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As small children, the person who shared their coloured pencils with you was immediately your 'best friend', and stayed that way for the duration of the lesson. As teenagers, the person who told someone who you had a crush on was suddenly your sworn enemy. Friendships could strike at the strangest times, and it was those friendships that you hold closest to your heart, the ones who are there for you when no one else in the world is.

The Solar Blue Surf Academy class of 2005 had friendships like that. Anna, Bec, Edge, Fly, Heath, Matt and Perri lived together for twelve months, sharing rooms and sharing their lives. Never in a million years did they think they would ever be friends- they were complete opposites, in everything. Bec and Perri, for example? They shared a room, and they loved each other, but every single morning they fought over who got to use the bathroom first. Within a week, the boys were keeping a tally, making it a regular joke. And the boys? Matt was neutral territory, but Heath and Edge fought over absolutely everything. It was amazing that they ever found something to talk about- they couldn't be more different. Anna and Fly got on as friends, but their playful banter was what got the other kids through the day.

They thought they would be friends forever.

But, Edge had told them otherwise. As they reminisced in the pool room, as their twelve months together slowly came to an end, he told them that their friendship was purely fishbowl. He told them that, if they weren't living together, twenty four seven, they would not be friends.

The other teenagers had scoffed and told him that it was not true- nothing could stop them being friends.

On their last day together, they were up as the sun rose over Blue Water Beach, holding hands and stepping into the future together, as a big group. A big group that nothing could separate.

But yet, it didn't surprise each other when the group began to drift apart, taking their own stands in the world.

The seven teenagers hadn't spoken in eight years.

They thought of each other often. Fly, while she surfed on the pro circuit. Heath, while he took photos of anything and everything. Edge, while he worked at his gym, helping fitness levels increase. Perri, as she modelled for magazines and sang in studios. Matt, while he cradled his little girl in his arms. Anna, while she packed her bags to make the move from Germany to Australia permanently. And Bec, while she looked after her own group of Solar Blue intakes, her own group of teenagers. They were constantly at the back of each others' minds, but it wasn't until Anna phoned Bec that something was done about it.

Bec Sanderson was always the unofficial leader of their little group. She was the local, the girl who had grown up surfing the waves of Blue Water Beach. What she told them, they listened to. She sent around an email, to their old addresses, hoping she'd get some sort of reply. She did, and when she did, she pulled a long weekend out of the calendar, naming it the weekend they would reunite, after eight years.

And that was a weekend like no other. They had talked and reminisced over the good times that had been had in that very house- and of course, despite being the middle of winter, they went surfing. Their old coaches returned especially, and they were so ecstatically happy they were together again.

When it came time for their departure, they were wary. Would it be another eight years before they saw each other again? Would they ever talk?

No, it wasn't eight years, and yes, they would talk. The seven kept in contact, and Matt even ventured from Sydney to Melbourne, bringing his daughter to Blue Water Beach. The seven were not teenagers any more, and so much had changed. They had missed out on so much of their friends' lives, but they were determined not to miss any more. Bec had the whole Solar Blue boarding house, full of plenty of spare rooms for when they decided to pop by. Perri doted over Matt's daughter- and no one was sure what was going on between Fly and Heath. He seemed to be stalking her, everywhere she went- but she didn't mind. Edge was so different to the boy they had known inside the academy- he was so sweet. And Anna? Well, she had fallen in love, again, with Bec's twin brother.

That was a year ago. It was a year ago that they were reunited in Blue Water, and a year ago that they had first fallen into each others' arms, hugging them like they would never let go.

The future was unsure for the group of seven...

But they still had two weeks together, before the summer holidays sent them back to their homes, back to their lives.

And they were going to enjoy every moment of it.

Some friendships last moments, but this was one that would last a lifetime.