Hey guys. Sorry about disappearing for a while (a looong while) but I have some pathetic excuses that I will list for my absence from Mai-HiME: 1) The school year was ending and I really had to focus on finals and such and 2) I've become obssessed with other things as well as Mai-HiME (mainly Harry Potter and Tsubasa Chronicle!).

So, I have a short 3-parter fic about Akira and Takumi, that I actually wrote a while ago... and never got to posting it :P And if any of you have been reading my story Dearest Person I'm sorry to say that I've been slowly loosing interest in it. For the moment, it is on hold, but I might come back to it later on. I apologize again to anyone who was a fan of it!

So, enough rambling. I don't own Mai-HiME or it's adorable characters Akira and Takumi :). I borrowed some scenes from the anime, and they are clearly changed slightly/greatly. Don't hate me for those, some of the scenes had to be changed in order for the story to flow more easily.

Chapter 1:

"Baka!" she hollers while forming her hand into a fist around the collar of my shirt. "If you were a real man you'd say something like-"

I tune out my friend for the remainder of that sentence. "If you were a real man," she had told me… but that's just the thing… I'm not a real man.

Akira, you have every right to be yelling at me. A real man is suppose to take responsibility, put matters into his own hands. I haven't done this. A real man is supposed to prevent his girlfriend from harm - and what do I do? I have you protect me. A real man is strong, and I suffer from a weak heart… like the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz, except I am not even a man in form… merely a boy.

Akira, I don't deserve the love you give me, a young boy doesn't deserve such things. I should be treated in the same way as all of the other boys in our grade, ignored by the women until we are able to catch up to them.

Why haven't you ignored me?

I guess I've made it rather difficult for you to ignore my presence, for the fact that I am constantly bugging you. I have a feeling that you wanted to ignore me, and I should have let you done that- in order to prevent this feeling of pain within myself and the emotion of aggravation and pity inside of you.

I'm sorry, Akira. A real man wouldn't let the one he loves to revive his soul… that's something that a real man should provide for himself.

But I am not a real man.

Though, in my boy mind, I can work out the logic that you are better off without me. And so, I will do the manliest thing that a non-real man can do.

I will leave you be.

I feel horrible about what I had said to Takumi.

"If you were a real man", I had told him.

But, the thing is, he is a real man, he's more of a man then anyone else I know! He's even more of a man then my father- a big piece of meat who cares about nothing except for showing physical strength. Sure, Takumi doesn't have the image of a man, but he has the right heart of a true man- caring, considerate, kind, loving- and he always puts others before himself.

That's the definition of a true man.

And, knowing him, Takumi probably took what I said to heart, and that in turn means that he's taken it much too seriously. I didn't mean what I said, I was merely venting my anger and attempting to snap him out of his small pit of depression- though I probably only ended up digging a deeper hole for him to bury himself into.

It just comes to show that I am not a proper lady, nor a real man. I am neither. Yes, at school, I have the image of a tough boy- almost that of a man- though, in true form, I am a young lady. However, I behave as a boy.

So, I guess, in short, I am actually a boy.

Though, if there is one thing that I've learned from my time as a boy, it is that boys care more about their friends then anything else. So, as a boy (and as Takumi's friend), I will protect him. I won't let him deny my protection. If he is a real man- and I know that he is- he will accept my invitation, though only after a bit of persuasion.

I apologize, Takumi, for the damage that I may have bestowed upon you. I will make up for my sins- I will protect you.

As a boy, I need to keep my friend safe.

As a girl, I must keep my love interest out of harm's way.

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