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Chapter 1

It was going to be a normal summer for harry and the gang…Well it would have been if Harry's last name wasn't potter. But it was. And Harry Potter hasn't had a normal summer since he was ten before he found out he was wizard.

Harry stared out the window of the train, knowing that this summer was going to be different. He wasn't headed home to the Dursleys; no it could be said he was going somewhere far worse and a thousand times more boring. He was going to Percy Weasley's home. And in Harry's opinion that was better than going to the Dursley's, not by much and probably so boring he would want to die but still better.

"You want one Harry?" Neville asked holding up a cauldron cake. "It has fudge treacle in it."

Harry smiled and took one, "Thanks Nev."

In the compartment where Harry sat also was Hermione, Ron, Luna, and Neville, who also were invited to spend the summer at Percy's. There was speculation all around as to why Percy invited them but they were too busy enjoying themselves to worry. Harry continued to gaze morosely out the window. It's not that he wasn't happy about not seeing the Dursley's for a whole another year, without Dumbledore knowing, but fifth year just ended and Sirius was dead.

"Ron, you're a chudly cannons fanatic, right." Luna questioned.

Though she still had a dreamlike quality to her voice, with friends she trusted around her, Luna had learned it was safe to let her guard down though she still refused admit Nargels and Flumpawumps aren't real. This question had them all wondering where she was going with it.

"Of course, they're the best." Ron voiced as though it was the most obvious thing in the world. Harry snorted, and Ron glared from the seat across from Harry.

"Then why," Luna sounded amused. "is that a Bulgarian team jersey sticking out of you trunk?"

Ron froze, and everyone's eyes went to his trunk. And there it was, a Bulgarian quidditch team jersey, in Ron's truck.

Neville sprung to his feet before Ron could stop him, and pulled it out. Then just as suddenly was roaring with laughter.

Ron made a grab for the jersey but Harry snatched it first. While Ron was glaring, Harry shrugged. "Sorry mate, seeker reflexes." Harry stared at the jersey. "Speaking of seekers…" Harry started snickering.

"Shudup," Ron blushed.

Hermione cackled as she eyed the name on the Jersey. "Krum! Oh Ron!" The redhead blushed even deeper. Hermione calmed down but smirked. "Well it's good that you support an actual quidditch team."

"THE CHUDLY CANNONS ARE A REAL TEAM!" Ron shouted. "And I don't support Bulgaria."

Harry smirked, "Yeah, he supports Victor Krum"

Ron's blush increased if that was even possible. Luna and Hermione giggled.

"How did you get the jersey?" Neville asked.

"VicKrsenmeit." Was all anyone could make out as Ron blushed and murmured.

"Huh?" Luna voiced what everyone was thinking, that and will Ron's face stay the color permanently.

"I, uh," Ron stammered. "Vic-Victor sent me it."

Harry couldn't deny that he was surprised. "You and Victor-"

"We've been in contact since the end of fourth year." Ron said running a hand through his hair but before anyone could say anything else, "Oh look the train's stopping!"

Ron hurried to grab his things and left the compartment, making the others chuckle and follow behind him slowly. They would get it out of him later.

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