Storm on the Horizon
Chapter 2: The Day Will Come

The rain was slowing down now, but the dark clouds still loomed overhead. Setsuna had expected that the storm would pass quickly, but the weather was relentless as Setsuna and Konoka stood in the pitch-black darkness under the downpour.

Warmth radiated from Konoka's body, and Setsuna clung to her tightly, trying to absorb her heat. They would be far more comfortable if they went inside and dried off, but there was a level of romanticism that was derived from standing outside in the rain, and Setsuna was reluctant to leave the atmosphere of the storm. Konoka, with her head resting on Setsuna's shoulder, appeared to be enjoying herself as well, so Setsuna decided not to move until Konoka desired to go inside. But as she thought this, the hands that were tightened across her back slowly loosened themselves.

"Secchan," Konoka whispered, pulling away gently.

Setsuna released her. "Hmm?" she murmured, wondering if the cold had gotten to be too much for the other girl. But instead, Konoka's cold hands caressed her cheeks and pulled her close once more.

"Ah," Setsuna thought to herself, as Konoka's unspoken request became clear. She gently embraced Konoka again, pulling her closer as well. In the darkness that surrounded them, Setsuna found Konoka's lips effortlessly.

She approached the kiss gently, brushing her lips lightly over Konoka's before pulling back teasingly. Setsuna could feel Konoka lean into her body for a proper kiss, but Setsuna taunted her with another grazing of their lips and pulled away again.

Konoka pouted and threw her arms around Setsuna's neck in order to pull the swordsman closer. Their foreheads met gently, their noses lightly nuzzling each other. "Do it properly this time," Konoka ordered, the playful annoyance woven clearly through each word.

Setsuna laughed gently, knowing that she could not deny her any longer. She intended to kiss Konoka deeply this time, with enough force to have her gasping for breath. But before their lips could meet, the street lamp nearest to Setsuna began to flicker. Setsuna glanced from the faintly glowing lights to the look of disappointment in Konoka's eyes and sighed.

"This is what I get for teasing you, isn't it?" she asked with a wry smile.

Konoka didn't laugh. Instead, she pouted and lightly stomped her foot in a way that made Setsuna's heart swell with affection.

"I really wanted that kiss," Konoka huffed.

"Let's go back to my room," Setsuna murmured, leaning forward so that the soft words were only audible to the other girl's ears. Konoka attempted a smile, but her frustration was painfully evident.

"Why do we need to hide this?" Konoka wondered, looking off into the stormy horizon. It was a rhetorical question, one that she often asked when they were alone in public, but wary of doing anything that could be seen by others.

Unflinchingly, Setsuna responded with an answer that had now become a staple in their clandestine relationship. "Because the day will come when we can be together without restrictions, but today just isn't that day."

"As beautiful as that sounds, I feel like I'm starting to believe it less the more often I hear it," Konoka said with a sad smile.

"Well that's not how it's supposed to work," Setsuna replied, nudging Konoka gently. "You're supposed to say something like 'I always feel better when I hear you say that.' And I'm supposed to say, 'That's why I always say it.'"

The shadow of sadness hanging over Konoka's smile faltered ever so slightly, but not enough to satisfy Setsuna.

"Fine, then let's seal the future with a kiss," Setsuna suggested with a gentle smile.

Konoka pulled back as Setsuna approached her. "But the lights are on," she whispered anxiously. "What if someone's watching?"

"I don't see anyone else standing out here in the rain," Setsuna said, scanning their surroundings. She pulled Konoka under the shelter of the overhang. "And no one can see us from their dorms now. Come on, one quick kiss," Setsuna suggested again, smiling radiantly for the girl before her. "What's the worst that can happen?"

Konoka giggled nervously and leaned closer. The moment their lips met, Setsuna felt a powerful shock pass between them. It was like lightning, like a static build up that had discharged against their lips. Setsuna immediately pulled back, not because of the sting of the kiss, but because the dark surroundings were now bathed in light. The street lamps that were slowly returning to their maximum brightness suddenly blazed brilliantly. Then one after another, each lamp blew its fuse with an almighty crack. Just like at the height of the storm, the power was out again and Setsuna and Konoka were left standing in the dark.

"Um..." Setsuna began slowly, turning to look at Konoka despite not being able to see her in the darkness, "did your magic just do that?"

"No... maybe not..." Konoka answered sheepishly, unable to hide the fact that her magic had run rampant for a moment. "If anything, I'd say it's YOUR fault for making me all flustered," she decided with an audible pout in her voice. Setsuna could sense her smile.

"Well either way," Setsuna said, pulling Konoka toward the door. "Let's get inside before someone finds us here and asks for an explanation. We can hang out in my room."

"Ooooh," Konoka responded, drawing out the syllable much like a child would do. "Are we having a sleep over?" she asked playfully.

"Mm... we'll see," Setsuna responded slowly, though in her heart, she had already pictured a sleep over long before Konoka had suggested it.

Author's Note: And here we have a second chapter for a story that was meant to be a one-shot... I'm not really planning a third chapter to this, but I guess it could happen. But as long as I don't mark this as "Incomplete", I won't feel pressured to write it. ^^

By the way, rain = romantic as hell. I totally need to do what Konoka and Setsuna are doing some time...