So here it is the final chapter of Jaded Eyes.

Unknown P.O.V

I sat at desk all alone in the room wondering what I should do. What could I do? I don't think there was anything left for me to do. In front of me are eight bold words and eight poems written on the back of eight pictures that are of eight children; eight children whose entire lives were corrected.

Disappointment, Ignored, Masked, Alone, Crazy, Deluded, Afraid, and Runner. There are of course more children whose lives were put back the way they should have been but these ones have always matter most to me.

I admit in the beginning I didn't want anything to do with this. I was terrified as if the slightest noise would set me off and would flee and I did; I covered myself well. I was frighten of what I could see, what the future told me. It was fear the drove my movement but it was love that made me turn back around and do everything I could to help the ones I cared about.

I took the word Disappointment and flipped it over; facing me now was Hermione Jane Granger the most brilliant witch of her age but is now back and will forever be Hermione Eladora Lavinia Lestrange.

When she was still golden and still called the most brilliant witch of her age sadly she was abused and called a disappointment her entire childhood. A strong girl who need reassurance that she was desired to be around, that someone loved her; and her friends who were family to her weren't really enough. Her father Rudolphus gave her what she needed; he told her that no matter how she turned out, he would love her always.

Hermione Lestrange has become known as the darkest witch of the age; she got this title after killing Albus Dumbledore. The battle between the two was gruesome and bloody and by the end you couldn't recognize the man that was once the Light lord.

After Dumbledore fell so did the light but then again… so did the dark. The man, who is now legally known as Lord Marvolo Voldemort changed the way magic was seen. There was no light or dark, only the way people used it.

Soon her father will marry Sirius and have two more children.

Years from now Hermione will be known far and wide as the greatest dark witch that ever lived. She will one day go on to marry Roger Davis, who she would have four children with; he took her last name.

I took the next word Ignored and flipped it over so that little Neville Longbottom-Lestrange stared at me. He was ignored growing and beaten when he wasn't. A boy who desperately want love and attention from his family that hated him.

After the death of Dumbledore, Neville was ground for running away and was put on 'Lockdown' where the only "fun" thing he could do was make potions. Neville discovered and made a potion that made Lycanthropes a gift instead of disease; the potion let werewolves shift whenever they wanted painlessly and control the wolf when they did. It was like an animagus form.

Later on five from now make several potions that will help countless people and he creates a potion that would heal Frank and Alice Longbottom. Frank will then marry Rabastan. Alice will eventualy marry an American wizard.

From what I could see after being pursued for the rest of his sixth year and most of his seventh; the spring of his Seventh year Neville will marry Lee Jordan. They will have three kids.

A once considered less than nothing boy who hid all of his achievement will one day become a world-renown Medi-wizard and Potion's Master.

Next I took the word Alone and turned it over to see Luna Lovegood-Dolohuv. There are many things I could say about that girl. She is unique and brilliant and was not and will never be afraid to show who she is and because of this she was made a pariah as a child. She grew up with no friends, completely alone. She relied only on her father, who told her fantastic tales of fantasy, for companionship until she got to Hogwarts and met Neville and then later on Harry, Hermione, and Ron.

After graduating Luna will go on to publish all of her father's tales and even the ones she created herself. She will be hailed a one the greatest fiction writers ever. Luna will go on to marry Fleur Delacour and have six children; four girls and two boys.

I flipped over the word Deluded and saw the fiery locks of Ginny Weasley now Ginevra Moody.

Molly Weasley was sent to prison for thirty years for everything she had down and after her sentence she will kissed by dementors.

Ginevra will be homeschooled by her father and sent therapy to help with the trauma of her childhood until she graduated with honors. She will go on to marry Marcus Flint and have more kids than they can count.

I took the word Afraid and flipped it over; the twins Fred and George Weasley now known as Faramir and Geronius Malfoy-Weasley grew up terrified that they would end up having an unhappy miserable life like their dad Arthur Weasley. They saw how he didn't love what he did and didn't love his spouse and went on day by day possibly waiting for death.

They didn't want that life which is why they resisted the man they loved Lord Voldemort; they feared that them being married was a sentence to a miserable life.

Faramir and Geronius eventually stopped resisting and allowed Marvolo Voldemort to make them happy. The three married the spring after Dumbledore's death. They will one day after four children; two sets of twins, one set of boys and one set of girls who looked identical.

The twins will continue their joke shop and it will one day be an international billion dollar franchise. Marvolo, the ruler of magical Britain (yes, he was not going to let that go), and Faramir and Geronius will be very, very happy for the rest of their days.

I took the word Crazy and flipped it over and Ron Weasley now Reginald Malfoy stared at me. Reginald grew up every day wanting and feeling the desire to… let loose himself. He locked the part he deemed Slytherin away and no one was allowed to know about it or the fact that part of him spoke frequently to him. Ron thought he couldn't be that way, that it was wrong. He was superman, and from what he learned later on superman's secret identity was not Lex Luther.

After he took on the Malfoy name some could say Ron went a little insane but the truth is Reginald (who Ron had deemed his Lex persona) was let loose.

Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy and Arthur Malfoy nee Weasley married and had three more children. Bellatrix, the maid of honor, would go on to marry one of the best men Kingsley Shacklebolt much to the Prewitt brother dismay but they ended up falling in love with Lord Nott and having two kids.

Reginald will go on to have a summer wedding after his sixth year; he will wed Viktor and Cormac and was a virgin on his wedding. They will have four sons.

Reginald will go on to be one of the fiercest politicians in the world. He will start his own business dynasty that will be revered for centuries to come.

With a small smile I flipped over Masked. Harry Potter stared at me with a grin. Harry Potter known as the Golden Boy was abused as a child; he was beaten and neglected and scarred mentally and emotionally and physically.

After the suicide attempt Halen Greengrass-Rookwood-Potter was saved just in time. He went on to get therapy for his problems and would day be completely happy and surrounded by the love of his family.

His parents: James, Declan, and Augustus married and had another son. Daphne will marry a cousin of Victor Krum's and will be very happy with him and their five daughters. Astoria will fall in the love with Dean Zabini no longer Tomas at Halen's wedding. The two will wed and have two kids soon after Dean's best friend Seamus Nott's wedding to Blaise Zabini and Collin Greyback; the three went on to have five kids, three with golden eyes.

Halen will marry Callix Warrington and Adrian Pucey the summer after his sixth year. He will graduate from Hogwarts with honors and go on to become a celebrated inventor. He will modernize the wizarding world and addressed by all as a genius. Halen will have the quiet loving life he always wanted with his husbands and their four kids.

I didn't flip over the last word. I didn't need to. I was on it. Growing up I had run from the things I could see; the visions from the future. I was scared and easily spooked. I didn't want people to see me. I was scared and ran my whole life until one day I decided I had to turn around and run in the other direction and help the ones I loved.

After setting things back to the way they should be my visions of the future became better and happier. I am better and happier.

Many things have happen since the summer when five children with jaded eyes was shone the truth and since then all is right with the world… well our world.

I suppose I haven't stopped running and I still scare easily and hide; maybe one day that will change.

I stood and walked away from my desk and out of the room; if I'm not too late I hope I can still see them bury Dumbledore.

Third P.O.V

The unturned picture with a single word and poem sat on desk.


Do you know how fast I can run

I can run very fast.

Especially when I'm scared.

Or when I don't want someone to know something.

I can run for miles

Just to escape

I can cover up all my tracks

Like I was never there.

Like a deer

The slightest movement will set me off.

I need to learn not to run and Hide.

A gust of wind from the window blew and the picture was blown over. The face of a young Percy Weasley now Perseus Black with his own Jaded Eyes was there for all to see.

The end.

So there you have it; the end of Jaded Eyes. It was long trip but I'm glad and a little sad it's over. There will be no sequel from me with this but anyone can write one as long as they tell when they do.

To my fans of Orion's Belt I will be updating soon but bare with me. To me fans of Mating Age, I will be posting the Mike/Jacob/Paul story soon. Thank you all for reading, may you all enjoy fanfiction as much as I have.