lucky Al and Lily had been around to help her especially when Madison had pulled that stunt to try to break her and Scorpius up.

Luckily there had still been traces of the potion in her blood. When her parents had found out, they had been furious. They managed to get Madison expelled from Hogwarts along with Jason. They hadn't been able to get any charges pressed against the two though much to Ron's chagrin.

After the two teenagers had left school, Rose, Scorpius and the others had managed to piece together what had happened. Apparently Madison and Jason had been working on their potions project together, which was where Madison had gotten the idea of using that potion from when she saw how close Scorpius and Rose were getting. She had been hoping, and had almost succeeded, that Scorpius would dump Rose and that she could try to sleep with Scorpius herself. At least everyone doubted that Madison wanted more than that. She had never been one for relationships.

Afterwards from what Rose heard Jason had gone to America, most likely to continue his womanizing ways with a batch of women who didn't realize yet what he was (both Ron and Scorpius had a bunch of words for what he was exactly, they couldn't choose just one though).

Rose frowned as she stared up at the ceiling. She wasn't sure what had happened to Madison. She had just disappeared after being expelled. A slight shiver ran over her at the memory of the girl. Rose had always known Madison was slutty and a bit of a bitch, but she hadn't realized just how manipulative she was.

A stab of pain hit Rose in the side as her mind drifted over to memories about Devin. After graduation she had lost touch with him. One of her former dorm mates had said he had gone to France. Rose closed her eyes briefly remembering back to the last time she had seen him.

"Hey Rose," Rose grinned as she turned to look at her good friend who was standing near her, watching her fix her hair.

"Devin. I can't believe we're done with school. Isn't it amazing?" Devin laughed softly at his friend's excitement. "My parents are going to take me out for dinner before I meet Scorpius. He says he has a surprise for me," Rose continued on. Devin's face fell when he heard the name Scorpius. He had really hoped Rose and Scorpius would have broken up by now. He kept telling himself it had to happen eventually. It was really the only way he got through the two of them being together.

"Devin. What is it?" Rose had noticed the look on her friend's face.

"How is it? With Scorpius I mean? Is it… serious?" Devin forced the words out through a fake smile.

Rose smiled wistfully, "he's amazing. I mean my father isn't too happy, but I think my mum is stopping him from really doing or saying anything, so," Rose shrugged.

"I need to tell you something," Devin blurted out. His heart began pounding even faster. He had to tell her. She had to know before, well, she had to know.

"Devin?" Rose looked at her friend with concern.

"Break up with him," Rose looked at her friend alarmed and stunned, "I love you Rose. You're my everything. I can't… I can't be with anyone else. I need you," Devin paused, breathing heavily as he watched for Rose's reaction.

"Devin," she whispered. And with that one whispered word, he knew. Nothing was ever going to happen with him and Rose. She loved Scorpius. Devin looked at Rose and disapparated, leaving the girl stunned and confused behind him.

Rose felt tears trickle down her cheeks. She hoped wherever Devin was that he had been able to move on. A part of her doubted it very much so. If he had, she probably would have heard from him by now.

The young witch felt movement from next to her. Scorpius was blinking up at her, a smile spreading over his face.

"Hey," he said softly, his voice sleep laden.

"Hello my husband," Rose said back to him softly leaning down to kiss him feeling him grin against her lips.

"So… that was sex hmm," he said pulling her down to him.

"Yea," Rose grinned at him, snuggling close to him.

"I'm glad we waited," Scorpius said to her.

Rose chuckled, "we're so old-fashioned." Scorpius kissed her hair. Rose sighed as he rolled over on top of her.

"Let's do it again," he said, eyes sparkling down at his wife who grinned knowingly up at him. He ran his fingers down her side, eliciting a shiver from her as he leaned down to kiss her neck. Rose sighed digging her nails into his back as she arched up into him.

Operation Seduce Malfoy was a success.

A.N. And two years later… we are done. Thank you especially to those faithful readers who were so patient with me and my random, inconsistent updates. Thank you to those who reviewed and alerted. I hope you enjoyed.

Also here's a fun fact for you. Scorpius was Rose's seventh lover. I know one or two of my readers expressed how they felt that Rose was a bit… erhm loose herself. For some reason Scorpius had to be number 7 because at times I have a strange thing with numbers. Additionally this story was my response to all of the stories out there where Scorpius is the manwhore and Rose is the reserved one with her relations. I felt like I had to have one that somewhat switched those roles.

Anyways hope you enjoyed.