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The other two (events after ch33)

Sho leaned lazily in the executive chair as he waited for the meeting to commence. It was one of those rare occasions that he arrived early for a meeting.

He had woken up early that morning and Shoko had decided to rush him out early to work just in case he decided to crawl back into bed to sleep in. Sho was strangely cooperative that Shoko sensed that something was on his mind but didn't pursue the issue; Sho was just that kind of guy. What she didn't know was that the cause of Sho's odd behavior was that his mind kept thinking back about the events of yesterday.


"He didn't touch her, so don't think that he did," Sho spoke out drawing Cain's attention. "I was there, so I know that he didn't get so far; don't let Setsuka think that he did, reassure her… yeah… that's all," Sho ended before leaving the room where Cain was comforting Setsuka.

Sho sighed out as he closed the door behind him and walked towards the exit; he had just saved a girl but he was no good at comforting one when they crying so heart wrenchingly.

"Iyaa No!" Sho looked back at the closed door, knowing it was Setsuka crying out. Instinctively he took a step back, but stopped when logic came to mind. What can I do? I was stupidly watching her break apart before me and then all I could do was put a hand on her shoulder and try and tell her it's okay… *sigh* if I go in I'll probably freeze again, I'll be in the way and look like a fool. Sho let out another sigh and slumped his shoulder as he turned his back on the door where cries can still be heard and continued walking again; Aria's still in there, girls know how to cheer each other up and so is that guy… she'll be fine… she doesn't need me in there.

Sho turned a corner and spotted Nic talking with another guy, who he registered was the one who chased after the Beagle; both of them wore a wicked grin and he curiously approached the two.

"So, what happened to the dog," Sho asked cooly with a bored expression as he stopped next to the men. The two men exchanged glances, and Nic nodded to Takahashi.

"Well he wasn't very good at hiding I have to say," Taka began as he inspected their surrounding incase someone overheard or walked in on their conversation, "I nearly lost him cause he had a head start on me but I found him trying to hide on a stairwell, you know the ones for emergencies." A wicked grin spread across Taka's lips; did he think he could hide from me moving so noisily, I was a K-1 champion for a reason.

Sho felt a chill run through him as he saw the wicked grin appear again; he was glad that Nic was the one who ran in on him and Setsuka and not Takahashi during the photo shoots.

"I have really strong senses and observation skills on my surroundings, something I developed over my training; so I knew where he tried to hide from me, but that made it worse for him. He hid where there were no cameras, no witness, just the two of us," Taka spoke with a smirk; Sho began smirking as well, he remembered the isolated forest where he delivered a similar service to beagle. "You should have seen the expression he had when I cornered him, questioned him, tch he tried to talk his way out but nuh, I heard and saw enough to know what he was trying to do," Taka motioned with a fist punching his open palm.

Hah, at least the dog got an extra beating, mine wasn't nearly enough (Sho)

"So where is he now?" Sho asked curiously; wondering if he had left him half-dead in the stairwell.

"He's probably gone now right?" Nic spoke as he turned to Takahashi, "you told me your little session was interrupted so what did you do? Run?"

"Pfft like I would… so I was giving that guy some punches and twisting his arms when these guys come into the stairwell beneath us, and I was like 'what the hell' and I let my guard down briefly and he made a dash up the stairs. Tch I wasn't going to let him get away like that, if he was able to move that well then I hadn't punished him enough, so I jumped up the stairs and manage to pull him down with me, and then I ended up rolling down a flight of stairs with him," Taka spoke as he combed his hair back.

Idiot… Nic and Sho thought simultaneously, as they stared at Taka with a dumfounded look.

"Hmm what's with you two? I didn't get hurt, I'm not that soft but that guy was; he was kinda scrawny, not much muscle… I did squash him most of the way down the stairs and he hardly moved when with stopped rolling by those two guys; I did add a few sharp movements along the way down." Finishing with an 'accidental' elbow in the face.

"Those two guys didn't ask any questions?" Nic asked.

"Well I fussed over him like it was an accident but they did ask questions but I just returned it with, 'what are you guys doing here?' They were trying to have a smoke in the stairwell (which is a no no) so they didn't really talk, apparently those two were working on the same thing as Aria and knew the other guy, and they helped him out; of course I quietly threatened him before he left."

"Hmm so you accidently fell down the stairs and you used it as an opportunity to hurt him some more, and there were witnesses but to your benefit they would assume that his injury was from the fall to cover your ass," Nic laid out the facts, and Taka just smiled deviously in response.

"It's good to know that he didn't escape but what should we do now? He probably won't tell anyone that he got beaten up," he didn't last time, " and what are we going to do with her," Sho questioned the two, feeling better that beagle had an additional beating, but still finding it inadequate.

"Should we call the police?" Takahashi spoke before pausing in thought, "umm but with him bruised… hmm."

Police… Sho thought to himself and then remembered back in the forest, where Kyoko dressed in a black dress with rose patterned lace kneeled on the ground crying.

"No," Sho spoke out drawing the attention of the other two men, "we should but she may not want that… if news of this gets out it'll dirty her image since she's in the entertainment industry," Sho spoke out loud; I haven't heard of her name in the industry but it would be bad if they are able to dig up this kind of dirt later on.

"Hmm yeah you have a point and not only will it harm her it'll harm us too, a star resorting to violence and conspiring in a group," Takahashi spoke. "That other guy did make a scene when he went berserk too, and the crew will know that it has something to do with her since Aria mentioned her name," Taka stated to a thinking Nic.

"We'll have to cover up the events for now, she probably wouldn't want people to know what happened to her, and we need to avoid people knowing that you two gave him a beating, though he deserves it," Nic spoke with his hand on his chin.

"That's what I was talking about," Sho chided at Nic.

Nic turned to Sho and a thought struck him. "Sho, no one else on our set has seen you so maybe we can sneak you out so no one knows you're involved, it'll add one less drama," Nic spoke and noticed the slight disapproval Sho had. "We are trying to hide the incident for her sake and if you sneak away no one will think that you had anything to do with the beating you gave him," Sho looked away from Nic disappointedly and Nic sighed at the kid before him, "everyone involved will know that you were the one who got to her on time, we just need to keep everything under wraps for now." Sho turned to Nic and saw the understanding eyes, telling him that this was the right thing to do.

"Okay," he sighed heavily; I'll do this to help her.

"Good, Taka we can just say you were looking for Aria and you just happened to see your old friend in need of some assistance," Nic told Takahashi.

"And the reason for him going crazy?" Taka pointed out the only thing needed clearing left in the plan. Nic thought about it for a bit and recalled the type of relationship Cain and Setsu had for each other and the way they reacted to one another and then the secret glances they had behind each other's back until an idea came to mind.

"How about we say that Setsuka's ex came into the picture and Cain wasn't happy."


"Sho morning, you're early," a girl spoke drawing his attention away from the ceiling; he turned to see Aria seating herself next him.

"Hey," he replied as he sat up properly in his seat, then noticing the director walk into the room, "hmm seems you just got here on time," he spoke then noticed Aria scanning the room. "What's up?" Aria turned to him before checking those around her.

"He's not here," Aria whispered to him and Sho scanned the room. Beagle he thought, he's not going to show up.

"We're better off without him," Sho replied as he rocked in his chair as Aria glanced over to him with a smile.

"Thank you for yesterday by the way," Aria whispered to him, then saw the stunned face Sho wore, then his lips curved and quivered, she saw his face go pink and he spun his chair around; she leaned back in her chair and saw him trying to suppress his laughter.

"What on earth happen to you! We're suppose start filming soon and look at you," Aria overheard the director talking loudly and turned to find the origin of Sho's laughter and couldn't help the giggle that slipped from her lips. "What! Stairs again… geez you kids have to be more careful argh… darn it, well I guess I let you off since you at least showed up," the director eyes perked at his injuries, "actually I might be able to use you with those bruises with some changes to the script."

Reino nodded to the director before taking a seat, those already in the room stared at him and began asking questions. He glanced over to table to the teen shivering in his seat and instinctively placed a hand over his bruised eye.

Bwahaha… that black eye… it really makes him look more like a beagle. (Sho)


Nic and his wounds

Ouch… me and my darn habits with cute girls… damn he has good accuracy and he's a demon, Nic whined to himself as he reached his apartment, after completing a strenuous work day involving guns and paint balls.

"I'm home," Nic called into the apartment as he took off his shoes and jacket, then went searching for his darling girl when he heard no response. He smiled when he found her, sleeping in there room propped up on some pillows with a book. He tip-toed to her and lay a gentle kiss on her cheek as he took the book away; Baby Names and Meaning, Nic smiled as he placed the book to the side then rested his hand gently on her stomach, finding everything he loved before him; his face gleamed with joy when he felt the baby kick under his hand and he felt the excitement in him grow.

Just about one week to go… I'm going to be really excited to meet you, but I hope you be good and not give mummy too much trouble when you come out. He smiled to himself; mummy… daddy…

"Hnghh," Nic turned to his wife stirring in her sleep and decided to let her continue resting. He placed a light sheet over his wife, as he went to take a shower.

Coming out clean and in just some comfortable track pants, Nic was able to see all the wounds from that day's work. If he shot me any more recklessly I would probably look like a leopard -_- Nic thought as he took one more look at the bruises and exited the bathroom. He smiled when he saw his wife awake in bed; she was holding her tummy and smiling down at the bump.

"Hey there darling," Nic spoke as he sat in bed next to her, and lay a passionate kiss on her, letting her moan thrill him as it reverberated through his senses, before cuddling next to her and placing a hand with her on their baby.

"He's being really naughty… he's kicking a lot you know Nic," she spoke as she leaned against Nic, "hah but at least I manage to get a little bit of shut eyes."

"You sure he's not a she?" Nic replied as he lay another kiss on her head; they had decide not to know the baby's gender, they wanted it to be a surprise.

"Maybe but with all this kicking I think it'll be a boy, I like the name Shinji but it means true second son, but I don't like Shinichi which means first, maybe Takeo? Or maybe a English name like Tyler?" He wife contemplated about the names.

Hmm she really believed it's a boy… well she has some name prepared if it is, but no girl name? Hmm Sakura maybe… nah to simple, Akemi… no, my ex-girlfriend so hell no. Hmm

"Ouch," Nic flinched and rubbed his side and saw his wife staring at him.

"Why are you covered in bruises," she asked as she pulled and turned him around to see them all, "your back too"; Nic replied with work and evil but deadly with the paintball gun co-worker.

"Oww hey stop poking the bruises, at least try and massage them away for me," Nic flinched and tried to dodge her hands. But she laughed and continued what she was doing in joy (but carefully).

Ouch… is this what I get for trying to help a cute girl! I know I'm married but I can still help girls out… tch Setsuka you owe me… hmmm Setsuka, that's actually quite a pretty name.


Ren's morning

Ksssh... Fwahh gotta calm down, gotta calm down before she wakes up, Ren thought to himself in the shower; he looked down at himself and blushed again; geez calm down faster or she'll run away! Ren looked up at the shower head, where the cold water hit his face and breathed in deeply as the cold water cooled him, but he couldn't help thinking of the girl still sleeping in the bed they shared and the previous night.

He remembered waking up at night, not long after he lulled Kyoko to sleep and rested a bit himself. He looked down at her, still sleeping upon his chest and his fingers gently stroked her head.

She looks better, calmer... you can't tell that anything bad happened to her with that innocent and unguarded expression, well almost; Ren thought as he moved himself so he was propped up slightly, then gently touched her damaged clothes and injured arm. Sigh... I should have treated her arm earlier instead of fooling around with her... hmm maybe I can treat it while she's sleeping, no point waking her up just for a short job.

He slowly reached to the bedside draw and quietly pulled it open to pull out a bottle of ointment that he had previously used; his eyes had adjusted in the dark that he easily recognised the bottles shape. He drew a small amount of the ointment and moved it along her arm, using small circular motions where he suspected the injury was worst. Kyoko cried out when he added a little too much pressure and he felt her cling harder on to him; he felt horrible making her cry out but he at least now knew where her injury was, and continued gently massaging the spot.

I should compress it as well; Ren thought as he rummaged the draw for a bandage but to no success, and he contemplated for a moment what he could do and blushed at his idea. Um well her top is already ruined so... it's okay?; he thought as he peered down at Kyoko; I've seen her in less and I won't be able to see much cause its dark... she won't shun me for this, I just have to be good, very good. Ren breathed in deeply and his hands drew to the knot of her halter top, and freed the string before pulling the damaged top away from her body. As the top slipped away from under Kyoko's body she moaned causing Ren's lower self to twitch as they became one layer of clothing closer to one another.

God Kyoko you're so evil tempting me in your state; Ren thought as he hurriedly bandaged her arm then flopped back into his pillow and threw an arm over his eyes. Sheesh you're sure giving me a challenge Kyoko, physically, mentally, morally geez and you're not even aware of it... I hope you haven't put any other guy through this; Ren frowned when the idea of Sho came to mind.

His thought was then directed to his other hand, and he blushed when he realized that it was playing with the clasp of Kyoko's bra, for how long he wasn't sure but he knew it was long enough for him to tell that she had clasped it on the inner most one. Why on so tight? It's probably not very comfortable, Ren thought and before he even registered his actions he had undone the bra, with a thumb running down her spine. Kyoko groaned again and shifted against Ren again causing him to fight of any exciting feelings.

Damn why did I do that, he hastily thought as he tried to clasp her bra together before any more dirty ideas came to his mind like taking it off completely so it's not restricting or naked is comfy.

Unfortunately for him he was more experienced removing a bra and his haste wasn't helping; he had to undo her bra several more times with errors of twisting the straps, wrong clasp and too tight, but eventually he got it on right with the clasp at the end to make it more comfortable for her.

Fwaahh temptation adverted; Ren thought but his hands were still gently caressing her exposed skin and he sighed; I think she needs a shirt, well protection from me.

Ren gently wrapped his arms around Kyoko's waist and upper body and began rolling her onto the bed so he could give her his shirt; he felt it was a better idea than searching nosily in the dark for one in case she woke up. As he pulled away from her he found her hand still holding onto his shirt; he found it cute and smiled as he unbuttoned his shirt, each button made Kyoko's hand move his shirt lower.

"Corn," she spoke surprising Ren as he undid the last button, and he looked at her in awe. He was expecting something else to happen, but when nothing did so he continued removing his shirt (a/n: remember he's wearing something inside).

"K-Corn don't leave," she spoke again and Ren watched as she reached out to him; he moved closer to her and her arms curled around him to his joy.

"I won't leave you Kyoko-chan," he whispered as he laid down next to her, hugging her closely as she snuggled closer to him. "Yay," she spoke just audibly for him to hear and he lay a sweet kiss on her forehead. Ren rolled her back on top of him like before, although he was not planning to for his personal dilemma but his actions seemed right and necessary.

"Kyoko, Corn's very happy to be with you, Corn loves you," Ren spoke as he threw his shirt over Kyoko's shoulders and pulled the covers up over them, sleep slowly overcoming his mind, "I love you very much," he whispered stroking her head as his eyes closed.

"Kuon," Ren managed to catch his name that Kyoko sighed out just before he slumbered.

Hmm is it because she said my real name? Although it was probably a slur as she was sleep talking. Ren thought as he stared at himself in the mirror with a smile upon his lips; his thumb coming up to traced his lips. He was curious as why that smile kept gracing his lips since he woke up that morning; he had woken up so happy, happier than usual when he was with Kyoko but he wasn't sure why.

Maybe I'm just in a happy mood today, Ren thought as he stepped away from the mirror, not realising his joy was from the secret kiss Kyoko had placed upon him.


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