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Summary: Bedtime Stories are things to keep people entertained, right? Well, let's see how the role holders and a certain foreigner keep up with these wild tales when they become the stars of each story they're thrown. Each chapter different from the next! Different pairings per chapter I suppose.

Disclaimer: I don't own HnKnA or the fairy tales that will be used in here.

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Chapter 1: Wonderful Wizard of Wonderland!

"Big brother!" A young faceless girl whined as she tugged on her older brother's sleeve, "You're supposed to tell me a story!" She complained longingly. She sat up in her bed pouting at the older faceless boy.

Her brother sighed, "Okay, sis… What kind of story do you want to hear?"

The girl grinned a jubilant grin that matched her bright yellow pajamas, "Anything is fine with me!"

This made her brother scratch his cheek before he leaned on the chair that he sat on by the girl's bed side, "Sure. How about I tell you about the adventures of Dorothy and Toto as they went out to see the Wonderful Wizard of Wonderland…?"


There was a girl named Dorothy.

Alice gave a shriek as she fell down to the floor. Rubbing her head as she rose from the floor she studied her surroundings with wide eyes, "Where am I!? Wasn't I just at the Tower? Why am I wearing this!?" She looked down at her new clothes that greatly opposed to the one she went to bed with.

She also had a dog named Toto.

"Where'd that voice come from!?" Alice asked, her tone immensely alert while she looked up into the sky.

No! She had a bunny!

Sis, come on, I'm the one telling the story! But whatever… She had a bunny named Toto.

"What!?" Alice questioned in confusion once more right before Peter in his rabbit form suddenly appeared in her arms partially asleep.

"What the hell is going on!?" Alice demanded.

Well, Dorothy… I'm telling my sister a story. Your story to be exact. Now please just follow along and stay calm.

"Stay calm!? I was dropped out of my home into this bright neon place that looks like a children book with Peter in my hands and ominous voices from the sky telling me what to do! Don't you dare tell me to stay calm." Alice hissed at the sky through narrowed eyes.

Someone's snappy this morning…

"What happened?" Peter asked groggily.

"We're entertaining some bastard. Rise and shine." Alice deadpanned as Peter fully awoke, "Huh? How'd I get here? In Alice's arms in this form?"

On with my story! So Dorothy and Toto looked around at their surroundings when they realized they weren't in the land of Clover anymore.

"No shit." Peter mumbled. "My name isn't Dorothy." Alice threw in.

Ahem! So that's when all the munchkin children came out their houses because the two had killed the Wicked Witch!

As the voice said this, all the houses that surrounded the place were opened and little faceless children all came out singing,

"No! No! This is all wrong!" Alice cried as the kids circled her and Peter while singing about how the witch was dead.

Enough singing! So that's when, Glinda the Good Witch came floating down from the sky in her awesomely colorful bubble.

"Is this supposed to be some half assed attempt at re-creating The Wizard of Oz except using the role holders?" Alice blankly questioned before the bubble flew down from the sky and the children were silenced. When the bubble popped, Vivaldi stumbled out in a light pink dress holding a wand.

"Vivaldi? As Glinda the Good Witch? This narrator obviously has no sense of other people's character." Peter remarked as Vivaldi adjusted herself before walking over to Alice.

"We have no idea what's going on. Perhaps you can fill us in Alice…" Vivaldi mumbled.

No! Don't talk to her yet! You're supposed to give her the ruby red slippers!

"What slippers?" Vivaldi deadpanned, she crossed her arms over her poufy dress, "We see no ruby red slippers."

"She's right. There are none." Alice supported while looking around.

Ugh! The slippers that the Wicked Witch of the East had! The ones sticking out from under the house you came in Dorothy!

"First off, I didn't come here in a house; I fell from the sky on my ass. Second, my name isn't Dorothy." Alice seethed.

Vivaldi walked over to the house that spontaneously appeared, "We can't take those shoes." She said as she inspected the shoes that stuck out from the house.

Why can't you?

"They are not ours." Vivaldi shrugged, "Stealing is low… Especially for footwear that are as hideous as those. Our tailor can make slippers better than those."

Stop being so difficult! Take the damn shoes! The Witch is dead! She wants Dorothy to have them! Okay!?

Vivaldi narrowed her eyes at the sky before waving her wand at the shoes making them appear in her free hand. Next she walked over to Alice who had put Peter into the picnic basket she had acquired.

"Now what?" Vivaldi crossed her arms.

Give Dorothy the shoes.

Carelessly Vivaldi threw the shoes at Alice's feet earning a 'Hey' from the foreigner.

Okay, that's when young Dorothy put on the ruby red slippers.

Alice huffed, "For the last time! My name is not Dorothy! And I'm not putting on those slippers!" She gave the shoes a kick to prove her point.

Why not?

"They're ugly, look uncomfortable, and they clash with my outfit. Now get out my face about it." She retorted as the voice grumbled,

Why are you so difficult!?

Peter twitched in response, "Can we just get the story moving!? I want to get back to Cloverland."

Before you do that, you have to meet the Wizard of Wonderland.

"Then let us meet him!" Alice and Peter shouted in unison.

You get to meet him after you meet the Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion! Which will happen down the yellow brick road. But you can't do that unless Dorothy puts on those slippers.

Vivaldi and Peter looked at Alice expectedly causing the brunette to roll her eyes before she put the slippers on. "Happy!?"

Very. Now go down the yellow brick road.

"Come on Peter." Alice said while snatching up the picnic basket and jogging down the swirly yellow brick road with the munchkin children cheering.


"Where the hell is the scarecrow? How come I see no scarecrow? Why did you lie?" Alice questioned plainly as she and Peter continued walking down the yellow brick road which was now surrounded by nothing but corn stalks.

"Oh! Hi, Alice! Hi, Mr. Peter! Fancy seeing you two here." Ace's voice said from above.

Alice and Peter both looked up to see the Knight of Hearts hanging on a plank, dressed as a scarecrow.

"Ace! What are you doing up there?" Alice exclaimed before she put down the basket with Peter in it and immediately moved to help the brunet get down.

"Oh, you know… Just hanging." The man answered with a smirk on his face, though his pun earned him nothing but dual blank looks from both the White Rabbit and foreigner right before Alice's tinkering with the nails that held him to the board caused him to fall to the ground.

That's when the scarecrow declared that he needed a brain.

Ace got off the floor while dusting off his pants, "So what are you two doing here?" He asked completely ignoring the narrator.

"I'm not even sure. All I know is that we're going to meet the Wonderful Wizard of Wonderland." Alice sighed.

"You don't say! Well, I need to go visit him too!" Ace nodded with a grin, "I'll escort you!"

That's when the scarecrow declared that he needed a brain.

"You sure you know where you're going?" Alice asked unsurely as the Knight winked at her, "Positive! Now let's go!" Ace laughed before he took her free hand and began walking.

Alice stared at him blankly, "Uh... Ace, this is the direction Peter and I just came from. We're supposed to go the other way."

The Scarecrow froze for a moment before he turned around, a smile still on his face, "Then let's go this way!"


"Next we're supposed to meet the Tin Man if I'm not mistaken." Alice mumbled to herself as Ace followed after her admiring the environment all around them in wonder and Peter for the most part was only squabbling about how the two of them should ditch Ace, but Alice ignored him.

"Hey! Isn't that Julius!?" Ace grinned while he pointed down the road.

Julius stood standing in the middle of the brick road looking very pissed off.

"Hi, Julius!" The Scarecrow shouted before waving over at the silver dressed man hugely, "Hey, hey, Julius! Over here!"

"Slow down Ace!" Alice cried when Ace began pulling her along with their arms still intertwined.

"Finally someone sane." Julius mumbled as the trio approached him, "Mind explaining what's going on? Like why I suddenly was dropped out of my office and poofed here?" The mortician questioned Alice who then sighed, "Well… We're story book characters."

"Unfortunately, but since I'm here with Alice its fine with me!" Peter chirped happily.

Julius cocked a brow, "You're kidding, right? This is a joke, right?"

"Nope. We're literally the stars in 'The Wizard of Oz'." Alice irritably said before glaring up at the sky.

Correction. You're literally starts in 'The Wonderful Wizard of Wonderland.' Silly Dorothy! Miscorrections are for the Scarecrow!

"Miscorrections isn't even a word!" Alice growled in frustration.

Anyways, moving away from the cranky grammar nazi—

"You're so annoying!" The brunette groaned putting her hands to her ears, Peter nearly fell out the basket that was around her hand as the voice gave a scoff.

Like I said, that's when the Tin Man decided to join the group in their travels.

"Wait. Why am I the Tin Man?" Julius folded his arms over his chest with an irritated expression written on his face.

Realizing this, Ace began laughing uncontrollably, "Haha! Julius is heartless… Or clockless in this case! Haha!"

Julius glowered at him, "Shut up."

"Um… Ace," Alice spoke up easily making Ace slowly cease his laughter, "You're the Scarecrow... Doesn't he need a brain?"

Ace kept a smile on his face as he rolled his eyes, "Tch. Last I checked the Scarecrow needs bran, Alice. That just means I need to eat more cereal." He then continued his laughter and teasing comments at Julius as Peter snorted, "A perfect role for a buffoon such as himself."

Alice and Julius shared a look, "Can we please keep moving? I want to go home."

Okay, now in order for this to work, you guys have to sing as you go down the yellow brick road and forest. Get me?

The foreigner and Clockmaker both matched faces of disgust, "No." Both stated in unison.

Ace smiled, "Oh! Singing is nice. But I don't know any songs about yellow brick roads."

All you have to sing is 'We're off to see the wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of Wonderland! Because-because-because! Because of the wonderful things he does!' It's easy!

"Sweet mother of God! No!" Alice moaned in pain as she clasped both hands on her ears the moment Ace began singing, "Shut up, Ace!" Julius and Peter demanded while glaring at him.

Ace laughed, "Come on, guys! It's fun! We're off to see the wizard! The Wonderful Wizard of Wonderland! Because-because-because! Because of the wonderful things he does! Dee-dum-deedum dee!" He grinned while he locking arms with Alice and Julius.

The brunet then began to skip down the yellow brick road, dragging both of his less than willing companions forward.

"Where the hell is my gun?" Peter questioned through gritted teeth.

Sorry, Toto, but this is strictly a G rated story. No blood or violence.

"You call Ace's singing G rated!? That tune will probably be stuck in my head for weeks now!" Alice exclaimed through her stumbles as she was still pulled forward by the Knight-turned-Scarecrow.

The red eyed Scarecrow pouted at her though he continued skipping ahead.


Ace instantly froze in his steps, releasing his arms from his friends, causing the two level headed being to go tumbling and staggering a bit ahead.

What is it this time…?

I need to use the bathroom! Don't continue the story until I come back!

You're kidding, right? Just hurry.

"Tch." Julius rolled his eyes before he began walking down the brick road, "I wait for no one." He coldly stated as Ace and Alice ran to catch up.

Hey! You guys can't go! My sister isn't back yet!

The trio ignored him as they continued walking down the path, "So… What were you guys doing before you got here?" Alice questioned curiously.

"Camping." "Fixing clocks." "Looking for you."

"Figures…" She sighed, "Ah… Thankfully when we get home we can get back to doing what we were doing. Except for you, Peter."

The foreigner then thoughtfully bit her lips, "Who's left to find?"

Peter and Julius shrugged and Ace put a hand on his chin, "The Cowardly Lion… I wonder who that'll be." He pondered as they kept walking down the brick road disregarding the voice's protest.

Okay! I'm back, big brother!

Urm… Perfect. Well anyways, to pick up where I left off, that's when the trio entered the dark forest…

"I'm not going in there." Alice defied through narrowed eyes as she looked ahead at the dingy and dark patterned vegetation that laid ahead of the group.

"Why not?" Ace questioned her curiously,

Alice sighed heavily, "Because the stupid narrator will want us to sing that lame part of the movie, 'Lions and Tigers and Bears! Oh my!' I refuse." She put the basket to the floor and picked up Peter in her arms snuggly with a pout.

"But we need to get with the Cowardly Lion so we can go home." Julius reasoned reluctantly.

See. The Tin Man has the right idea.

After a moment of silence, the brunette let out a dejected breath of defeat, "Fine…"

Quickly, she began running forward to catch up to both Julius and Ace who already began walking through.

"I'm not exactly all that afraid of lions, tigers, or bears though. So what else can we say?" Ace asked over at Alice who was hugging closer to Peter in the dark and cringing forest, her face showing clear anxiety on their situation.

Alice gave him a disbelieving look, "How can you not be afraid of those things!?"

"I mean if you know how to climb a tree or where to stab them in the heart they really aren't as scary as people hype them up to be!"

"Stop talking so loudly before something hears you and attacks us!"

Julius looked at him through narrowed eyes, "How about rabbits, cats, and dormice? Since tigers and lions aren't native to the forest." His tone was sarcastic though they made Ace's red eyes sparkle in wonder.

The Knight of Hearts gawked at him, "You're right! Okay, so rabbits, dormice, and cats! Oh my! Come on guys, say it with me!" Ace slung his arms around the two's shoulders.

Alice gave him a nervous look while Peter and Julius glared at him in annoyance.

"Idiot." Peter mumbled and Alice shut her eyes, "You're saying things right in my ear!"

"Oh. So I should say it louder right!? I gotcha! Rabbits and dormice and cats! Oh my! Rabbits and dormice and cats! Oh my! Rabbits and dormice and—" Julius slapped a hand over his mouth with a cross expression causing Alice and Peter to breathe matching sighs of relief.


Come on! Make it more convincing!

"Why am I the stupid lion though?" Boris irritably asked with folded arms as he appeared out the forest to the left of them.

Because you're already apart of the cat family! Duh.

"Boris! You're the Cowardly Lion?" Alice asked slightly amused and disturbed at the boy who approached the group in a purple lion costume.

"Haha! The kitty is a scaredy cat!" Ace laughed will pointing at the dejected Cheshire Cat.

"I am so humiliated…" He moaned while leaning his head on Alice's shoulder sullenly, "Don't look at me."

Peter glowered up at him instantly, "Get off her, you—" Alice put a hand over Peter's mouth before she sympathetically patted Boris' head with her free hand,

"You're not the only one… But I guess Peter's right; this narrator truly has absolutely no judge of character. You basically have the most courage out of everyone in all of Wonderland!" She reassured him sweetly.

"Do you really think so?" He asked sparkly eyed as he raised his head to face her properly.

Alice nodded with a smile his way, "Of course."

Boris grinned before he enveloped her in a hug, "Aw! Thanks, Alice!"

Hey! Let her go! Keep this G rated! We don't need anyone getting freaky here in the forest, okay?

"Getting freaky? You call that getting freaky?" Julius deadpanned.

Ace laughed, "I take it he hasn't made it to first base yet."

"He didn't even get up to bat." Boris snickered while rubbing his face up against Alice, "If you want freaky I'd probably do something like this," Boris brought his head down to Alice's neck then proceeded to lightly lick her.

"A-ah!" Alice squeaked out in surprise as she pulled away.

"Why stop there?" Ace smiled while catching Alice from behind in his arms; Alice attempted to squirm out his grasp as the Knight put hands on her chest, "Feeling it is as relaxing as hearing it." He confirmed with a nod,

"Hey! I wanna feel it too!" Boris irritably scowled as he approached the two,

Ace gave him a smirk, "You need to wait your turn."

The brunette still being held began to viciously squirm in Ace's grip, "Let me go!" She cried with one last wiggle and in the process, she ended up tripping on Ace's foot causing the two to go stumbling to the ground.

Um. Hello! This isn't mushy love-love time with Dorothy, the Scarecrow and Lion! This story actually has a plot! So would you all please!?

"Looks like we're both falling for each other Alice." Ace smiled at the girl who cringed away, "Let go, Ace! You're squishing Peter!" She said motioning to the white rabbit that was currently being crushed between the two.

Boris glared at them as he folded his arms with a furious pout and Julius gave a groan of annoyance while he turned away from the scene.

"Didn't think Mr. Peter was into me like that!" The Knight snickered before he pulled Alice's head closer to his, "It's really too bad for him because I only love one person." Alice blushed as their faces were inches apart.

You know what, you perverts? I'm done with this story! Okay! Find out your own damn ending!

Ooooh! You cursed! I'm telling Mama!

Did I say I'm done? I meant… They're on their own! Now please, just sit down… Mom doesn't need to know… So um… Scene change!



All of them once again fell from the sky, "Why must I always fall on my butt when transporting to different worlds?" Alice darkly asked as she gave Peter a slightly squeeze in her arms. The White Rabbit moaned, "You're hurting me, Alice…"

"Okay… Where are we now?" Boris cautiously questioned as their eyes opened to a new dark scenery.

Ahead of them was Clover Tower that at most, was a mile away, the forest behind them and nothing separating them from the castle but a flower field.

"Hey! Look, it's Clover Tower!" Ace grinned jubilantly before getting off of his butt and pointing ahead.

Julius sighed, "At least that saved us walking time."

"Let's go!" The Scarecrow smiled once again locking arms with Julius and Alice after he yanked them both up from the ground. Alice linked her free arm with one of Boris' and still firmly held Peter in the hand that was intertwined with Ace's.

Ace then proceeded to skip down to the field of flowers though Alice and Julius both resisted, "Um… Ace. You do realize that those flowers will make us sleepy and basically knock us out, right?" Alice nervously asked the Knight as he continued pulling them in,

"What was that, Alice? I can't hear you over how sleepy these flowers are making me… I think I'll just lie down and get knocked out for a bit…" Ace yawned tiredly before he dropped to the floor and evidently began sleeping.

Alice and Julius exchanged looks as Boris fell to the floor, "Yeah guys, I'm tired too… I'll just take a nap for a bit…"

"Alice… I'm just going to sleep for a little… In your arms…" Peter sleepily said before closing his eyes and breathing evenly.

The foreinger shook her head in exasperation, "Geez. You're all just dropping like flies… Are you sleepy yet, Julius?" Alice asked the silver clad man as snow began sprinkling from the sky.

"I've gone without sleep for weeks on end." He said simply without a hint of exhaustion in his eyes.

Alice scratched her cheek, "These ugly shoes are useful…" Calmly, she took a seat down in between Boris and Ace, "Looks like we have to wait for Vivaldi to sense we're in danger and wake them up…" She rolled her eyes as Julius just stared off into space, "But I can't help but wonder… Who was going to be the Wicked Witch of the West?"

As she said this lightning cracked through the sky and a cloud of smoke appeared not too far in the field they were in. Alice and Julius looked at it wide eyed as the smoke began to clear, Blood staggered out the smoke coughing viciously,

"Ugh… Where the hell am I?" He sneered through narrowed eyes as he fanned his eyes away from the smoke.

Alice blinked watching him look around confused and irritation, "Okay. Maybe the narrator has a bit of character judgment." She admitted reluctantly.

You're the Wicked Witch of West, now take the shoes from Dorothy.

Blood glared at the sky, "No one orders me." He then rested his gaze on Alice and Julius, who were up ahead, "Ah, young miss, perhaps you could inform me why I was suddenly yanked out of my tea party and transported here." He sauntered over to the two with a skeptical gaze around,

"To put it simply, my shoes, you need to take them off." Alice commanded while rising to her feet.

The raven haired man glowered at her shoes, "I'm afraid high heels won't look as lovely on me as they do you."

Alice twitched in anger, "So much for you being a Gay Hatter…" She mumbled quietly before clearing her throat, "Please! This is just for the plot so we can all go home!"

"Even if I did take them off, why would I want them? They're not that good looking." Blood crossed his arms as he turned around and looked at the Tower ahead.

Alice narrowed her eyes at him at the same time that Julius suddenly thought of something with widened eyes, "Wait! Dupre, you're the Wicked Witch of the West, right?"

"Wicked? Possibly. A Witch? No." He answered the Clockmaker with a stoic expression.

Alice looked at him confused, "What are you getting at?"

"Maybe he can teleport us straight inside to see the wizard." Julius answered skeptically.

"Makes sense to me." Alice shrugged before looking at the Hatter expectantly, "Now, do your magic, Blood!"

Blood stared at her blankly, "Funny joke. I never believed the young miss' sense of humor to be so expendable."

"I'm not joking. Now just wave that pretty wand of yours and get us inside." Alice glared at him.

He returned the look, "Now why in the world would I do that?"

"Why wouldn't you!? You want to go home right!"

"Not if I have to degrade myself to such a pitiful degree."

"Stop being such an egotistical jerk and do it!"


"… Say that again."


"(Beep) (beep) (beep)!"


"(Beep) (beep) (Beep) (Beep)! (Beep) (Beep)!"

Alice stopped as her face now turned red from her shouts, Blood and Julius looked at her with shocked eyes, "… Fine." Blood reluctantly agreed through gritted teeth, "But no one hears about this. You understand?"

"Very much so." Alice scowled.

Blood groaned as he took the wand out from inside his witch's cape. Quickly he gave it a slight wave while Alice and Julius looked at him expectantly. The mafia boss put it back in his cape and began walking away silently.

"Hey! Where are you going! What was that!?" She asked furiously.

Blood turned his head around, "Have fun. And try not to stare, Monrey." He smirked at him.

The duo looked at him confused before suddenly Alice's Dorothy themed clothes suddenly popped off leaving her in nothing but her bra and underwear, Julius held his hand to his face before he turned away from her view, his entire face beginning to glow red.

Alice gave a blood curling scream as she used Peter to cover herself, "BLOOD, YOU PERVERT!" As she voiced this, the raven head's echoing laugh went through the meadow, "That spell was made especially for you, my pretty."

"I hate you!" She blushed furiously, happy that no one else was there to see her.

Why is she in her bathing suit? There's no pool around!

Oh, crap! I thought my censors would be enough— Darn that Witch! Look away Sis! This isn't for yours eyes to see!

Alice gave a shout of frustration. "Do a damn scene change! Now!" She ordered hastily.

I… Um… S-s-sure…


"Ugh… Where am I?" Boris groggily asked as they stood at the front entrance to Clover Tower. He and Ace looked around confused as Alice, still only in her undergarments stomped to the door.

"Open the damn door!" She shouted while banging on it with her free hand.

Peter moaned as he woke up, "Alice…"

"Who goes there!?" A faceless asked opening part of the door at the top to peer down at them, Alice gave the worker a look of pure death that went straight down to his soul, "Open. The. Door. Now."

"B-But! No one is supposed to see the wizard… I-I'm sorry." He stuttered out in fear.

Alice growled, "Did I ask you to see the damn wizard!? No! I asked you to open the God damn Christ forsaken door! I'm out here in my damn underwear and stuck with perverted guys who might do devious things to me and you're telling me bullshit! Now do it now before I—"

The worker immediately opened the door as Alice dumped Peter outside before racing in while covering herself. Before any of the guys could understand what was going on, the door slammed right in their faces.

"Wait… Did Alice basically threaten that worker into letting her in?" Boris questioned slowly, "In her bra and underwear…?" Ace cocked his head to the side, "Without letting me go with her!" Peter sulked rejected.

"Long story short. Don't trust Mad Hatters." Julius crossed his arms as he leaned against the door.


"So… What brings you to the mythical land of Oz, Dorothy?"

Alice stared at the man in the master chair blankly as she stood in his office, after she got new clothes she managed to weave her way through the Tower to Nightmare's office and it just so happened that he was stuck with the role of the Wizard.

Why didn't she see that coming?

"Nightmare, my name's Alice and this isn't Oz... This is Wonderland." She could only gawk at the silver haired incubus that continued smoking his cigar lazily, "I have no idea what you're talking about, silly Dorothy."

She rolled her eyes while she approached him; Nightmare looked at her confused right before she jumped on top his desk making his papers fly everywhere. With a sneer, she tore the cigar out his mouth and glared into his eyes, "Listen here, you stupid caterpillar,"

Nightmare flinched at her words as she continued, "I've been through a lot tonight. And I didn't go through all of it so you could just reject me straight off the bat. So, you're going to tell me how to get back to Cloverland… Otherwise when I'm done with you, you'll be coughing blood out of places blood isn't supposed to come out of," She raised her fist to his face with a darkening glare, "Get me?" She asked with gritted teeth.

"C-calm down, Alice! Geez! I was just getting into character! No need to get physical!" He cried while attempting to move away from her.

Alice got off his desk but her gaze didn't weaken, "So will you tell me how to get back to Cloverland?" She huffed as she crossed her arms.

Nightmare rolled his eyes, "You've read the fairy tale. Just click your heels and say that weird mumbo jumbo."

"That's it?"


"No trick? Just click my heels?"


"It can't be that easy."

"It is."



"Okay… Here goes nothing…" Alice sighed as she backed up to the middle of the room, "There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home." She clicked her heels together each time she said the phrase.


"Then what happened!?" The little girl asked wide eyed.

Her brother yawned, obviously more tired than his sister "Everyone died."

Her face cringed in horror as he got up from his seat and went to the door "G-Night!"



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