22 Ways to Annoy Your Boyfriend

Pairing: Jack and Ianto, who else? Gwen? Pfft I killed her in my other fic

Disclaimer: If I owned Torchwood Ianto would be alive, so would Tosh, John would come back, Gwen would be dead and Rhys would become weevil king in light of Owen's demise. Unfortunately, I don't own Torchwood so Ianto and Tosh are dead, John is only The Doctor knows where, Gwen is alive and Rhys is not in control of the weevils, which is why I'm here, writing things my way

Author's note: This is set in the same ficverse as Coffee Shop Chronicles but you don't have to read it to understand the humour it just makes the situation a heck of a lot more user friendly.


1: Continually ask where the cat food is even though you don't have a cat

"Ianto?" Aforementioned Welshman peered over the top of his book at his boyfriend who appear to be searching through their cupboards

"Yes, Jack"

"Where's the cat food at?"

Ianto dropped his book into his lap and stared Jack

Jack continued on his hunt through the tinned cans


Jack merely grinned sheepishly at the slightly enraged, totally confused Ianto.

"I mean that I can't find the cat food" Ianto groaned and let his head hit the armrest of the sofa.

Jack jerked forward, extending a hand in concern.

'Ianto? Are you ok?" Ianto ignored Jack and lifted his head towards the heavens

"Why, God? Why me? Out of all the people in the entire world you could have given this idiot to you gave him to me! WHY MEEEEEEEEE?" He mashed his forehead with the heel of his hand "Jack, we do not have a cat"

Jack huffed and crossed his arms

Yeah, and?" Ianto's jaw clenched distracting Jack from his task when he saw that strong, lovely to bite jaw line "And, I don't understand why you are looking for cat food that we do not need because WE DO NOT HAVE A CAT!"

"Well, fine, be that way, jeez what's a guy gotta do to find some cat food in this place?" Ianto glared

"Fine I will be this way, reasonable and sane" Jack looked up from the cans on the floor and gestured to his face"Am I bovvered?"

"I wouldn't know BECAUSE I'M NOT LOOKING"

Silence rang in the apartment

"I still can't find the cat food"


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