It wasn't supposed to be like this. How did everything go so wrong? My betrayal, my rage, my promise everything, every single thing was for nothing. Our travels too many villages, all those memories for what? To be tossed aside?

"Kagome what are you trying to say?" Inuyasha asked as he stood before the girl of his dreams, one he protected and would even give up his life for. The girl who made him feel wanted, the girl who gave him hope, and the girl who he considered his best friend. Now here she was, standing before him, showing a face he never knew she held, she hid, and now showing. Her expression was unforgiving and angry, angry than he's ever seen before.

"I'm saying I'm done, I'm sick of everything" The hanyou had no idea where she was getting this from, but from every word she spoke every time his heart seemed to hurt. "I'm just so tired of being here Inuyasha"

"I don't understand Kagome! What are you trying to say?" Kagome's eyes seemed to narrow down even further.

"No I don't know how you would seem to understand Inuyasha! I'm sick of everything! I'm sick of Kikyou, I'm sick of looking for the damn shards and I'm the only one here who seems to suffer on the other side when I get home!" Inuyasha was a backed, but he knew those weren't the reasons to her anger.

"Kagome I've stopped seeing Kikyou because I knew how it hurted you! When we started the search you knew what you were going to miss at your school thing and you didn't seem to complain all those other times! Why are you angry? Why are you really angry Kagome?" The black haired teenager looked away from the half-demon and stared towards the grass which seemed a lot more interesting at the moment.

"Inuyasha when we collect all of the Shikon No Tama what do you plan to do?" This question flew above the air as an awkward silence formed between the two. Inuyasha confused by her question and Kagome hoping that he would choose the right answer.

"I want to become a full fledged demon, you know that..." Kagome's bangs hid her eyes from the tears that threatened to fall from her eyes, that's not exactly what she wanted to hear.

"And then what? Leave me behind? Is that all you planned to do?" Inuyasha feeling terrible walked close towards Kagome.

"Kagome..I-I didn't know.. "The black haired teenager stepped back, Inuyasha's heart felt even worse as he watched her take her step back, she was willing to leave him behind. She was willing to leave him in the dark, lost. "Have you forgotten all we've had? ALL THOSE TIMES KAGOME! Kagome... I- I love you... Kagome" Inuyasha felt as if he took his heart from his chest and held it in his hands to give to the girl.

"Love? Inuyasha this has never been about love!" Though the girl refused to acknowledge it, disgusted and held no emotion towards it Inuyasha felt broken. His light rejected him; the one hand he thought was there to pull him through was no longer... there his path he followed was no longer there where was he supposed to go now?

" that how you really feel?" He asked cursing himself for sounding so weak. At the moment he didn't look at the girl, how could he? All those times, those eyes, those eyes he thought held the pure innocence of her were all lies all of them.

"Inuyasha this isn't about us! Don't you get it? I just needed to know in order to decide to destroy to the stupid jewel in the end! I want this madness to end don't you?" Inuyasha's eyes perked up by her sudden idea.

"What about Sango and her brother? What about the others that might need it?" Kagome huffed at his words.

"She doesn't need it, no one does" Was her only reply, Inuyasha only felt worse. Everything she was saying was all an excuse so that she wouldn't say the real thing she kept. Was this the only way to go? So pathetic that he didn't need to hear her real reason?

"Alright then, go" Kagome looked at the half-demon confused.

"What are you saying?"

"Go and tell Sango what you re telling me! Go and tell Shippo that you've had enough of everyone!" Inuyasha growled, he too was sick. It just seemed as if his heart was falling, going under the dark abyss ..just falling forever.

"I'm not going-"

"Oh so you ll tell me, but fuck over everyone else is that it?" The dark haired teenager glared at the demon and walked away from him. "That's it then; you're just going to walk away" He gritted his teeth in anger and disgust as he mumbled. "Just like everyone else..." The anger within him was so great that he yelled and screamed as he took out his sword and made it transform. He needed to take out his frustration out, on anything! "Wind Scar!" He screamed full of rage, he couldn't believe! Prefect by nature and just what he needed getting fooled! His friends Miroku, Sango and her demon cat, and Shippo all came running to witness the mess of trees that were through in all directions.

"It's not fair! Fuck Kagome it's not fair!" The half-demon yelled as he punched the grounds of the earth.

"Inuyasha! Inuyasha what happened?" He heard a voice coming from his left side he looked up to find Miroku bent down beside him along with Sango while Shippo was on his right.

"Where's Kagome?" Sango said worriedly, Inuyasha chuckled coldly.

"She's gone and I doubt she's ever coming back Sango." Miroku in the other hand didn't understand.

"Where to? Was she kidnapped?" Inuyasha looked dull and shook his head.

"No, she just left. She said she was sick and tired of everyone and she left!" Shippo knowing Kagome refused to believe anything his dog friend was saying.

"No Kagome would never leave us like this! I know Kagome and she cares for all of us!"

"She fucken lied! She lied to all of us! She had us fooled while she did whatever the fuck she wanted!" He said as anger started to rise again within his blood. "That stupid bitch left us!"

"SIT!" Came a voice coming towards their direction. Everyone turned to see that Kagome was coming to them while holding a bottle of water. Inuyasha hit in the earth's ground surrounded by a huge hole around him.

Kagome! Kagome! Shippo yelled as he ran towards the girl. Kagome smiled at the little fox and closed the top of the bottle.

"Whats this about me being a bitch Inuyasha?"

"Lady Kagome! Inuyasha here told us that you wanted to leave? That you really didn't care about us and fooled us" Miroku said looking quite carefully towards the Miko friend of his. Kagome gasped in horror by the accusation that came towards her.

"What? Inuyasha who could you? I-I thought you loved me!" Kagome yelled as tears began to stream down her eyes. The half-demon stood up from the ground and glared at the miko, how fucking dare she!

"You said it! Don't you dare come back and call me the liar you stupid bitch!"

"You just here to hurt me aren't you?" Kagome yelled in sadness, Miroku, Sango and Shippo all stared towards the crying Miko and felt very sorry for her.

"Inuyasha that's enough!" Sango stated very angry. Inuyasha stared at the demon slayer in disbelief.

"No guys she really said that she didn't give a fuck anymore!" The dog demon said in desperation, this just couldn't be happening to him!

"Stop lieing Inuyasha! I can't take it anymore!" Kagome yelled as her knees grew weak and fell to the floor.

"Kagome!" All of her friends screamed as they ran towards the girl who was dying in pain. Inuyasha stood there as his eyes widen in shock, this is what she wanted, and this is what she planned, but why? Why was she holding his last breath? Did he wrong her in some way? Did he not protect her enough?

"Kagome..." Inuyasha said in the almost instant tears.

"I think it's enough that you hurt her" Sango said, Kagome feeling weak but strong enough to talk said.

"I told you half-demons are confused and don't know what they want! They were meant to be alone! Half- demons don t get along with HUMANS" She said with the last word filled with venom. Inuyasha felt as if his whole world turned upside down, WHY? FUCK! It s always been the fucking same!

" know you're right, I fucken hurt you and like that I leave..don t bother looking for me" The hanyou said as he began to walk his ways. Miroku at this point thought it was a very foolish move on his behalf.

"Inuyasha wait!" The monk yelled Inuyasha stopped a brief moment; the two girls looked towards what the monk was going to do. "You two go on ahead, there is something I need to speak with him" Kagome looked as if she was going to object, but said nothing when she saw Miroku s hard stare.

"Alright Miroku, I understand we'll meet up back at camp" Sango stated as everyone else headed back.

"What is it that you want now monk?" Inuyasha said refusing to look at his friend.

"Where are you going?" Was what he questioned instead of answering. He refused to turn for the look of sadness or perhaps even hate that might break his spirit of what held them so close.

"I don't know... somewhere that isn't here" Inuyasha answered and ran off without saying another word. Miroku yelled after his friend, he didn't understand what exactly could be going on with his friend?

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