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Hmmm, Tsuruga-san forgot his watch; but this is the one he usually wears, is it because we haven't started filming yet? Hmmm.. Huh? 2.13, it stopped at a strange time, I wonder why... why would he have it if it's broken? It wasn't from the fight was it; no, it couldn't be, it wouldn't have stopped at 2.13, then why...?

Kyoko was pondering this throughout her shower, why did he have it; she would have to ask him afterwards. After finishing her shower, she dried herself and put on a robe that the hotel provided, and went out to ask Ren about the watch. As she exited the bathroom and turned the corner, she stopped and saw him already asleep.

Oh, I guess he's tried and he does have a meeting tomorrow for the movie. I'll just ask him in the morning. She stared at him for a moment; he looks so peaceful, so innocent while he's asleep, so adora... Kyoko paused for a minute and blushed faintly; memories of the past filled her mind. He was sleeping on his side facing her bed; his hair was longer then it was that time he was sick and it covered his eyes whilst he slept; she remembered the time he whispered her name "Thank you, Kyoko-chan" she blushed even more.

After a moment she snapped back to reality after realising she had been staring at him for a while since finishing her shower. As she made her way to the bed she was glad to see that he had actually eaten the soup and salad she had prepared, and he had actually skipped the sake/beer and washed the dishes. She climbed into bed and turned to face him; she smiled at him and said "Goodnight, I love you... (she rolled around so her back faced him) ..Nii-san". She placed his watch next to the bed side light, turned off the light and went to sleep.

When the lights went off, Ren opened his eyes and watched her sleep and smiled. He wasn't actually sleeping, he had been pretending to sleep; his fringe had been covering his eyes, so she couldn't tell that his eyes weren't really shut. Hmm I wonder why she was standing there so long, she was staring at me the whole time right? Do I actually look that interesting while I sleep? Ren had a flash back of the time he was alone with her in the trailer, how she gentle stroked his hair. He smiled some more. Maybe she will see me more than a just a sempai after this maybe... I would love that... hmm Love... I really do love her. He replayed Kyoko last words to himself, "Goodnight, I love you" and with that he slowly went to sleep staring at his most precious person.


In the morning

The alarm woke them up the next morning. They had a meeting for the movie today, but it wasn't scheduled til 11am. They had over 3 hrs to spare til then, but Ren knew that Kyoko would make sure he ate a BIG breakfast before that, and he wanted to spend more time with her. Ren sat up in his bed and stretched his back and arms slightly.

"Ne, Nii-san you left your watch in your glove last night, though it doesn't look like something you wear and it's broken," Setsuka said, she was sitting on the edge of her bed facing Cain. Cain stared at her in mid stretch, no emotion showing; he had forgotten about it, probably due to the surprise he had yesterday when she walked in on him in the shower.

"Ne, Cain are you listening?" He snapped back to reality, and smiled at her.

"Oh, yeah that's my watch I left it in my glove to keep it safe. I must have forgotten about it, Thank you, just pass it to me." Cain said, but Setsuka just stared at him, not accepting his excuse.

"Then why is it broken" she questioned him

Crap, I don't want her to know why I keep that, not just yet, gotta think of an excuse, Ren thought to himself

"I suppose it got damaged during the fight yesterday, so"

"LIAR" Setsuka spoke before he finished his lie "the time is wrong, so are you going to tell me the truth"

"What makes you think I'm lying Setsu" Cain spoke while giving her a level one puppy dog look, "don't you trust me?"

"I..umm" she wasn't sure what to say, she could usually tell when Ren is lying but how would Setsu know Cain was lying, she couldn't think especially when he made that face.

"Why would I lie to my precious little sister" Cain said sweetly to her and tilted his slightly and raising his puupy dog look to level 2.

"be—because I'm your sister I can tell when you're lying that's why and I'm not giving it back until you tell me why you keep a broken watch"

"Hmm... really" Cain grinned and got out of bed, "Is that the mouth that's talking big about keeping something that's not there's"

Eh! Kyoko saw him get up with a grin and a glint in his eyes; Oh crap this isn't good. She shuffled further back on to the bed and drew her feet to the other side of the bed away from him.

"Is that the way you speak to your dear brother, Setsu" Cain spoke as he stood staring at her. She stood up off her bed, faced him and shook her head indicating that she knew as his younger sister she had no right to.

"No, I'm sorry Nii-san" she said sadly "but I still don't know why you're lying to me so I'm still gonna hang onto it until you come up with the truth or a better lie, it doesn't work so you won't need it , we'll buy another one later today ok"

"Hmm so you're still not gonna give it back now" Cain stepped forward to the side of her bed

"nope, not yet" she grinned playfully towards him and took a step back from her bed

"Setsu, you should know something; as your older brother, because you've done something bad I'm gonna have to discipline you now"


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