Plans, they had plans. Once it was all over, once everything was back to normal—or at least as normal as they could get—they were going to go somewhere. He didn't know where, or how, but he knew as long as the older man was with him he'd get by. There were talks of houses, pretty little houses with pretty little lawns and pretty little furniture to go inside. The promise of a life together.

Ellis had never been so happy—even surrounded by all the death and dying, the pain, the constant struggle to stay alive and the process of saying goodbye to friends whose struggle had ceased. Gathered around a grave dug in some unknown place, always marked by a rather large stone on which the remaining survivors wrote a final message to their fallen friend, he always had to reassure him that they were better off. He had laid his companions to rest, and with each one of them he felt—although sad—that they could be happy now, that they were finally granted freedom from this life of running and fighting. Ellis said goodbye to each and with each goodbye he wondered when his time would come. He hoped it wouldn't be too soon—he had plans. They had plans.

But as he laid his final companion down in the dirt, he felt their plans falling away and settling around the still body of his only remaining friend. He remembered the promises that would now go unfulfilled, and he wept. He wept for the house and he wept for the yard and the furniture and their life together. He wept for Nick.

As the sun rose, he placed the stone at the head of his grave—ever so gently, as if not to disturb the man sleeping below. He took one last, long look at the resting place of everything left for him in this world. Slowly, he closed his eyes and raised the pistol that had protected him from countless atrocities to his temple, taking a deep breath of the heavy morning air. Ellis pulled the trigger, joining his dearest friend.

The stone read, "Nick—Don't wander too far. I'll find you. I promise."

A/N- It's been so long since I've written anything other than essays. I hope this turned out well enough.