A/N: This story is for my one year on Fan Fiction. It has been an awesome one, and I hope to continue to write more. This story takes place in S1, after Greeks Bearing Gifts, yet before They Keep Killing Suzie. Enjoy!

Warnings:Slight Janto fluff.

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Ianto sat on the bench overlooking the waves. Summer time. A time where everyone could relax, take their time off work, and school, not really knowing what's going to happen next. Ianto was trying to get away, even for just a few minutes. It was the same shit. Weevils, crazy people, and cyber-no. He did not want to think what happened to Lisa. It was all too much. Too much overstimulation, even now.

The first firework showed off its bright colors; red and purple lighting up the sky. People from across the beach clapped, showing their praise for the show. Ianto leaned his back on the chair, letting his muscles relax. He heard a car pull up, just off to the side where he was sitting.

Jack turned it off, letting the engine die down. "I thought you were heading back to get some sleep?" he asked, closing the car door.

"I was, and then saw that this place is much more relaxing," Ianto replied.

"Ah, I see," Jack stated as he took off his shoes and draped his jacket, right next to the younger man. Jack stated to walk onto the beach.

"Are you really walking on the beach?" Ianto questioned.

"What? An old soul, like me, can't enjoy a little down time?"

"Well, it is a bit strange seeing your boss, without shoes, and without his jacket at nine in the evening," Ianto smirked.

"Then, I find it very strange that one of my employees is sitting alone, watching some small firework display, alone," Jack stated. Another firework went off letting the gold glow bounce off their faces. Shimmering, not too far away, the light faded, with the slightest smell of gunpowder.

"But that is where you are wrong, Captain. I am not alone. I'm with you," Ianto chuckled softly. Jack sat back down on the beach.

"I haven't seen fireworks like these in a long time," Jack said, letting his memory drift off.

"When you were growing up?" Ianto asked.

"Nope, in the early 1920s. Around World War I. They were spectacular. People, almost like this," he gestured to the small crowd, "would sit down and watch them the whole way through. The thing that particularly stood out the most was the color. It was much more vivid," he reminisced. Ianto crossed his arms. This was one of the very few times the Ianto heard about Jack's past. He read the files, both at Torchwood 1, and Torchwood 3, heard the jokes that Jack made with the rest of the team, but to hear it straight from Jack, it made Ianto feel how little time he had on this planet.

"The beach always has these fireworks during the mid-summer, for the families," Jack only nodded.

"You come here often?" Ianto asked.

"I try to. It's always nice to get away just once in a while," Jack said.

Ianto cleared his throat and brushed the sand from the ends of his trousers. "I have to get back to the flat if I want to actually have a decent sleep tonight. You never know what the rift might bring us tomorrow," Ianto stated. The blue color form the firework reflected off of Ianto's car.

"Ianto," Jack said. His coworker turned around. "Be safe,"

Ianto smiled. "Thank you, sir,"

A/N: Fireworks can be symbolized as the start of something new. I thought it fit with the beginning of Jack and Ianto's relationship. I just want to say thank you again, for making this one awesome year.

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