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A life can change in a single heart beat and for one busty, blond haired lavender eyed woman it changed with only one letter. Mai Valentine looked again at the letter in her hand. 'This has to be a joke, he's been missing for 17 years and they find him now.' The incredulous feelings behind this thought only helped to make her more depressed as she re-read over the letter.

Dear Ms. Valentine,

We are pleased to inform you that the FRA (Family Reconstruction Act) has been successful in locating your son. Due to the age and position that your child is currently holding we are requesting the pleasure of your company in one weeks time at the Preventers base on L4. We will be sending an agent to pick you up at the Space Port.

Most cordially,

. Sally Poe- Head Doctor Preventers

'I can't believe it but might as well give it a chance. Kid probably doesn't want to see me anyway, must think I abandoned him.' With a sigh Mai decided to call on a few of her friends to make arrangements to go and find out if they had found her son, her Damian. As she picked up the phone, to call her friends and ask for their help with her travel planes, another phone was being picked up on L4.