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The drive back to the boarding house in Blue Water was long- seven and a half hours, with four different stops (none to vomit on the side of the road, Heath had said cheerfully- and edge had smacked his chest indignantly). But they were back. their holiday mood had gone, slowly, over the drive. Perri sang along softly with the radio, Anna and Edge talking animatedly in the back seat. Fly fell asleep with her head on Heath's shoulder, and Bec leaned against the window, contemplating everything that had happened.

It had been the getaway of a lifetime- the thing they all needed before a new work year. an escape with their closest friends, relaxing before the chaos the new year would bring arose.

So much time had passed since they were the sixteen year olds sharing bedrooms, sharing bathrooms and sharing lives in the big boarding house in Blue Water. It had been years since Heath would make up words in their Tuesday night Scrabble game, not understanding that 'shaboodle' was not a world, no matter how many times he was told, years since Bec and Perri would race for the girls bathroom every single morning and night, the boys placing bets on who would end up killing who. Years since Anna would dance around the house, German hip-hop blasting through her headphones. Years since Edge and Bec would make bets while cooking dinner- ending up with charcoal sausages or inedible potatoes or the infamous 'spaghetti bolognese without the spaghetti'. Years since cool as a cucumber Matt would stay up until all hours of the night, patiently guiding them through the homework and assignments they had left until the last minute. Years since Perri was deemed the 'Gold Coast fairy princess'- a nickname that had stuck.

Years since they first stepped into the Solar Blue boarding house, an event that had changed their lives for the better.

They were still the same people, in their hearts. When they got together, it was like they'd never changed. Sweet innocent Fly, Gold Coast fairy princess Perri, feisty local flower Bec, German sweetheart Anna, carefree Heath, rebel Edge and cool as a cucumber Matt. When they got together, they were the same sixteen year olds they had been years earlier.

At five years old, your best friend is the person who shares their crayons with you, their name slipping from your memory as you grew up. As teenagers, the person who told your crush that you liked them was your sworn enemy, holding a grudge against them until you forgot their name. Friendships could strike at the oddest of times, and it was those friendships that were the ones that meant the most.

Some friendships last moments, some lasted decades. And then there were the ones that were able to survive the boundaries of time, the ones there for you when the rest of the world walks out.

That night, the seven that had been the Solar Blue class of 2005 fell asleep in the lounge room, their limbs tangled together, much like they had done so many times after midnight movies.

Their friendship had been one that had survived the boundaries of time- Solar Blue was their home, where they belonged. As long as they lived, they could return to the big boarding house and find themselves surrounded by friends.

Solar Blue Boarding Academy was their home.

I wrote your name into the sand but the waves washed it away.
I wrote your name in the sky but the wind blew it away
So I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay
-Unknown Author