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Chapter 1

Harry Stamper checked his phone screen, dreading the name he saw there. He had tracked down all the other members he wanted, but as much as he hated to admit, he still needed one more. AJ Frost. He scrolled down to the address given to him by Grace. Of all people, why AJ? He could send someone else, like one of those suits to go get him, but he knew AJ would see that as a sign of defeat. No, he had to do this himself.

But why did AJ have to be the one he needed? Why was AJ so good at his job, and yet still such an ass? Standing here wasn't going to get anything done, though. Harry fished his keys out of his pocket and walked slowly to his car. He could see the smirk on AJ's face now.

"Damnit," he swore to himself. As he unlocked the door of his beaten truck his phone buzzed. He looked down at the name.


How he wanted to answer and hear her voice. She hadn't called in months. That was partially his fault, since he had taken an extra job and been out of contact, but he always called his adopted daughter when he returned, but not this time. No doubt she had heard that they were back, and was pretty pissed. He hit reject and let his voicemail take the call.

"Sorry Kelly, I can't bring you into this." He climbed into his truck and started the engine. The phone buzzed one more, and a flashing envelope crossed the screen.

I'll check that later, Harry decided.

He didn't want the temptation to call back to override his better judgment. If he did that he would end up telling her everything. He couldn't do that to her. She had something good with Brian and there was no use worrying her. Harry pulled out of the lot in a sour mood and began the long drive to the oil field that AJ had bought and set up residence in. He spent the three hour drive deciding how to ask AJ's help without AJ getting too smug. It was a short three hours.

Meanwhile, Kelly was growling to her two dogs at how rude her father was being, not to mention the rest of the crew. No one was answering her calls today except AJ, but he didn't know anything so he was no use. It was like everyone had just taken off. What little she had found out through rumor – aka Max's mother – was that FBI agents had picked up the crew. Except AJ. Which made him still useless.

"They always check in with me! Always! Okay, maybe most of them called when they hit land, but now they're all gone. When I find them again they are going to explain in painful detail why they weren't bothered to call." Kelly threw herself onto the couch with a grunt. Her short blonde hair was messy from her repeated collisions with the various soft objects in her new apartment as well as the repeated raking of frustrated hands through it.

Calm down, girl, Kelly thought, this is getting you nowhere. Just give Harry another call. Maybe he'll pick up this time.

She picked up her phone and hit redial. She held it near her ear and heard it begin to ring. It was cut off suddenly and she heard his voicemail begin. As the beep ended, she left her message as calmly as she could, "Hey, Harry. Just letting you know I'm trying to get a hold of you. Again. Just give me a call when you get this." She had left similar messages on other phones of the other missing men, but as of yet no one had responded. Sighing, she scrolled through the names of the ignored calls. Bear, Rockhound, Chick, Grace, and the rest. Finally she hit AJ and paused. She hit call and listened to the phone ring on the other end. Two. Three. Four. She was ready to give up and add him to the list of the missing.

"Hello? Kelly?"

"Hey, AJ. Yeah, it's me again. Sorry."

"No problem. Let me guess, you're still looking for Harry."

"Aren't you clever."

"Don't take it out on me. I haven't heard anything yet either. Even Grace hasn't called me back."

"I can understand Harry not wanting to talk to you, but if Grace isn't calling you either…"

"Something's up," AJ grunted. "Something we aren't being told. And what happened on the rig wasn't my fault, Harry went nuts."

"I'm sure you didn't do anything to piss him off. Again."

"Yeah, whatever."

"Well, anyway, if you hear anything give me a call. I hate to admit it, but I'm getting worried. They always call back."

"Sure. If I hear from them I'll let you know."

"Hey, and good luck with your new field. It's good that you are on your own."

"At least someone supports me."

"Harry will come around, just wait."

"You're too nice sometimes."

"What can I say, the man did give me a home."

"I'll have to get back to you later. One of the drills is acting up."

"Yeah, later then." The line went dead and Kelly placed the phone on the coffee table. Something big was up if Grace wasn't even calling AJ. There was nothing else she could do now, though. She buried her head into the pillow and sighed again. She felt a warm body jump onto her legs, and another onto her back as her two Terriers took advantage of her mood to turn her into a pillow.

"Get off me, Sam. You too Dolly." She shifted, but neither dog moved. Sam started barking at her. That was a problem with Terriers, they always wanted to play. She rolled so that the dogs were pinned between her and the grey fabric of the couch. Both started barking at the injustice and wriggled. She laughed at their silly movements and squished them further. Nips resulted and she rolled off the couch onto the white carpet. The Terriers followed and a wrestling match ensued.

Tired and panting, Kelly and the dogs lay on the floor. Kelly watched the ceiling fan spin above her head in boredom. Her phone rang on the table and she shot up, causing Dolly to skid out of the way with a yip, but was disappointed at the name in the screen.


She ignored the call and lay back down. She was in no mood for him and his complaints about their separation. After two years of a marriage filled with arguments and time apart, Kelly had told Brian that she wanted to move out and spend some time thinking. That maybe they had been too young. She was too ambitious, he told her that night, and reached for stars out of her reach and was never happy with what she had. He didn't feel wanted anymore. She had replied, well yelled really, that he was too weak and never tried harder than he felt he had to. And so now, Kelly was in her third week in the new apartment she had bought and defiantly ignoring his calls. She had other things to deal with right now.

Like medschool.

And work.

And Harry.

Then Brian.

In that order. Though, lately, Harry was moving up the list. The phone flashed a voicemail notification and Kelly hit call. Her inbox notified her that she had one message and opened it for her.

"Hey Kelly, it's Brain. I guess you aren't talking to me yet. I really think we should get together and talk about what comes next. This just isn't going to get any better. Call me back when you get this."

Kelly hung up and placed the phone back on the table. A divorce? Maybe that was best.

But do I want a divorce?

Kelly stood and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 4:00 and she was getting hungry. She walked into the small kitchen that was joined with the living room and pulled out a boxed pasta meal. Twenty minutes and one fire alarm later, Kelly sat grumpily on the sofa with a plate of salvaged food. She had burned it when she was lost in though about Harry and had called the manager to tell him that it was a false alarm. Since it was the third time since she had moved in, he had not been surprised. She was in a very foul mood now and switched on the television idly. She flicked through the channels and stopped on some primetime rerun. She had seen this one before, but she was too mad to care. She sat in silence, eating some of her dinner and giving the rest to the dogs.

The clock chimed suddenly and she looked up. She had sat watching reruns for two and a half hours. She had also polished off the last of her ice cream. She stood and began washing dishes in the kitchen as commercial jingles played from the other side of the room. She finished and switched the TV off. Night was beginning to fall and she realized that she had done nothing but mope all day. It was time to get out of this stuffy apartment.

As she grabbed her coat from her bedroom and her purse from the small table but the front door her phone rang from the coffee table. She debated checking it, and as it rang a third time decided that she would look but didn't have to answer it. She crossed the room and picked up the offending object as it began its fourth ring.


She flipped the screen open quickly, "Hello?"

"Hey, it's AJ."

"What's up?"

"Harry just came by, and I think you need to hear this. Can I come by? I would rather tell you in person."

"What's wrong? Is Harry okay? What's happening?"

"Everyone's fine. But, I'm coming over. What's your address again?" AJ was an hour away, Kelly remembered, and she quickly told him how to find her apartment.

"You aren't at the house? Did something happen?"

"I thought you were in a hurry to get here."

"I'll see you in an hour." The response was carefully worded to sound neutral.

Kelly closed the phone with shaking hands. Just what was going on?

AJ parked his pickup in front of the tall, pastel green building in the loading zone. His clock read 7:48 PM. He had driven a little too fast, going 95mph on the freeway had been a bit much, and was early. He didn't want to go in yet. Harry had told him not to tell anyone what was happening, but Kelly was family and worried. He couldn't not tell her. But how do you tell someone that their father was traveling into space to blow up an asteroid that, if not stopped, would end all life on earth?

AJ scrubbed a hand through his short hair and thought of what Harry had said, "AJ, there's not a job on the planet that I want you to work with me on, and I mean that." No kidding. He jumped up the steps and pressed the call button quickly before he could waste any more time hesitating.

"Hold on, I'll come down in a sec," Kelly's voice was faint as it came out of the speaker. Seconds later she was at the glass door opening it for him. Her hair was more spiked that usual and AJ could see the worry in her eyes. "Here, come in. I put some coffee out for us."

"You and your coffee," AJ smirked at her. She gave him a small smile in return, but her eyes remained tense. Kelly led him up three flights of stairs to her apartment. It smelled like coffee. Sam and Dolly ran to him as they entered the from hallway and barked happily. "I see you found a place that let you keep these two."

"You have no idea how long it took me."

"How can you afford your own place and school?"

"Scholarships. I'm a need based student."

"Ah. It's a nice place. Are you still working down at the café?"

"Yeah. I'm a co-manager now. It doesn't pay too much, but it's enough."

"Whatever works."

"Sorry, but I don't have a kitchen table yet, so you'll have to sit on the couch over there. I haven't had a chance yet to shop for one." AJ watched Kelly bounce around the kitchen in her usual sweatpants and tanktop as he walked over to the couch. The two Terriers had calmed down by now and were watching him from their small beds in the corner of the room.

"What happened?" he asked Kelly as she paused for a breath.

"What? About what?"

"With Brain. You guys were married and living together last time I checked.

"Can we not talk about that? It's not important right now." Kelly placed a mug of coffee on the table. AJ saw the tremor in her hand. He grabbed it with his own.

"They're fine. All of them. I promise."

"If they were really fine you wouldn't be here." Kelly pulled a stool over and sat across the table from AJ. He dropped her hand and looked at his coffee.

"Harry doesn't want anyone to know this, actually he signed a contract to not spread this. Kelly, Harry and the crew are at NASA."

"Why in the world would he be there? Only Rockhound has the brains to get anywhere near that place."

"Kelly, something really bad is going to happen. And soon."

"You're making this sound like the end of the world or something."

AJ couldn't respond to that.

"Wait, you can't be serious." Kelly stood up. "That's impossible."

"That's what I said too, but Harry showed me some pictures and shit. There's some gigantic rock that's going to hit Earth. It will be here in a few weeks."

"No way…" Kelly flopped back down and stared into her mug. "But, but what does that have to do with Harry and a bunch of oil drillers?"

"NASA thinks that if Harry drills into the rock, we can blow it up and save everyone."

"Drilling…Harry is teaching some astronauts how to drill. That's rich, Harry teaching people double his IQ."

"Harry isn't teaching. He's going. He's going to ask all of us to go with him."

Kelly was silent. AJ didn't know what to do, so he just sat there drinking his coffee. As always, it was too strong and bitter, but Kelly liked it that way.

"That asshole…" AJ looked up at her. "He was just going to do this without telling me? We're family. You don't go off risking your life without telling your family."

"He didn't have a choice."

"Well I'll bet he told Grace."

"Well," AJ chewed on his lip. She had a point.

"I'm coming with you. I want to talk to Harry. If he won't answer his phone, then I'll just have to talk to him in person. And don't even try to stop me."

"Harry's gonna kill me."

"I'll deal with Harry. You just take me to him."

AJ drained the last of his coffee and looked at Kelly. He knew there was no talking her out of coming with him now that she knew what was going on. "What about Sam and Dolly?"

"We'll take them to a dog hotel. And the manager can keep an eye on the place for me."

"I thought you just wanted to come talk with Harry." Warning bells in AJ's head were ringing. Kelly was planning something.

"I am, but someone has to stay with Grace. Especially when all you idiots are off risking your lives to save the world."

"Oh. Right." AJ laughed weakly.

"Let's go." Kelly slipped on her jacket and slung her purse over her shoulder.

"Wait, don't you need to pack or something?" AJ wanted to warn Harry, but Kelly shook her head and picked up the Terriers.

"I can do that later. Let's go."

AJ struggled to find an excuse to give him time to call anyone who could calm her down, but Kelly was already at the door and waiting impatiently. "What if I say I'm not going to take you?"

"Give me your phone."

"What? No. Why?"

"Cause if Harry wants you, he has to talk to me."

"What about Brian? He's family. Shouldn't you go to him first?"

"AJ, my father shot you the last time you tried to negotiate with him. Don't push me."

AJ rubbed his leg absently. There was nothing he could do. She had every right to be there, but if she hadn't been told already…

He stood and pulled out his keys. "Alright. But I'm not taking responsibility if they lock you up or something." Kelly opened the door and quickly left the room, causing AJ to have to jog to catch up to her. After a quick word with her landlord, who promised to watch the apartment and even offered to keep and eye on the dogs, they were on the highway. AJ tried to find comfort in that he was finally going to see Grace again, but all he could see in that direction was Harry's shotgun.

Brian pulled into the café parking lot and took the first available spot. He checked his dashboard and read the digital clock. 8:30 PM. Kelly still hadn't called him back, but she was supposed to be working tonight and wouldn't be able to avoid him now. He hadn't wanted to do this to her, but she left him no other choice. He pulled his shoulder length brown hair, his best trait she always told him, and tied it back. Even now he could hear her laugh, see her smile. What had gone wrong?

Brian worked up his courage and got out of the car. He locked the doors and headed into the café. He was out of place in his jeans and t-shirt, but he wasn't going to stay long.

"Can I help you, sir?" a young woman holding a menu in her arms smiled up at him.

"I'm looking for Kelly DiMarco. She told me she was working tonight."

"DiMarco? I don't think a Kelly DiMarco works here."

"What about Kelly Stamper?"

"Oh, Kelly! Actually she isn't here. She just called in and said she had a family emergency and had to leave town. I can take a message for you."

Brian could tell the girl was new. First, she didn't know that Kelly was married, so likely she had just started. Second, you never tell people where your boss is. Just take a message. "That's okay. I'll give her a call." He thanked the girl and left the small building. His next stop would be her apartment. He had gotten the address from her when she had bought it so they could send her things over, but he had never come out before. He also didn't have a key. He had been hoping as well that she would drop this new tantrum and come home.

He got lost twice, but finally found the place. He parked in a loading zone and crossed quickly to the door. He tried her call button three times with no reply. As he was about to give up and go home, a man came out of the building with two small dogs on leashes. Two Terriers. Sam and Dolly.

"Excuse me, do you know Kelly Stamper DiMarco?"

"Yes, who are you?"

"Her husband, Brian."

"Ah. Sorry, but you just missed her. She was in a hurry when she left. She was with a guy about twenty five. They took off in a truck. She looked pretty angry when she asked me to watch her apartment and her dogs."

"Do you know when she'll be back?"

"She mentioned something around a week or two."

"Thanks, I'll see if I can get a hold of her phone." Brian knelt down to the dogs and scratched their ears with a smile. "I'll take Sam and Dolly off your hands. No point in making you deal with them when they are mine."

The manager looked at him, but since the dogs knew him and Kelly had spoken of 'That Pain Brian' once or twice, he agreed. Brian took the leashes and walked to his car. He was really puzzled now. He started the engine and checked his mirrors. As he started to pull away there was a tap on his window.

"If it helps, she called the guy AJ," the manager shrugged as Brian rolled down the window. He nodded and waved at the manager. He pulled away from the curb and headed home. He would call her later, but if she was with Harry and the rest, he shouldn't worry. Something felt off, though. She never just up and left. He spent the thirty minute drive pondering what was going on.

AJ and Kelly spent the two hour car ride in silence. Finally at 10:05 they arrived at the base Harry had told AJ to go to. They were stopped at a gate and asked for identification by two stoic soldiers.

"I'm AJ Frost. I was told to come here by Harry Stamper. If you just check your list I'm sure I'm on there." AJ leaned out of the open window to help the man. The other soldier took a step forward and placed a hand on his weapon.

"AJ, stop," Kelly whispered, pulling on his arm.

"No it's fine. I'm a VIP. Why don't you just call your boss and let him know that AJ Frost is here." AJ smiled at the two and waved them on.

Kelly groaned and leaned back into her seat. This is what Harry would call one of AJ's stupid moments.

"Sir, you are to continue onto the next gate. There you will be processed. But you, ma'am, are not permitted to enter this area. You will be escorted to the nearest town and given necessary funds to take yourself home." The soldier lowered his clipboard while the other moved around the truck.

Kelly watched the soldier come closer to her door and tensed.

AJ, on the other hand, wasn't finished. "She is my guest here. I have been ordered here, but I could not come without her. I will not cooperate with this operation unless she is allowed with me. Call whoever you have to, but she's coming with me."

The soldier with the clipboard stepped into the small booth and pulled a phone off the wall. He turned away from the truck and spoke into it. The other soldier continued toward Kelly's door in case it was necessary to intervene. Kelly looked at the soldier and back at AJ. "This is serious. You really weren't kidding."

"You just figured that out?"

"Alright, I need her name and her social security number. You will be greeted by an escort at the next gate and taken to meet Director Truman and your employer Harry Stamper." The soldier opened the gate and the other stepped away. AJ waved at them and pulled forward.

Kelly let out a sigh and glared at AJ. "How about we try not to piss of the men with guns? Getting shot is not on the agenda."

"You do realize that we are going to see your father."

"Oh come on. He didn't even shoot at you. You just got in the way of the bullet."

"Oh ha ha. Very funny Kelly." AJ slowed the truck down as they reached the gate and saw the next group of soldiers. With them were a thin, middle aged man, a nervous looking Grace, and Harry. And Harry looked like he wanted to shoot someone.

Harry was busy reading plans and procedures when Dan Truman walked past the glass windows into the small briefing room. His crew being rounded up at the moment and he was trying to get his head around what he was planning to do. He had been drilling oil two days ago, and now he was trying to save the world.

"Harry, AJ Frost is here. But apparently he brought a friend."

"What? I told him not to tell anyone. That idiot!"

"He says he can vouch for her and will take responsibility for her while she's here."

"What's this friend's name?"

"It says here, her name is Kelly DiMarco, maiden name," he glanced up at Harry, "Stamper." He lowered the paper and looked at Harry. "She an acquaintance of yours?"

"She's my daughter." Harry stormed out of the room.

"What do you mean? Why didn't we know that you had another daughter? Should she have been brought here before now?"

"No, I didn't want her here. Damnit AJ!" Harry burst out of the front doors and saw the approaching truck coming toward the inner gate. Truman caught up with him and they stood in front of the waiting escort of soldiers.

"Harry, what's going on? Is he here?" Grace ran after her father and watched as the truck neared.

"Oh yeah, he's here. And he brought your sister."

"Kelly? Why did he do that? You wouldn't even let me call her."

"Cause I didn't want her here." Harry tartly replied.

"We can send her back…" Truman's voice was hesitant as he watched Harry scowl at the now stopped truck.

"Trust me, it's too late now. She's here." Harry crossed his arms and waited for AJ and Kelly to get out of the truck. The soldiers stepped forward and walked the two occupants over to the waiting group. The truck was driven away by another man, but AJ and Kelly were more worried about what stood before them.

"Hello Harry," Kelly glared at her father, "It's nice to see you."

"I should send your ass home to Brian and tell him to tie you to the bed for this."

"But you won't."

"And you AJ," Harry turned his glare to the young man, "I should shoot you again."

AJ stiffened and decided that if he had to hide, it would be behind Kelly.

"But, right now we need you to come inside and listen to what Harry has already heard," Truman cut in. He looked nervous at the evident animosity bouncing off the three people. Harry nodded without taking his eyes off of AJ.

They all turned then to go into the base. Grace slipped past Harry and stood next to AJ. She wasn't bold enough to hug or even kiss him in front of an obviously furious Harry; even if he was distracted by something else. Kelly walked between Harry and the couple as a barrier as well as to give Harry a piece of her mind.

"You were just going to go through with this and not tell me? What if you got hurt, or died? What was I supposed to do then?"

"Not right now, Kelly."

"You're not going to weasel out of this, Harry."

"And what about you? Why are you here now, and not with Brian? You abandoned him, right?" Harry looked down at his elder daughter when she didn't reply. "What?"

"Brian, Brian and I are separated. Things weren't working. So I moved out." Kelly looked up at the walls and pictures of the brightly lit building.

"Did you two know about this?" Harry glared at AJ and Grace.

"About what?" AJ cautioned.

"Her and Brian not together anyome."

"What?" Grace looked over at her sister in shock. "What happened?"

"Things weren't going well, okay. That's all there was too it." Kelly sped up to walk next to Truman. She cut off any attempt to talk to her by starting up a conversation with the man about some of the pictures in the hall and the rooms they were passing.

"I mean, I just found out that she had an apartment, but I didn't know about Brian. Honestly, Harry," AJ waved his hands in defeat.

"The whole damn world is falling apart. What exactly are we trying to save for God's sake," Harry moved ahead of the two and caught up with Kelly and Truman.

Grace and AJ wanted to use that moment to their advantage, but unfortunately Truman opened a door and led them inside. There was a long table with plush chairs that he motioned for the four to sit at.

"Now, Harry and Ms. Stamper have been briefed on the situation, and no doubt Harry explained part of it to you, Mr. Frost-"


"Alright, AJ. So Ms. DiMarco you are the only one here who may not know what is happening."

"AJ told me. And he told me about the drilling."

"Of course he did." Harry stared at AJ from across the table.

"She bullied me. She kept calling and told me that she was worried."

"I didn't say that!" Kelly smacked AJ's arm.

"Enough." Truman slapped a stack of paper on the table. "Your domestic disputes stop now. We have a crisis on our hands. You will all get along while you are here and cooperate for the success of this mission." He looked at the four seated persons to emphasize his point. "Now, we have accommodations here at the base for you and for the next two week you will do what you are told by the mission leaders. This includes Harry and your shuttle pilots who you will be introduced to later, as well as me and any of the other personnel here trying to save the planet. You are here to make this mission a success, and petty disputes will not be tolerated. Am I understood?"

Harry looked at the three sitting around him and slowly they all nodded.

"Good. Now, there is a liaison waiting outside for each of you. They will show you to your rooms and will escort you to breakfast, lunch, dinner, training, and testing. You will not go anywhere without them. Also, you will turn in all cellular devices now. Contact with the outside world is forbidden. You break this policy, you are off this mission. We cannot accept any complications." Truman waved at the three men and woman outside the room and they entered quietly. They introduced themselves to their respective guests. "Good night, and be prepared to start tests tomorrow, Harry, AJ. Grace and Kelly, you will be allowed to observe training and associate with the men between training sessions."

Harry stood and waited for his daughters and AJ to follow their liaisons to the sleeping quarters. Their rooms were in the back of the building. Harry watched Grace go into her room and stared at AJ until he went into his own as well. That left Kelly and the silent argument that floated between them.

"Thanks, guys. I'll make sure she goes to sleep. But we have to have a father daughter moment right now, and I would appreciate it if you would let us talk privately." Harry opened his door and Kelly stalked past him into the small room. Harry closed the door and looked around the room. "If you want something to drink and you can find it, have at it."

"I'm fine."

"So what do you mean, you and Brian are split up? You aren't getting a divorce, are you?"

"What would you know about marriage, Harry? You were a terrible husband."

"Don't make this about me."

"I just got tired of arguing with him over the same things. Just like mom."

"No, you aren't like your mother. You guys just need some time to cool off."

"No Harry. Brian wants a divorce. He left me a message. It's over."

"Kelly," Harry reached out to hug his daughter, but she shied away from him.

Kelly rubbed at her eyes with her sleeve and turned away from Harry. "It doesn't matter, though. It was never meant to last."

"Do you want it to be over?"

"So you are going up to drill this rock. Who are you taking with you?"

Harry stared at his daughter in silence. He could read her well enough to know that she was done talking about her life. "Max, Bear, Rockhound, Oscar, Chick, Noonan, and AJ."

"Thought so. You plan on just asking them to risk everything for this one hope. What are you going to do if they say no?"

"I don't know. I guess I'm hoping that they will come with me. I need two teams worth of men I can trust."

"You need another mechanic. You have Chick, but you need one for the other team."

"I'm bringing Noonan."

"Noonan is half-ass, you know that as well as I do."

"Who do you suggest? I tried to think of someone else I could trust up there, but no one came to mind."

"You know I'm the best damn mechanic beside Chick in this country. When it comes to those drills, you know you need me."

"Is that why you came here? You weren't worried about us."

"I was! Listen, Harry, when AJ first told me about the situation I was angry with you for hiding this, but I could understand why you did. But then I thought of all the guys I couldn't get a hold of as well as you I knew something was up."

"You aren't coming with us. No way in hell am I letting you come."

"I will go to Truman and show him that I am your best choice for the other ship."

"No, you won't. Listen, this isn't some fieldtrip or dig for oil. This is dangerous, and I won't let you do this."

"Harry, I am twenty seven years old. You cannot control my decision. I am joining the second team whether you want me to or not. This is my home, too. And if Noonan fails, I die anyway."

"What about Brian? Are you just going to leave him in the dark?"

"Like you?"


"Brian won't be a part of my life any more, so this doesn't concern him."

Harry sat on the bed and scrubbed his face with his hands. "I don't want you to come. But I can't talk you out of this, can I. One condition."


"You tell him. You tell him where you are going and what you are doing. If you don't do that, you're off and Noonan's back on."

"Deal. When I get a chance off base, I'll go talk to him."

"I want you to think about it. Do you want your marriage to end? The world is going to be destroyed unless we stop it. Is the last thing you do on Earth going to be the end of a marriage, or are you going to try and talk to him?"

"I said that it's over. I promised I would tell him about this. That's all I am doing for you, Harry. Good night."

"Good night, Kelly. Training starts tomorrow." Harry felt a piece of him grow heavy as Kelly left the room. He knew she was right and that she was the best choice for the other team, but he didn't want to put her in this danger. Sighing he lay back on the comforter and wondered where in his life did he go wrong with his daughters.