One day in the land of Teletubby Land, there were 4 teletubbies that were really annoying. There was Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, and Po. Each one of them was an annoying pain to the sun that was a living kid. One day in another world, Dora the Explorer and Boots found a gun. A fairy there told them that the teletubbies must be shot in their little screens. Boots said that it was a bad idea. In response to that, Dora shot Boots. She then headed to Teletubby Land to kill the Teletubbies. When she arrived there, the Teletubbies freaked out and begged to the sun to spare them. The sun died because the kid couldn't get any food. So, the Teletubbies ran in order to avoid getting shot. Dora first shot Tinky Winky. It was really apparent that he was gay because he had pink makeup fall out of his pockets. After making sure he was dead, Dora shot Dipsy next. Then, she shot Lala. Po was a lot harder to kill. However, Dora was smart enough to trick Po into thinking that there was Tubby cake. After killing Po, Dora was rewarded by the fairy. She became known as 'Dora the Assassin.' Thanks to her, happiness was safe without annoying characters like the Teletubbies.

Dora the Explorer kills the Teletubbies