A/N-In the show, 'The Craftsman', Albert was a apprentice for a Jewish carpenter.

Mr. Singerman, and the man had planted a gorgeous oak tree that had grown and bloomed to perfection and Albert did the same for the man when he died. This is my story on the love those trees gave then in 1885 and now in 2010.

A young couple, a girl with dark brown/chestnut hair and brown puppy dog eyes and a sparkling laugh has her arms in twined with her fiancée's hard body. They run up to the two trees that seem to look as a archway. He kisses her neck tenderly and she looks into his soft caramel colored eyes and she runs her fingers through his auburn locks and she gives him a quick peck then runs from him laughing and he says:

"Oh, you want to play do you?"

She laughs and she begins to run around the tree then she see a old heart shaped drawing on the tree. Her lover sees her stop and trace the initials—'I.S. Loves A.S'

And how it is encased in a rough heart and she says softly:

"There is love in this"

He looks curiously and says:

"Well, sure. Whoever drew this loved the woman"

She turns to him and says:

"No, not just the act of showing love in this. You can feel the love radiating from this tree"

He laughs then asks:

"Are you being a psychic?"

She laughs and says:


She kisses him then after a few silent moments, she says:

"I want to get married here"

He looks at her then asks:

"Here? Are you sure?"

She looks around and nods her head yes and says:

"It's beautiful here"

He nods his head in agreement then says:

"It is that. Fine, we'll get married here"

She jumps up in his arms and they twirl around and laugh then he puts her down and they begin a chase again.

A/N—Please imagine, if you will, the slow strings of a violin playing in the background.