A/N-This chapter will be somewhat longer ( it is a wedding after all ) and if you remember this story started with Mister Singerman, being Jewish planted a tree in what he said was a Jewish tradition when someone dies so I thought to tie it up, Alexis and Forrest would be Jewish. If I have anything wrong in this Jewish wedding, please forgive me, I have tried to do my research.

Alexis and Forrest stood under the chuppah ( wedding canopy ) with the rabbi and he was reading the Ketubah ( marriage contract ) .

The wedding is being held by the trees. The guests were many. Alvin Ingalls, the

librarian who helped and many other people of the community and friends and family.

The wedding is being held gracefully. Alexis wore beautifully a beautiful white dress with

veil gently covering her face. Forrest stood proudly beside her in a handsome tuxedo with a Jewish satin Kippah ( Jewish head covering ).

The Rabbi beautifully said the words to bind them together, and they exchanged rings. At the end of the ceremony, the groom did the breaking of the glass and then everyone said:

"Mazel Tov!" The Jewish word for good luck in the marriage.

Alexis and Forrest kiss gently then turned around to the crowd and the Rabbi said, "I present Mister and Mrs. Forrest Goldin!"

The wedding party is held just on the other side of the trees and the traditional Jewish dances were done. Everything was going as planned and then the Rabbi comes over to Alexis and Forrest who are greeting their guests and he says,

"Alexis! Forrest! Shalom! This is such a beautiful day and a perfect spot for the wedding"

Alexis smiles and she says,

"Thank you Rabbi"

He looks over at the graves and he asks her,

"Tell me, did you know that the Singerman's were Jewish when you started this task you did?"

She smiles and says, "No I didn't but it sure didn't hurt did it?"

They all laugh and he says,

"And it's such a wonderful thing you did my child, so wonderful for everybody"

Just then someone calls the Rabbi from the crowd and Forrest looks at her curiously

Then he asks, "What does he mean?"

She smiles then says, "This property? I bought it. Nobody will ever have to worry again about that tree being cut down. And I was hoping we could build a house over there?"

She points to a ridge of beautiful trees outlining the property and he smiles then gathers her up in a hug.


We then see Alexis and Forrest sipping hot chocolate in front of a roaring fire in Aspen, Colorado on their honeymoon.

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