Summary: Starting her junior year Julie's determined to leave the mistakes of her past behind her. This is made all the more complicated by her little sister Jen, just starting her freshman year.

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Time Ticks Away

Chapter 1: First Day Back

Julie Gaffney sat on the steps of the main building at Eden Hall Academy. It was the first day of her junior year, but she didn't feel excited. She picked her fingernails and pulled her jacket closed around her.

"What are you pouting about, Cat Lady?" Greg Goldberg asked. She looked at him and shrugged.

"I'm not pouting," she grumbled.

"You are kinda pouty," Connie Moreau said. "Is this because of Jen?" Julie looked at her friend, shooting daggers. "Ooh Kay," she stretched it out. "Not about Jen."

"Who's Jen?" The guys all said at the same time.

"My sister," Julie said. They looked at her. "She's starting here today, she's a freshman. You probably won't see her much." Julie didn't talk to, or about her younger sister much. The two didn't have much in common. They were both blond and on the honor roll (their parents would have it no other way, the honor roll, not the hair color) but other than that, they were exact opposites. Jen was girly, preppy, popular and always did the right thing. Julie got good grades, but especially since her tenure with Ducks began was a bit of a trouble maker, and her parents still mourned that their oldest daughter was a tom boy. Jen was the perfect daughter, at least as far as her mother was concerned. Now Jen was at Eden Hall, although she had made it very clear to Julie that she was not going to spend four years bumming around with her freak older sister and her freakier friends. Connie had met Jen that summer and pronounced her, quite sarcastically, "a lovely girl."

Jen Gaffney stood at her locker carefully glancing around the hallway. She was so happy to be here. She just knew she would fit in at boarding school. Even if the only way her parents would agree to it was if she went to the stupid one in Minnesota that her sister went to. She closed her locker after seeing someone she recognized walk past her.

"Adam!" She said chasing Adam Banks. He glanced at her ad then stopped. She knew that Adam was one of Julie's friends, but he wasn't like most of them. He'd come to visit this summer, and Jen couldn't believe that he was friends with her sister. He was so sweet and funny, and cute.

"Oh, hey Jen," he said. "Having a good first day?"

"Oh sure," she said casually and hugged her books to her chest. "I was wondering though," she stood up on her tip toes and then rocked back on her heals, Adam never heard what Jen was wondering because the bell rang and the halls were suddenly full and they got pushed apart. Jen was pouting, since she really wanted to talk to him. She headed to her class and sat down glumly. She sat through the class and looked over the syllabus. She'd read most of the books on the reading list already. Then she wandered into the hallway, hugging her books to her chest still. She was looking at a bulletin board, that had a flier for cheerleader tryouts and smiled. Wouldn't that just piss Julie off? Julie was always complaining about the cheerleaders.

"You would definitely look great as a cheerleader," she turned and saw a guy standing looking at her. He was tall, muscley and had dark curly hair. He was wearing jeans and a black tee shirt, that was tight enough to show off her very toned pecks, and a black bandana around his forehead.

"I um," she stuttered. She felt really funny the way he was looking at her.

"Hey!" Jen had never actually been that happy to see Julie in her whole life. "Stop perving on my sister, Portman! I'm serious."

"I knew I liked what I was seeing," Portman grinned. "Hopefully certain things run in the family, huh babe?"

"Don't make me puke," Julie rolled her eyes as Jen shrunk against the wall. "Stay away from her or I'll tell the whole school about how you cried after," he glared at her marched away. She looked at Jen. "Are you OK?"

"I um," Jen said. "That's Dean Portman?"

"Yeah," Julie rolled her eyes.

"Was he like your boyfriend?" Jen squeaked.

"Something like that," Julie nodded. She decided it was probably better that Jen never knew that Portman was never really her boyfriend, they'd just had sex a bunch of times the year before. "Anyway, if he bugs you let me know. I'll kick his ass."

"I can take care of myself," Jen said, standing up straight.

"Whatever," Julie shrugged. "So you're trying out for cheerleading?"

"Maybe," Jen said. "Why do you care?"

"I'm interested in what you do," Julie said. "Look Jen,"

"Oh save it," Jen said, "Mom and Dad aren't here, you don't have to be nice to me." Julie sighed. Served her right for trying.

"Fine, whatever," Julie sighed. "Good luck," she walked away. Jen pulled out a pen and signed her name up for cheerleader tryouts.

As Julie walked up the hallway Portman started walking with her.

"So that's your sister," he said. Julie looked at him. "She's cute."

"Stay away from her Dean," she said. "I'm serious."

"I don't think I'm the one you have to worry about," he said, nodding up the hallway, where Jen was now talking to Adam and giggling and twirling her hair around her finger. Julie dropped her jaw. "Maybe you should tell your boyfriend to stay away from her." When she'd broken things off with Portman he'd gotten it out of her that the reason she was doing it, was because of how she felt about Adam Banks. And of course Jen liked Adam. Jen and Adam even looked like a couple. "I'm not busy tonight, if you change your mind."

"I'm not going to change my mind," she gritted her teeth and marched away. Portman laughed.

Julie plopped into her chair in her room, still feeling miserable after classes ended. Connie looked at her.

"So it's about Jen, right?" Connie said. "The pouting?"

"Portman was hitting on her," Julie said. Connie looked at her. "He didn't know who she was, apparently, and she didn't know who he was, because I was very careful to make sure that no one in my family saw or met Dean." Connie laughed.

"Yeah, but Portman hits on people in front of you all the time," Connie said. "I mean, while you two were together he would. What are you so freaked out about? It's not just because it's Jen, is it?"

"Not exactly," Julie said. "Then I saw her with Adam," she mumbled.

"Oh," Connie whispered, "yeah, I guess that would be hard. And I mean, Jen is like, you, but actually Adam's type." Julie nodded.

"Yeah," Julie said. "I never should have broken up with Portman." Connie looked at her. "Or I guess I really should have."

"I am tying you up tonight if you try to sneak out and go see him," Connie said. Julie crossed her arms. "I mean, I know you were in love with him, but he treated you like crap. You deserve someone much better, like Adam."

"That's worked out so well too," Julie rolled her eyes. "He barely acknowledges my existence!" Connie looked sympathetically at her friend. They went off to practice in silence. As they got their pads on in the locker room, Julie glanced over at Portman. He winked at her as he peeled his tee shirt off. She swallowed as her mind drifted back six months.

Julie groaned softly as Portman pulled her close and nibbled on her neck. She wrapped her legs around his waist and arched her back.

"Oh," she exhaled as he finished and she fell limply back against the bed.

"Thanks Babe," he said genially, "I needed that." She nodded and started pulling her clothes on. He didn't hold her or anything, he never did. He pulled his jeans on. "I'll see you later."

"Sure," she nodded and he kissed her again. She sat quietly as he walked downstairs. She looked in the mirror and pulled her hair into a ponytail. Then she walked downstairs, the party was still raging. She glanced over by the kitchen and saw Dean with his arms around a cheerleader. She bit her bottom lip and walked outside and sat on the porch steps wiping her eyes.

"Hey," she looked up feeling a gentle kick against her back. She smiled as Adam sat down with her. "So he's being an asshole again?" She nodded and hugged him and cried into his shoulder.

"Hey," Adam said sitting down next to her on the bench in the locker room. "I saw Jen."

"Yeah," she nodded. "She mentioned it." He nodded. "Thanks for being nice to her. I want things to be easy for her but you know, how she like,"

"Hates you?" He teased and bumped her. She laughed. "You doing OK?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "I'm fine. Come on, we should get out there."

"Sure," he nodded. "Listen Julie," he said and she turned. "Um, are you busy this weekend?"

"I mean, there'll probably be a lot of homework," she shrugged. "But I can probably swing something,"

"Yeah?" He said happily. She nodded. "Cool, I was thinking we could go for a run on Saturday," Julie stared at him. He was asking her to go for a run with him?

"Oh, sure," she said. "I mean, I could use a new running buddy, I guess." She used to run with Dean. But that was less running and more jogging to a spot in the woods where they would make out.

"Awesome," he nodded. "See you out there."

"Uh huh," Julie nodded.

Jen rushed back from the library towards the freshman dorms. She hadn't realized how late it had gotten. There was so much homework. Cheerleading tryouts had gone really well.

"Hey there," she stopped in her tracks as Dean Portman intercepted her on the path.

"Oh, hi," she said softly and kept walking. He walked along side her.

"So, did you go for it?" He asked. She looked at him quizzically. "Cheerleading."

"Oh, right," she said. She wasn't sure what he was asking about. "Yes, I did," she said proudly. He nodded.

"Good for you," he smiled and looked at her. Really looked. Jen, physically, at least, was Julie's exact double. But she seemed like a softer more innocent version. Even softer and more innocent than Julie when he'd first met her, and they'd been 12 then. "So were you studying?"

"Yeah," she nodded. "How did you know?"

"Cat always studies at night," he chuckled. Jen nodded and then drew slightly away.

"Why are you talking to me?" Jen spit out after an awkward silence of a few minutes.

"Huh?" He said.

"Why are you talking to me?" She repeated. "Julie told you to stay away from me."

"Do you do everything your sister says?" He asked. She bit her lip.

"Well, no," she said, "but, I mean, why doesn't she want you to talk to me?"

"Probably," he said grabbing a branch and stopping, "because she thinks I'll corrupt you." Jen looked at him.

"I doubt she cares," Jen mumbled. He looked at her. "How come we never met you?"

"What'd you mean?" He asked.

"When you and Julie were going out," Jen explained. He looked at her startled. "Why didn't you come to Maine, or go out to dinner with us when we visited or anything? Scooter did, when she went out with him when she was a freshman."

"I uh," he said. "Julie never invited me to Maine, or out to dinner with your parents."

"Well, that figures," Jen mumbled as they got to the dorm. "Bye," she waved and walked inside. He smiled as she walked inside. Clearly, Jen was completely clueless. And also clearly, he could use this to his advantage. He'd listened, (sort of) when Julie would complain about her sister. Just flirting with Jen would drive Julie nuts, and probably nuts enough to at least take her top off, if not actually have sex with him again.

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