Fawning over Swan

A/N: If you love The Pack, think Jacob is sexy, thrive off of love entanglements, and jealousy entertains you, this is the story for you!

3 Short things to know:

1) Edward was human when he leaves Bella in the woods. This story takes place in New Moon.

2) Even though Jake and the crew haven't fazed into werewolves yet, they are experiencing their impressive growth spurts early so they are super fine from the very start.

3) Bella is a junior and Jake is a sophomore in high school.

Enjoy :)

Chapter one: Background Check

Bella's POV

Life before Jacob and the Rez. Well, it was great. Not to brag or anything but I'm pretty popular at Forks High. It's probably not what you think, I'm not "Hot cheerleader captain" popular, or "Queen Bitch Who Thinks She Rules The School Popular" because honestly, those people aren't popular at all, they have a few snotty backstabbing friends and a group of followers who'll forget their asses as soon as graduation hits. No, I'm popular in the true sense of the word, that I have a lot of friends and that I basically know everyone personally that's worth getting to know at my school. My mother used to call me the "Woman of the People" due to my uncanny ability to connect with all types of people.

I met my now (sob) ex boyfriend Edward on the third day of my first days at Forks High as a new student in October. All I could think was hot damn are all the men here this freaking delicious? And he was. Boy oh boy he was. He noticed me staring and smirked at me as I tried to mentally force away the intense blush that had spread across my cheeks. Long story short, we became friends and started to date within two months of meeting each other. He was great. So so so so so so great. He treated me like no guy had ever treated me before, even his touch was filled with love and he handled me in the most delicate and gentle of ways. It was like he was afraid to break me and it was sigh, so wonderfully endearing….Everything was perfect, I had my girls Alice (Edward's exuberant sister) and Angela by my side at all times, my other friends everywhere I turned, always a party to go to at night, Volley Ball (I'm not that good) to keep me in shape and an amazing boyfriend who loved me unconditionally.

Now, I'm not going to be one of those whiney dramatic girls who cry about having no will to live after being broken up with, but I have to admit that my breakup with Edward was downright excruciating. He was moving away. His father got a high paying job as a surgeon in Japan and was shipping his whole family, Edward –and my Alice included- to Japan with him. The day Edward lead me to our favorite spot in the woods to inform me was, well, it was the worst to put it lightly. He was so frustrated with himself for not being able to spit the words out.

"Bella we're, I mean my father-the whole family and I…" Edward sputtered erratically, raking his hands through is outrageously gorgeous tussled hair. Leave it to Edward to have sex hair at a time like this.

"Edward what's going on?" A sense of doom began to settle in my stomach.

He took a deep breath and looked me straight in the eyes. "Bella, my father got a job in Japan and we're moving there at the end of the month."

It took me a second for it to hit. "What?" I croaked, tears already burning my eyes.

"We're leaving Bella, and I think…well…" His determination from before wavered and his eye contact began to sink from mine to the floor.

"Oh Edward!" I exploded, "This is the worst! How could Carlisle do this to you? To us?" despite everything I was able to keep the tears from cascading all over my face. "It's be okay babe, okay? Look at me. Charlie has some friends with extra rooms I sure, you and Alice can stay at their place-Hell, I'll convince Charlie to let you stay with us!" I was sputtering all over the place. We had to try. We had to.

"Bella," Edward stated louder than I was expecting "To be honest, I've known about this for a while now but I just didn't know how to…break it to you. And Bella, I know I have a month until I have to go but I think it would be best for us to break up. Now."

I was speechless. Momentarily.

"What…what the hell? You're breaking up with me?" I cried

"It would be for the best. A clean break you know?" He looked at me. Even through my cloudy water filled vision, I could see the tears that streaked his face. I couldn't speak.

"So thanks for being so wonderful to me Bella, but I think this is what we need to do. I'll see you around then." And with that he stepped up and me and kissed my forehead, lingering a bit as he breathed in my hair, allowing his tears to fall on my face and mix in with mine.

This was not a time in my life I enjoy looking back on.

Angela's POV

How did Bella take the break up? Oh, not so well I'm afraid. It was the first time I've ever seen her confidence shaken so severely. The second word got out about the break up, everyone from our school-coming from every clique imaginable- swarmed Bella everywhere she went asking if she was okay and bad mouthing Edward with every chance they got. It was pretty sweet actually; Edward was shunned as the school outcast for breaking her heart in the last month before he left. He always walked around campus with a tortured expression on his face, though I knew better than to think his discomfort came from his social downfall. It was obvious that he was still in love with her, and it couldn't have been easy watching all the single guys-and some not so single guys- at our school try to buddy up to Bella (hold her books for her, walk her to class, buy her lunch from the cafeteria, buy her lunch on an "innocent" outing etc). She was graceful as always but somehow managed to find a way around all the salivating boys. It wasn't until she started visiting her old friend Jacob again that the old Bella I knew and loved returned to me…even if I didn't get to see her as much.


So finally it brings me to my visit with Jacob. Oh Jakey how I missed that kid! During dinner one night Charlie mentioned something about how much Jacob had grown and that I should go visit him. I said I was down and the next Saturday I took my old beat up truck and drove it to La Push where Jacob lived with his feeble yet quirky father Billy. I could hear loud rock music blasting from the garage and a murmur of low rumbling voices coming from the same direction. I sat in my car for a an extra second, pondering if I should have called Jacob first to warn him of my little visit, but then I abruptly pushed that thought away and jumped out of the car and skipped into the garage. The boy was going to be in for a surprise.

Jacob's POV

That Saturday I was in the garage with my two buddies Embry and Quil fixing up some old motorcycles we found dumped on the side of the road a couple of days ago.

"Dude these bikes are gonna be so sick! Just imagine how many chicks are gonna dig me after they see me on this puppy." Quil exclaimed excitedly .

"Yeah, they'll like it until you take off the helmet and reveal that nasty ass face of yours." Embry quipped, already ducking Quil's blow to the head.

"You both are the least badass people I know, you'll be lucky if the girls don't point and laugh at you idiots trying to look cool." I teased and they chuckled.

Just then the outside door of the garage swung open and like an angel descending from heaven, there stood the love of my fucking life, Isabella Marie Swan. God she was so beautiful…so…so perfect. I watched both shocked and mesmerized as her perfectly full lips curled into a huge smile when her searching eyes met mine. They widened a bit before she spoke.

"Jakey!" she exclaimed, "You have grown SO MUCH!"

"Bella!" I'd finally found my voice and made my way to her in three huge steps "Oh my God what are you doing here? Come 'ere!" and with that I enveloped her in a bear hug and squeezed her until I was sure I heard a bone in her back crack.

"Shit Jake don't kill the girl!" Embry yelled from behind me so I put her down and I stepped aside to let Bella walk in. I watched with a tinge of annoyance and a little bit of satisfaction as both Embry and Quil took Bells in for the first time. They're mouths were practically scraping the floor by the time they fully checked her out.

"Hey guys, I'm Bella Swan," Bells greeted them with a warm smile and extended her hand.

"Oh, uh hey there uh I'm Embry, nice to meet you Bella." Embry replied, still wide eyed and shaking slightly.

"Hey Bella," Quil drawled in a much deeper voice than he usually spoke with. I rolled my eyes. "My name's Quil." He attempted what I assumed he thought was a sexy smile and shook Bella's hand as well.

"Wow I love your guy's names they're seriously awesome," Bella gushed sincerely. I loved that about her, she was so real and open. I just hated how Bevis and Butthead over here misinterpreted her friendliness as some type of twisted flirtation.

"Well, Quil is in old Quileute name, passed on from generation to generation," Quil helpfully explained in his new manly voice, "I could explain in further detail for you sometime it you'd like-"

"OKAY that's enough out of you Quil thanks!" I interrupted before my innocent Bella actually took up on Quil's ridiculous offer.

Bella finally turned her beautiful face to me.

"Jakey, I don't remember these guys, you never told me about them! They're nice." She threw them a glowing smile that they so did not deserve.

"They're okay," I scoffed, rolling my eyes at their beaming faces, "But it's not like I'd be able to tell you much about anyone since I never hear from you anymore!" I say half joking and half not. I've missed her so much, especially now, I mean damn! The girl is fine.

"I know and I'm sorry, but that's why I'm here now." She says. How can I argue with that?

"Alright Bells, I'll give you that much credit,"I conceded. Then I turned to the two growing pains in my ass. "You two! Out!"

"Awww common Jakey!" Quil whined with a half smirk on his face "We want to hang out with you and Bella! Or you can just leave and Bella and I can get to know each other more since you're friends with her already…" The wise ass finally starts to trail off when he sees the look of death in my eyes. That kid is going to fucking get it the next time I see him.

"Alright let's go Quil," The ever helpful Embry said, "We'll see Jake tonight at the get together Sam and Emily are throwing."

After a lot of grumbling and dragging, Embry and Quil finally left the gorgeous Bella and I to ourselves.

A/N: How did you guys like it? It's just the beginning, I have a lot in store for these two, but it's not going to be just Bella and Jake in paradise, in fact, our characters will have to fight a bit harder to be together because it won't be Edward in the way of their love but possibly some of the wolf pack that have their eyes on Bella as well!

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