It had been 3 months that have passed by so quickly, whenever I was near him I felt time pass quickly, I thought, as I was walking to school. I didn't even notice that someone was in back of me until I felt two strong hands wrapped around me. I jumped back and that's when I saw Nikko. I smiled at him.

"Got scared" Nikko said
"Oh no, I was just so happy that I jumped back" I said Nikko just smiled and gave me a kiss

Then I pulled back and told him it was time to get to school he didn't want to go but he finally did. As we were entering school I remembered I had to get some notes from my locker.

"Why don't you go to your class, I still have to get some notes I left in my locker" I said.

"Fine, see you in lunch" Nikko said

As I was taking notes out of my locker I heard a familiar voice say, "Long time no see Courtney". I turned around to see Royce behind me. I took my notes and slammed my locker.

"So how you been?" Royce said

"Good until I now" I said

"Really Courtney you sure about that", Royce said

"Yes I'm sure, now if you'll excuse me I'm going to class" I said

I was bored in all 3 classes; I couldn't wait until lunch, that's why when the bell rang for lunch I almost ran out of the class. I got my lunch and sat with Janet, then Nikko came and the rest of Spectacular.

"So Nikko what you going to do afterschool" I said

"Go to the studios and record something, what about you" Nikko said

"Oh nice, I don't know maybe I'll go to the mall or something" I said

"Ok, but if you want you can come with me to the studios" Nikko said

"No thanks I want to spend some time alone "I said

"Ok however you want it" Nikko said

Then the bell rang I got up cleaned my tray and waited for Nikko to do the same. When he did we both went to class. I feel so tired today, I wonder why I thought as the bell rang for the end of school. I got out of school and walked to Nikko how was already waiting for me.

"Hey" I said

"Hey umm I'm not going to walk with you today sorry" Nikko said

"Yeah I would have guess when you said you had to record something in the studios, its ok though" I said

"Oh ok well bye I better get going" Nikko said and gave me a kiss in the lips a very gentle one.

As I was walking I had the feeling that someone was behind me following me. But as I turned around I didn't see anything except a car parked. At first I thought I was imaging it but then I realized that I had seen that car somewhere. As I turned around I recognized the car and the person in it.