Mendoukusei 35.

Epilogue: Three years later.

Really, this was just ridiculous.

I was tired, and I just wanted to go home and sleep and wait for my husband.

"Why, Sakura-chan? This is so soon. Did you consent? He didn't make you, did he? Oh my God, Sakura-chan, you're putting disgusting images in my head," Naruto shrieked, grabbing his messy blonde locks and his blue eyes wide with (unjustified) fear.

"Shut up, dobe. You're not making things any better. I have to find a wife within the next three months, or Chichi-ue will step in. You have to help me, not scream like an academy school girl," Sasuke-kun growled, his anger brought about more by apprehensive worry that irritation.

I sighed for the umpteenth time, this morning. I looked at my swollen belly, spreading my fingers over it. I was five months pregnant, well into my second trimester. My little boy was doing exceptionally well, and the fact that I was expecting Itachi's son and a few not too subtle threats from Itachi himself got the clan off my back. I was already married, and a lot had happened since the demise of Orochimaru and Shimura Danzou three years ago.

After the war, we cleaned up, burning all the dead corpses and destroying anything that Orochimaru and Danzou left behind; ROOT and Otogakure no Sato. Kumo and Iwa realised that the war was lost, and immediately surrendered. The respective peace treaties were drawn and everyone kept to them, seeing as there was no one to disturb the peace. The Raikage and Tsuchikage realised that for the second time in history, their asses had been handed to them and it was best to accept defeat and just go on with their lives.

"Okay, Sakura, it's your turn. Tsunade-sama will see you now," Shizune nee came out and told me, raising an eyebrow over Naruto and Sasuke-kun's behaviour. Itachi had some clan duties to attend to earlier, and he demanded that my best friends take me to the hospital.

"I don't want anything to happen to you, or the little one, my queen. As much you do not desire it, please, for my peace of mind, just let them accompany you," he had murmured quietly, after I had thrown my bitch fit.

"Nothing will happen to me, Ita-kun. I'll be just fine," I screeched back, in my indignation, crossing my hands on my chest and scowling furiously.

He sighed, before pulling me into his arms and resting one of his large, warm hands on my belly. I knew he was only looking out for me, but sometimes his protectiveness just bordered on unreasonable. He, however, was my only weakness. I could never, ever say no to him, so I eventually agreed. He smirked his amusement, before tenderly kissing me on my forehead, calling in the idiots that once constituted team Seven. He requested them to take me for my maternity appointment, and threatened grievous bodily harm if any harm fell upon me.

"The hell? The bastard has no hope in us whatsoever. Look at what he's done to Sakura-chan, and he's threatened to kill us, dattebayo," Naruto screeched again, as I walked into the examination room.

Shihsou looked at me up and down, before snorting and standing up and walking toward me. I frowned.

"What's the matter, Shishou?" I asked.

"Che, you kids. So soon. You got married what, months ago? Look at you, waddling around, already five months gone. No wonder he's been so smug. Not to mention he's refused to take any missions, the brat. This is all your fault, Sakura, getting knocked up so soon," she grumbled as she checked my weight and zapped her chakra through my system.

"Well, that's the point of marriage, Shishou, to settle down and get children. It's my duty as the wife to the clan heir to get him children. Remember, he's refusing to take missions because you brought about the law that no shinobi is to take any missions when their spouse begins the second trimester, so quit whining."

"Fine, fine. Enough with the lectures already," she muttered, waving a hand at me.

"You wanna have your ultrasound today?" she asked, her voice growing more tender.

I nodded, looking down at my belly and smiling again.

"Very well, call those idiots in and let us begin."

"I'm waiting for Itachi. He said he was going to deal with some clan business then he's turn up. He requested not to start the ultrasound until he got here," I said quietly as I felt my cheeks warm.

Shishou snorted again. How bloody long is he going to take? Uchiha are so bloody complicated, and their complications are very unnecessary as well," she grumbled, as she walked back to her chair behind her desk to pour herself a glass of sake and sulk.

Right on cue, we heard yelling.

"NANDATO? What makes you think you can get in before us, Itachi-taichou? She was our Sakura-chan first."

"Well, she's mine now. I've claimed her for my own, and she is full with my child."

"Still, we got her-oi, oi, you listening, Itachi-taichou? Don't. Tsunade no baa-chan is in there, and she's gonna pound you right back into your district if-"

Suddenly, there was a loud crash and an indignant screech.

The door was slammed open, and Sasuke-kun stumbled in with a black eye. He was dragging a disoriented Naruto behind him, and half of his jacket was burnt off, and I could see traces of flames on the charred remains. Were those fragments of glass on his skin? Shisui was very much struggling not to burst into laughter, and Itachi had his usual blank look on his face.

Both Shishou and I raised our eyebrows.

"Baa-chan! Baa-chan! Itachi-taichou is a bully. He burned my jacket. Burnt it, goddammit. There's nowhere else I can get a jacket like this," Naruto shrieked, pointing an accusing finger at Itachi and strategically hiding himself behind me.

"Shut it, brat. I really don't wanna know."

I walked over to the hospital bed and climbed on it. I lay down flat on my back, and Shihsou pulled the ultrasound machine behind her. She pulled my top over my stomach and begun applying the jelly on it.

"Ne, ne, Tsundae no baa-chan, what's that stuff?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade Shihsou ignored him. She put the machine on, and in a few seconds, we could see the image of my little one on the screen.

He was just beautiful, so absolutely beautiful, that I could not help the tears that flowed freely from my eyes.

Shihsou glanced at me and smiled warmly.

"He's doing very well, developing excellently. Your next appointment is in two weeks. Don't be late," she said.

"Hold on, Shishou. I have something to tell you guys, all of you. Please wait," I pleaded, my voice slightly cracked because of my tears.

"Ita-kun and I had this discussion a while ago, and we thought it's time we told you," I begun. "Naruto, we would like you to be our son's godfather. This role will fit you perfectly I think, but if you teach him any pranks, you'll have Itachi to deal with. Sasuke-kun, we would like you to be his trainer. Train him on anything and everything to do with field shinobi work. Shishou, I don't have parents of my own anymore, but I really would be honoured if you were to be like a grandmother to him, and Kakshi-sensei a grandfather. If he ever infects my son with his tardy tendencies and his porno-reading habits, I will kill him," I said, grumbling toward the end.

Speak of the devil, there was a sudden pouf and a cloud of grey smoke, before Kakashi-sensei appeared. I really wasn't in the mood.

He crinkled his eye. "Sorry I'm late. On my way here, I met Nekobaa-sama and she told me one of her cats-"

"Shisui," I said, cutting him and one of his ridiculous excuses off, "we have decided to name him Kurohyou, and we decided that you'd be his tutor. You'd teach him everything he needs to know about the Uchiha, and maybe you can pass on to him the legacy your parents passed on to you." I said quietly, looking at Shisui.

At that, he smirked. "I must admit, I am honoured. My children's clan heir is named after my Chichi-ue and I will be the one to pass on my legacy to him. I'm at a loss for words, though it's safe that I accept," he replied softly.

I opened my mouth to thank him, but I ended up hiccupping instead.

"You're welcome, Sakura."

"Oi, temee, you supposed to be choosing a wife or some shit? Why don't you go for the medic, the really hot one that Sakura-chan hates," Naruto suddenly yelled.

Before I even realised what was happening, I was already on the other end of the hospital.

What the hell was happening?

"Katon: goukakyuu no jutsu!"

Well, this was troublesome.

The end.

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