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Chapter 3:

As Akira's sobs start to cease, she falls into a deep slumber. I take this time to ponder on the things she had just announced to me.

"You are a real man, but don't do anything stupid," her words echo through my ears. Had she known? Did she know what my intentions were? No- she couldn't have- she'd have to be able to read me like a book… only those who are extremely close can do that… right?

"You're my dearest person!" I recall her screeching to me.

Me. How? Out of all of the people in the world, how am I fortunate enough to be Akira's dearest person? How could she love me, when I am so selfish?

"Because of my selfishness, I've put your life in danger,". No, Akira, you are not selfish. My life is not in danger either. Knowing that my disappearance will cause you suffering, I will fight death. I won't leave you alone.

I find it funny, how what I had thought to be selfish earlier are now the acts that define me as a true man. Perhaps I was a real man all along.

No, I hadn't been. Akira brought the man out of me- it is because of her that I am no longer a boy.

I glance down at the still snoozing girl in my lap. As I stroke her hair, I thank her. "Arigato, Akira-kun."

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