Storm on the Horizon
Chapter 1: Playing in the Rain

Setsuna's feet pounded the pavement road that would take her back to the girl's dormitory. A storm was on the horizon. She could smell the rain and feel the static building in the sky. Grey clouds were looming overhead, masking the blanket of stars that should have dotted the night sky. Setsuna was tired, her muscles pushed past the brink of exhaustion from training, but she wanted to reach the dorms before the raindrops fell.

Before the heavens cried.

The entrance was close, but the storm felt even closer. Setsuna put her head down and pumped her legs until she could feel the pavement turn into the familiar cobbled path that led to the dormitory. When she looked up again, the she could make out a single sillohuette standing behind the doubled-door entrance. Konoka was waiting for her again, just like she always did; just like she always would.

Setsuna lifted her right hand and waved at the other girl. She smiled as her wave was returned. A warm rain was falling now, and Setsuna caught the first droplets on her raised arm. Now that she had lost to the storm, her paced slowed to a walk. Setsuna was annoyed at her defeat, but the water droplets felt good on her fatigued muscles, so she stopped, lifted both hands in the air, and turned her face to the sky.

"Secchan, what are you doing?" Konoka asked as she stepped out of the building. She walked to the edge of the overhang at the entrance, as far as she could go without getting wet. "You'll catch a cold."

The rain's severity increased and Setsuna opened her mouth and tasted the storm that had beaten her. It was refreshing. She brought her hands to her face and wiped away the moisture from her eyes. With a playful smile on her lips, Setsuna finished running the short distance to where Konoka waited. She ignored the shelter of the overhang, choosing to stand under the torrents of rain.

"Hi," she greeted. Her eyes shone as they fell upon Konoka, betraying much more emotion than the simple greeting she had uttered.

"You're such a child, Secchan," Konoka giggled, as she wiped away the rain on Setsuna face. It was a futile effort under the heavy downpour. "You used to love playing in the rain all the time back home," she remembered, and they shared a smile at the fond memories. "Come under here," she teasingly scolded the other girl, reaching out a hand to her.

"You come out here," came the coy reply. She smirked at Konoka, reaching out her own hand as well. She could see a shy blush creep onto Konoka cheeks as she tried to take the lead in their flirtatious exchange.

A bolt of lightning streaked across the sky. Both girls jumped at the flash, then jumped again when the thunder followed immediately after. The storm was no longer on the horizon; it was right on top of them. Setsuna felt a shock of thrill run down her spine. The anticipation of a storm was nothing compared to experiencing it.

"It's getting dangerous out here," Konoka murmured with an edge of concern in her voice. "Maybe we should get inside?"

As if to confirm her fears, another bolt of lightning tore across the sky. The street lights lining the path to the dormitory suddenly blazed with a brilliant light before fizzling out, one by one. Their eyes met in the momentary brightness before they were thrown into darkness. Despite Konoka's worries, Setsuna couldn't help herself. She swiftly found Konoka's outstretched hand in the darkness and pulled the girl to her, stealing her away from the overhang's protection. The storm was a frenzy of water and wind around them, yet Setsuna moved slowly and carefully with Konoka. She gently dipped the other girl, cradling her delicately in her arms, and kissed her. They embraced each other passionately under the heavy rain. It was not their first kiss, not even among their first kisses, nor was it their last kiss or anywhere near their last. It was just another kiss for them, just another display of their affection for each other.

When at last they broke away from each other, rain was still falling lightly on their shoulders. The backup power had not kicked in yet, which allowed Setsuna and Konoka a few more moments of privacy. They held on to each other, trembling from the cold and the force of their kiss. The worst of the storm had moved on. The rain would soon stop and the world would return to normal. Setsuna knew that they would also need to return to normal once the rain stopped, so she clung to Konoka's warmth for just a little longer and waited for the storm to pass.

Author's Note: I came across this fic in a folder of short KonoSetsu scenes that I've written. I was planning to use it in another fic, but I highly doubt it'll ever be written in its entirety, so I figure I'd share this snippet with you all. I hope you guys enjoyed it. And please review. Reviews make me happy and they're fun to read. =) And they inflate my insecure ego, which is always good.

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