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"I wonder which color is going next..."

"I wonder who I'll be paired up with..."

"Do you think it'll be someone good?"

Random questions floated around the room as the nations gathered for a fun game of Seven Minutes in Heaven. Pretty much every country was attending the game. Every one of them was so anxious to see who they'd have to spend seven minutes in a closet with.

"Ok," America called out. "Who's got purple?" Everyone had picked a random colored paper from a hat that America had passed around earlier.

"I got purple!" Grenada called out happily, wondering who she'd get paired up with. Russia slowly stood up, that creepy smile on his face. "I got purple as well," he said calmly. Grenada cringed.

She was newer to meeting all the nations, and didn't believe Russia was all that scary. Earlier, she had told him that and Russia had threatened to do bad things to her and to her boyfreind, Afghanistan. He said he would kill Afghanistan to make her afraid. She'd heard rumors, but believed none. Though, for some odd reason, the thought of her and Russia being in a closet made her shudder.

All the other nations grew silent as the larger nation and the smaller one made their way into the closet, closing the door behind them. There was no light and the closet was really tiny and cramped.

"So...you don't believe you should be afraid of me?" Russia asked, towering over her. Grenada slowly nodded. "What is there to fear?" she asked.

Russia simply chuckled a bit, pushing her to the floor and quickly following. "I can do many, many unspeakable things to you, my dear." he whispered in her ear.

Grenada looked around, about to scream before she felt Russia's hand on her mouth. "Please, they won't be allowed to open the door no matter what you say. So there is really no use." He pinned her hands down and she whimpered slightly.

"Afraid yet?" he asked, then reached a hand up her skirt. "Wh-why are you doing this? Why is it your sick joy to see people afraid of you and hating you?" Grenada asked.

Russia was silent a moment, then spoke. "It gives me something more to live for in this world...and get my anger out. And my sadness" he said quietly.

Grenada looked up. "Anger? Sadness?" she asked. Russia nodded. "I've been abandoned a lot. I've seen things in my childhood that no child has ever seen. I've...really never had anyone there for me. The only person I've ever wanted in my life had to be taken away from me..." Tears started forming in his eyes and he cried on her shoulder.

Grenada looked at the crying nation on her shoulder, feeling really really bad for him. "There, there...it's okay. I kind of understand now. You're really hurt inside so you take it out on everyone else?" she asked.

Russia nodded, still not looking up. "So...you've never had a real freind?" she asked. He shook his head.

"Hey, I have a deal for you." Grenada said. Russia finally looked up. "Yes?" he asked curiously. "I could be your freind and forgive you of everything if you try to be nicer and maybe even let me help you." she said.

Russia's eyes widened. "You would do that? F-for me? Really?" he asked. Grenada nodded. "Thank you! Thank you!" Russia shouted, wrapping his arms tightly around her neck. "Gah! C-can't...breathe...Russia!" she choked.

"Oh, sorry." He let go of her. Grenada giggled a bit. "Ok, time's up you two. Out of the closet." America called from the outside.

Grenada stood up, holding out her hand to Russia. Russia took her hand, smiling, and stood up. They both opened the door and the nations gasped, expecting to see Grenada dead or dying. Their eyes widened when they saw not even a scratch on her.

"What...what happened with you guys?" Italy asked. "We became freinds." Russia said, not ceasing to smile. Grenada nodded in agreement.

"Freinds? With Russia?" England asked. The two new friends both simply nodded. "Umm...okay, whatever you say..." he mumbled and turned away.

"C'mon, Russia, let's go sit down over there with Afghanistan," Granada said and grabbed his hand, running to her boyfreind. Afghanistan was a large nation like Russia. He was tall with long dark hair. He was really strong and somewhat intimidating, thought not as much as Russia.

"What'd he do to you, babe?" he asked, wrapping a protective arm around her, glaring at Russia. "Nothing! Nothing at all. We just talked a little and we became friends" Grenada said, looking up at him.

"Hmmm...I don't really like the sound of that." Afghanistan said. Every eye of every nation was now on the three, watching with silent interest.

"C'mon, Kaiyan (Afghanistan's name), I became his freind and promised to forgive him if he promised to try to be a nicer person." Grenada said calmly to her boyfreind.

"Psh, whatever, Rhea. (Grenada's name)" Afghanistan said, watching Russia look out the window for a bit. "But if he hurts you," he whispered to Grenada, "You better know I'm goin' after him no matter what."

Grenada sighed, nodding. "I know, I know. I'll make sure he doesn't."

Many other people played during Seven Minutes in Heaven, but Grenada was thinking of ways to help Russia. Afghanistan was thinking of ways to hurt Russia if he lay a hand on Grenada. And Russia was thinking of he and Grenada giggling in a feild of sunflowers. All thinking different thoughts and paying no attention to the rest of the game.

Afghanistan was never called for the game for some reason, giving him more time to think. When the game was over, Russia gave Grenada a freindly hug. "Bye, thanks for everything...new freind!" he smiled.

Grenada giggled. "You're welcome! Bye!" Afghanistan put an arm around her as they left on his way to take her home.

Russia sighed happily as he left the rest of the nations. "What a sweet girl...nobody has ever said that to me. I just hope she keeps her promise." he said to himself as all the nations left to go home.

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