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My hands felt as if they were glued to the steering wheel with the mass amount of sweat coming off of them. I knew I should chill out and relax, but the thought of Bella staring at me while I wiped clammy palms on my thighs made my insides knot up with anxiety.

Think of it as a deterrent. Surely the disgusted look on her face should get our minds off fucking her into oblivion.

You'd think that, but I sincerely doubted it. I mean check me out I was fully conversing with a brainless nuisance in my jeans. I chuckled at myself and then realized what I had done. My eyes darted toward the passenger seat to see a quizzical Bella looking me.

"What are you thinking about that's so funny?" She blinked a few times before she allowed herself to speak.

I answered her awkwardly with a giggling, "Nothing really. Thinking about shrimp." Cue the nervous laughter again, and I was sure I looked like a complete douche bag.

"Ohhhh...okay then." She nodded her head slowly like I was some nut ball on the bus talking to her about aliens mind controlling us all. Crazy, right? Then I glanced at my crotch and thought maybe I wasn't so crazy...if you thought there might be a little alien hiding in my pants.

With my odd behavior during the car ride and Bella's almost complete silence, I thought there was no chance that she wouldn't jump from the car and dart into her building. I was scolding myself and my penis on how stupidly we had acted.

"Edward?" Bella spoke my name, and it was one of the few times she sounded unsure in her tone. "Um, I was wondering if you wanted to come up for a drink? I mean, you don't have to if you don't feel like it..."

"I'd love to. Really, it sounds nice." I cut her off mid sentence then ran away with my answer like a gleeful child on his way to the candy store.

Ewww, really? Now we're equating candy stores with our parents and opportunities of sex with Bella? Gross.

I nodded my agreement to my cock but to Bella it looked like I was backing up my answer with the action.


Awkward silence seemed to be the running theme since we'd left the pier. Being submersed in the crowds had left room for us to be open and easy with one another, but in the solitude of only each other's company, we were left with, well, the awkward.

I even fumbled trying to reach over and hold Bella's hand. Just as I was about to lace my fingers with hers, she turned, and I came inches from having a handful of her skirt-covered ass.

The nervous laugh made a reappearance, and in my ears I sounded like a sad rendition of Beavis-or was it Butthead? Either way, it was complete ridiculousness and made me feel totally inexperienced.

Surprisingly, once we had reached her door, she opened it and grabbed my hand, silently leading me into the space. The door clicked behind me, and suddenly Bella's body was flush with mine as she stretched her arm to lock the door shut.

Her breath warmed my neck, and my body went rigid with need to press myself into her. Slowly, and carefully, I lowered my lips to her forehead and pressed a soft kiss there.

"Bella," I whispered, my mouth still against her skin, "if we're going to do this right maybe I should..."

My half-assed attempt at leaving faded away when Bella's hand left the door and slid up my back. The tips of her fingers grazed over the fabric of my shirt, just enough so that the faintest feeling brushed along my skin.

It was ethereal. Like the feeling of a ghost whispering around you, but it was there.

Bella was touching me. Openly and without hesitation, her fingers wove into the hair at the nape of my neck. A fresh wave of tingling washed over my skin. Then, I felt her mouth. Her head turned so that she was facing me, her soft lips flush with the hollow of my throat.

Our bodies were frozen in place. The picturesque thought of two Greek statues carved out of fine white marble floated to mind, but the fog of wanton lust and need muddled the romantic idea.

As if in slow motion, I felt the heat of Bella's body pull away from mine. Through slits in heavy lidded eyes, I watched as she turned and started to lead me away from the door and further into the apartment.


In a monumentally awesome and cosmic "fuck you Edward," her foot caught on the edge of the coffee table. I reached to catch her, but I was drunk on the sexually overcharged hormones and was slow to react.

In a tangle of limbs-that I had not imagined-we crashed to the carpeted floor. There was a long silence as neither of us moved. The loud thud of something hitting the ceiling from the unit below, and a "keep it down up there" finally broke the resounding quiet.

We both burst into embarrassed laughter. I rolled to the side so that my weight was not fully on her. Bella propped herself up on her elbow, then boldly leaned toward me and kissed me.

It was a chaste kiss, but it lit the fire in my belly with renewed vigor. My arms wrapped around her waist, and I pulled her atop of me. Her knees settled next to my hips, and I could feel the flesh of her thighs where my shirt had ridden up.

There were static shock sparks when our skin touched, but Jesus if I didn't want to run my hands along the creamy expanse of skin that led to where I had forbidden myself to go.

Well, you know what they say about forbidden fruit, right?

Relating Bella's vagina with fruit in my head made a ton of exciting and delicious images pour out of my sick mind-or rather the sick mind of my alien inhabited cock.

I decided to deepen the kiss before Bella gained her senses back and ended our lip lock. My hands gripped at her hips softly, forcing my hips to stay grounded and not perversely push up.

Our lips melded together, moving in a beautifully easy flow.

I closed my eyes and just breathed in the scent of her all around me. I ended the kiss with two small pecks. I had not violated her mouth...not yet. I just wanted to feel her as she felt the need I had for her.

Bella's hands were pressed against my chest, fingers splayed wide apart. My now open eyes traveled from my torso to her face. Her lip gloss was practically gone, and her cheeks were a wondrous shade of pale pink flower petals.

Taking it slow with her was a novel idea, but I knew the moment she pushed my chest and I lowered myself back to laying down that slow would not happen.

I tried to lift my head up so that I could watch as her hands continued up my chest and curled over the tops of my shoulders. It was erotic to see her through the shadowed room. The only lights were flickering from outside, barely tinting the room in a glow.

She then slowly brought her mouth down to my ear and whispered. "Edward, I don't just want to date you. I want to fuck you and let you get to know me on the inside and out."

Fucking Christ. I think I just came.

For once, the obnoxious thoughts had a point. Hearing her whisper something like that almost made me lose it. My arm felt heavy as I took my time uncurling my fingers from her hip and then cupping her cheek I pulled her to face me.

Our lips found each other immediately, sensuous and timid built into erotic and frantic.



I was kissing Edward with everything I could muster. I knew, deep down, that I had to pull out all the stops, because I couldn't handle it if he told me we needed to wait. In my mind, it would be the same thing as being rejected outright.

His lips were soft and pliable against mine, and the rough stubble of his jaw felt wonderful under the pads of my fingertips. I could practically feel my heart beating from inside of me. I was sure Edward could feel it against his stomach as well.

My hair cascaded around us as I bent forward to continue the kiss. His mouth parted open, and I swiped my tongue along his bottom lip. His darted out and circled mine before I sucked his lip between my teeth.

Edward let out a low moan just as his hips slightly arched off the ground. I couldn't control the whimper I let loose. It had been so long since I'd been this close to having sex, much less good sex. That'd been never.

The reality that I was so inexperienced slapped me hard in the face, and when I tried to sit up, I almost slipped off Edward. The t-shirt he was wearing had ridden up due to the dry humping I had been doing. His exposed abs and my slick, wet thighs made for a disastrous combo.

His strong hands steadied me on top of him, only Edward had settled my body a little lower than I'd been before. The urge to swivel my hips couldn't be stopped, and Edward's grip got a touch tighter in response.

"Belllllaa," he growled out, feral need present in his tone.

Stop over thinking everything, Miss Clinical, and let's get us some orgasms.

"Right," I whispered to myself. Thankfully, Edward was placing small peppered kisses along my collarbone so he didn't hear me.

I reached up and pulled my hair back over my right shoulder so that it wouldn't fall into his fantastic mouth. The movement ended up pushing my breasts into his face, and he took full advantage of his position.

Through the thin fabric of my shirt and the lacey, barely there bra I had on, I could feel the warmth of his mouth and his lips pressed down around my nipple. His hand released my hip longer, enough to slide the shoulder of my shirt and the strap of my bra down with it.

The cool air of the room attacked my nipple and hardened it immediately. The stark contrast of that and the heat of Edward's mouth brought me close to quivering above him.

"Please, Edward, I don't want to wait any more." It was a low blow, pleading with the man I was straddling, my breast exposed and in his face.

But it worked.

He looked at me and asked only once if I was sure. As soon as I nodded, he quickly rolled me undereath him.

He pulled back so he was lying on his side and started undoing his belt and pants. I tried to help him get his jeans down over his hips, but of course, I went all deer-in-the-headlights when I finally got a look at his dick.

I heard the low rumble of laughter coming from his chest, and it broke the spell that had been cast. My hands were still grasping at the waist-line of his jeans, and by doing so, holding them firmly, halfway down his thighs.

"Um, Bella?" He chuckled. "Is there a problem? I'm pretty sure I looked down there earlier and everything seemed in normal working order."

My eyes, awkwardly enough, had been transfixed on him in a very ogling, inappropriate way. And I may or may not have licked my lips before responding. "No, no problem. Everything looks ...great."

I caught my lip between my lip between my teeth and held it there in fear of saying anything else. Before I could register it, Edward was back above me, his lips sucking mine free from my teeth. I inadvertently moaned into his mouth and reached up to run my fingers through his hair, my fingers grazing his scalp.

His knees were between mine and slowly spreading my hips out to accommodate his size.

Yes, his siiiizzzee. My inner whore screamed happily, even though that wasn't what was happening.

His hands grazed along my stomach and down over the fabric of my skirt. His fingertips met the hem and then traveled back under the cotton and along my skin. When I felt his touch just inches from where my body was calling to him, the voice in my head told me that was exactly what was happening.

My legs shook nervously, and my hand held fast to his hair. My free hand laid useless at my side. Anticipation had stilled me. There was no thought of me moving. I was too afraid that this was another dream I would awake from.

That was when the proverbial 'pinch' told me I was very awake and very excited. His hands brushed over my soaked panties, and I reacted with a sexual force I didn't know existed in me. My hips arched up toward his hand, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I pulled his head down into the crook of my neck.

The motions my body was making forced his lips upon the crest of my shoulder, and his head pressed into the silky fabric-the only barrier between his cock and my own sex.

I didn't want to feel awkward and girlish anymore. I wanted to feel Edward and he was capable of making me feel. The useless hand at my side went straight between us, and I instantly pulled my panties to the side before arching up and letting him feel just how wet I was for him.

He froze, a look of shock in his eyes when he peered up at me from the curve of my neck. Then, I saw the thing I had grown to love on him, the mischievous sparkle that was in his eyes when I knew he was up to something.

His fingers slid up into the hollows at the very tops of my thighs, so very close and yet not at all where I wanted him. Feather-light touches brought me close to begging him to please me.

Instead, I whispered to him. "You're such a tease."

Pressure was all I could feel then as he teasingly pressed the head of his dick to my opening. In a tortuously measured pace, he pushed just the tip inside of me. I couldn't breath and closed my eyes when I finally exhaled.

My knees pushed tight around Edward's thighs, and my hands found smooth purchase along the dip in his back, pulling him towards me, urging him to keep going.

The delectable pain of him filling my body was the most exceptional feeling I'd had sexually, and he had yet to actually do anything. Easy, steadfast strokes had me feeling my walls stretching and clenching tightly around him.

My moans filled the dimness of the room and must have been a better encouragement to Edward than just my begging, because his pace quickened. His breathing was hollow short breaths, which were competing with the short, fast strokes he was using on me.

Instinct kicked in, and I wrapped my legs up around his waist and dug my heels into his ass, forcing him deeper inside of me. Edward's hands cupped my face, his elbows balancing him as he started to drive harder and as deep as he could.

With each drop of his hips, I moaned out his name loudly. My neighbors were sure to hear me, and even in the midst of unspeakable pleasure, my brain started hearing Trey Songs' "Bet The Neighbors Know My Name".

My head turned, seeking him out, and I grasped his wrists in my hands so that I wouldn't slide any further up on the ground.

"God, Edward! Yes...yes...yesssss!" It was embarrassing and something I never thought I'd do. But being with Edward and screaming out cliched things just fit together, ironically. Kind of like an inexperienced girl going into a sex shop and getting all the help she would need.

He was moaning on the escapes of breath leaving his lungs with each powerful thrust. In all honesty, I felt like I could feel it in my stomach each time his thighs slammed into the backs of mine.

We were both sweating and slick. His moans turned more like caveman growls as I started to unravel around his cock. I could feel the pulses inside of me as my walls gripped and grasped as he slid in and out of me.

My head tried to crane back, but lying down on the floor only allowed me to knock my skull on the floor. It must have been hard, because as my elusive orgasm started to approach, I could swear that I saw white blotches in my vision and everything was hazy except the feeling that was washing over me.

My muscles started tightening. My legs got tense, and in my stomach, I could feel the knots tying and then inexplicably loosen and release. My nails dug deeply into his back, his hands tightened in my hair, and fierce green eyes looked down on my face.

My mouth was open in the shape of a scream, only no sound came out. I was too lost in the quaking aftermath. Edward started to grunt louder, his deep, graceful strokes becoming erratic and short.

Edward pushed himself fully inside of me and dropped his head down on to my chest. He didn't move, and I didn't want him to. Ever.

It was in this glorious post coital haze that I'd realized that Edward was still mumbling out what I'd taken as grunts.

"Mine...mine...mine," he whispered as he huffed out deep breathes over my breasts.

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