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Eli woke up the next morning feeling much better. The room was no longer spinning and he could move his head without it feeling like it was going to fall off his body. That was a big plus.

He got out of bed and made his way downstairs. He went into the kitchen where he found his father, Uncle, and Snape. "Morning, all."

"Eli. Are you feeling any better?" Voldemort asked.

"Yes, Father, I'm fine," Eli stated.

Voldemort pulled him over and into a chair. "Check him, Severus."

Severus immediately went over to him and waved his wand over him, quickly scanning his health. "He's fine, My Lord. There doesn't seem to be any damage done."

"That's very lucky for you," Voldemort bit out. "Go back to the school. I'm sure you'll be missed soon if you don't.

"Yes, My Lord," Severus said before apparating out.

"Get him something to eat, would you, Lucius?" Voldemort asked.

"Of course, Tom," Lucius said.

"I thought you hated that name," Eli said. That was what the memory inside his father's diary had said anyway.

"Who told you that?" Voldemort asked.

"You did. Well, the memory inside your diary did," Eli said.

"Huh. You got your hands on that, did you? I was sixteen. Everyone hates something about themselves at sixteen. Anyway, I use the name I have now because it sparks power and fear. The few I don't want to fear me use my given name," Voldemort explained.

Soon Lucius came over with a bowl of dry cereal. "I don't know what the bloody hell this is, but it looks somewhat edible."

Eli rolled his eyes. "Check the refrigerator for milk and get me a spoon."

"The what?" Lucius asked in confusion

"The big white thing in the middle of the kitchen!" Eli exclaimed.

"Oh, that," Lucius said before opening the fridge. He took out a carton of some sort of white liquid, hoping it was what his nephew was referring to, and then grabbed a spoon before bringing it over to him. "What exactly are you going to do with this?"

Eli didn't answer. He just poured the milk over his cereal put the spoon in it.

"What did you do that for? You just ruined your meal," Lucius said.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this, but Lucius, maybe you should learn more about muggles," Voldemort said.

Eli choked on his cereal from the shock of that comment and who it came from. "Bloody hell! Don't do that. You nearly killed me!"

"Oh, I don't think want to get into you nearly being killed just yet," Voldemort said, still quite irritated over what happened last night to bring him back.

"Yeah, you're probably right," Eli said as he continued to eat.

"Lucius, go assemble our friends. It's time we were all reacquainted," Voldemort said.

"Of course. What of Crouch?" Lucius asked.

"He stays in position for now. I don't want anyone knowing that Eli has left Hogwarts. He'll stay at least until the end of term. I may even have him return to the muggles the old fool entrusted Eli with," Voldemort said with a tone of disgust towards the end. The idea of his child being raised by muggles was the most vile thing he could think of. Dumbledore was going to pay that that.

Eli snorted. "The Dursley's versus Crouch? That'll be interesting." He would pay good money to see what Crouch would do when he was ordered to slave over the Dursley's like a house elf. Something told him there would be three deaths in Little Winging before the first night was even over.

Voldemort frowned at his son. He did not like the way his son said that. "Do I even want to know what your mean by that?"

"No, probably not," Eli said as he continued to eat.

"Tell me anyway," Voldemort ordered.

Eli let out a whine. "But you'll kill them and then I won't have the privilege of doing it myself."


"Oh, fine, ruin my fun. The Dursleys are not fans of the magical world, so as you can imagine, we didn't get on that great," Eli said.

"What did they do?" Voldemort asked in low, deadly voice.

"Well, they called me 'Freak' or 'Boy' most of my life. I didn't really learn my name until I started muggle school. Well, actually, I didn't know it until I was fourteen, but that's beside the point. They also used me for manual labor. I did everything they were too lazy to do, which was everything. And they made me sleep in a cupboard until I got my Hogwarts letter," Eli explained.

A couple of things happened during this time. Voldemort became more red with each passing second and his temper got worse and worse until it exploded into a million pieces. "The muggle filth did WHAT?!"

Eli held his ears for a minute. "Bloody hell! Warn a person the next time you're going to scream like that. That way I can put up a silencing charm."

"Why didn't you tell me this, Eli?" Lucius asked. If he'd known what thoseā€¦ mongrels had done to his nephew, he would've tortured and killed them with his bare hands already.

"For the same reason I didn't want to tell him. I knew you'd torture, maim, and kill them before I got the chance," Eli said.

Meanwhile, Voldemort was ranting to himself in fury. "Bloody muggle scum dare to call my son a freak?! They use my boy as a house elf?! I'll show them. No one crosses Lord Voldemort!"

"Tom, I think you should calm down. You're going to blow a fuse if you don't get that temper under control," Lucius said.

Eli snorted. "Going to? I think you're a bit late, Uncle. That fuse has long since been blown."

"Where is that useless coward Wormtail? I need someone to torture!" Voldemort growled before going in search of the rat.

"Give him my regards!" Eli called after his father.

"Well, I'd say you're right, Eli. You won't get the chance to exact your revenge," Lucius said.

Just then they heard a bloodcurdling scream from Wormtail.

"Obviously," Eli commented.