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Oh well.



Sakura had spent almost all of her lunch break on a certain site; struggling to suppress her giggles as she scrolled down to read more. She had to be on top guard to make sure no one in the library saw her on this particular site.
It's not like the library was full anyway, the only people, other than the librarian, in it were Sakura, Ino, Naruto and Sasuke.
All for different reasons of course.
Sasuke was in the library studying, and Naruto was in it because he had detention and had to sort out all the books in proper order. Sakura was in it for the certain site, and Ino was in the library to make sure Sakura wasn't flirting with Sasuke. Ino watched Sakura from across the room and gritted her teeth.

What a waste of time! She isn't flirting with Sasuke so I have no reason to be here! I guess I can go and see what she's doing anyway...

"...a moan escaped from Sasuke's lips as Naruto's kisses lowered down to his- wow Sakura what are you reading?" Ino whispered, suddenly appearing behind Sakura. With that, Sakura minimized the site and wheeled around to face Ino.

"Nothing Ino-PIG. Just a site I managed to come across." Sakura could feel the blood rushing to her face.
Damn it! She knows! She saw it all! NOOOOOOO, my life is over! Inner Sakura thought. She braced herself for Ino to throw her head back and laugh, so she was surprised when Ino reached over to the mouse and maximized the page.

"FanFiction? I love that site!" Ino whispered, before sighing and hanging her head. Sakura turned to her rival with a questioning look in her eye. "And to think that I have to share yet another thing in common with Forehead."

"It'd be cool if this stuff actually happened. Nothing is as good as it is on FanFiction." Sakura sulked, deciding to ignore the nickname that Ino so loves to repeatedly use on her. They looked over to Sasuke and Naruto who were doing...very un-yaoi related things.

"Hm." Ino smirked. Uh oh, she's smirking! This is bad... "What if we could try and make it happen?" Sakura gasped.

"AND get footage! We could sell it on eBay and YouTube! For other yaoi fangirls!"

"The fangirls will worship us! All hail yaoi!" Ino and Sakura squealed at their marvellous plan, earning weird looks from Naruto and Sasuke across the room.

~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~And thus, Operation 'Make NaruSasu happen for the sake of Yaoi' was ready to commence ~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~_~

The yaoi fangirls duo had gone home from school that afternoon to Sakura's house and wrote up a list of things to do to get Naruto and Sasuke to realise their (apparent) feelings for each other; the two girls' homework forgotten. A perfect way to spend an afternoon? They think so.

"Ok, so we have gay chicken or pocky stick, truth or dare, sleepover where they have to share a bed, make one fall on top of the other...what else can we do? Oh! Leave them 'alone' and spy on them! Lock them in a closet! Is that all?" Ino asked one she finished reading the list.
They were both in Sakura's bedroom, Ino at Sakura's desk writing the list, and Sakura on her bed with the laptop getting inspiration from FanFiction.

"We can add to the list as we go along, I suppose. But that list is really good so far! Some we can even use the falling on top of each other one. Which should we do first and when?" The two girls both thought about it for a while, when suddenly Ino wheeled around to face Sakura.

"I've got it!" Sakura sat up, curious. "My mind transfer jutsu!...Oh come on think about it! I can transfer into Naruto or something and flirt with Sasuke...or something! Look I know what you're thinking...probably something like 'she only wants to do this to kiss Sasuke'...which may be true, hehehe –Ouch! – ..but it's for the sake of yaoi!"

"Fine." Sakura growled.


"Hold up! I'm coming!" Naruto called as he rushed to the door. He twisted the handle to find no other than...Ino?
What's she doing here? Naruto narrowed his eyes at her, but they soon widened when he saw Sakura with her...they then narrowed again because, well, it was an odd sight since the two girls were rivals. What are they doing together...and why are they at my house?

"Hey girls...what's up?" He eyed the camera in Sakura's hands. With his attention focused on Sakura, Ino placed her own hands in front of her face, making the tips of her thumbs and the tips of her index fingers touch.

"Hey! What are you-!" Suddenly Naruto's mind blanked out, and Ino's limp body fell to the floor. "Ok, can you drag me...her back to your place and meet me, as in Naruto, outside of Sasuke's house?" Ino as Naruto ordered. Sakura nodded, putting Ino's limp arm around her, and disappeared. Ino/Naruto stalked off to Sasuke's house and waited outside.
Seconds later Sakura was back, the camera ready in her hands.

"Hey! Ok, you're to film outside from the windows. If you went inside, he'd know. Are you ready?" Ino/Naruto asked, earning a nod from Sakura.

"Just...make sure you act Naruto-ish. Stay in character, you know? Like...say 'believe it' every now and then, and be all obnoxious and annoying...but don't forget to flirt!" Sakura said as she went and hid around the corner. Ino turned to Sasuke's front door, ready to knock.

Ok, you're about to flirt with Sasuke. He'll think you're Naruto so if you say anything stupid, he won't think it's you. You can do this. For the sake of yaoi!

With that thought in mind, she lightly tapped on the door.

No! Be obnoxious like Naruto!

Soon those light taps were replaced with loud bangs.

"Sasuuuuukeee! It's me, Naruto! Open up!" She then turned to where Sakura was hiding, giving her a thumbs up to press record. Ino turned back in time for Sasuke to open the door.

"Hn. What do you want, loser?" Said raven haired boy asked with a hint of annoyance in his words. Ok maybe not a hint. Just the thought of Naruto bugged Sasuke, and for him to just show up at Sasuke's house like that!

"I'm visiting you so let me in! Uh...believe it!" Ino said, as Naruto-like as she could.

Oh no, did I say 'believe it' at the right spot? OMG he's looking at me like a freak. He knows! He knows it all! We've been found out!

"...and why should I?" Sasuke asked, folding his arms and leaning against the door frame.

Ohhh he's so...

"Sexy when he does tha-! Oh crap I said that out loud! And I said that out too! Why am I speaking my mind?" Ino brought Naruto's hands to his face, feeling the blood creep to his cheeks.

"...What?" Sasuke's eye twitched. "What do you want, Naruto? I'm going to close this door in your face if you have no reason in being here apart from the intention to annoy me. Shouldn't you be, I don't know, eating ramen?"

Oh! That's right! I'm Naruto and I'm supposed to be flirting with him!

"Oh I think you know what I want, Sasuke-kun." Ino made Naruto smirk.

"Ramen?" Sasuke asked. His eyes widened at a sudden realisation, a horrified expression swept across his face. "Wait, Sasuke-kun?" He took a few steps back, as Ino made Naruto advance towards him. Ino placed Naruto's hands forcefully onto Sasuke's shoulders to stop him from getting away, and then leaned in towards him.

"Believe it.
" Ino whispered, making Naruto's lips lightly brush against Sasuke's ear.

Ohhh for the sake of yaoi! Sakura must be soo jealous!

Sasuke felt the shivers down his spine at the feel of 'Naruto's' breathe lightly touching his ear. He gulped nervously at the proximity of them. Ino brought Naruto's hands to cup Sasuke's face, (Aw his face is so warm! He's blushing! – Ino's thoughts) and started to close the very little space left between them...

"W-what are you doing, dobe?" Sasuke managed to choke out in his attempts of trying to sound fierce. He brought his hands up to push this strangely acting Naruto away. 'Naruto' stumbled back a couple of steps, Sasuke using this chance to run upstairs.

No! I'm basically trapping myself if I run upstairs, damn it!
Sasuke panicked.

He turned back around to run downstairs and hurried to the living room since it was the most spacious room in his house. He looked around for a place to hide. His eyes scanned the room quickly, but a certain orange clad boy caught his eye.

Damn it!

He ran behind the couch so that the couch was separating them both. Every step that 'Naruto' took, Sasuke would copy.

Argh! I hate it when people do this! It's so juvenile but it makes it so impossible to catch them!
Inner Ino thought while trying not to make Naruto growl in annoyance, which it what she would have done if she was not pretending to be Naruto flirting with Sasuke. They both stopped and stared at each other on opposite sides of the couch, waiting for the other one to make a move.

"Oh come on Sasuke-Kun! Come play with meeee!" 'Naruto' purred.

Oh wow, Naruto sounds sexy when he purrs. He should purr more often. I hope Sakura is getting all of this.

And then Sasuke did something Ino had never seen him do. He laughed. Like, a proper laugh.

"Y-you dobe! What the hell was that?"


Suddenly before she could help it, she blacked out and found herself at Sakura's house.

Oh no! The mind transfer timed out! She shot up and bolted to Sasuke's house to find a fuming Sakura.

"You idiot! I thought you'd last longer than that!"

"Well I'm sorry that I had been training all day and, I don't know, maybe forgot that I had used up quite a bit of chakra?" Sakura rolled her eyes and turned her attention back to the house to find a very confused Naruto and Sasuke.

"Huuuh? Why am I here?" Naruto rubbed his eyes sleepily, looking around Sasuke's home.

"Hn?" Sasuke blinked.




"What the hell was all that before!" Sasuke finally exclaimed.

"What was what before? I didn't do anything! Why am I here? What do you want?" Naruto shouted twice as loudly, his hands flailing all over the place. All Sasuke could do was let out a sigh and look nonchalantly out the window. Really he was just fighting down a blush that he could feel rising to his cheeks. But something strange caught his eye. Something of the pink kind.

"Sakura?" He then noticed her blonde, apparent 'rival' next to her. Both were looking quite annoyed with each other. "...And Ino."

Outside Sasuke's house, Sakura and Ino had seen Sasuke noticing them, sporting a rather confused, flustered expression on his face. Panicking, they both squealed and ducked, inwardly cringing at how obvious they must have looked.

"I think he saw us!"

"Oh, really? You think?" Ino panted while still managing a sarcastic tone in her voice. Using up a lot of her chakra had left her very exhausted, as it had for many of the genin at Konoha. Her head lolled to the side and she glanced up at Sakura who was still peaking through the bushes. "Did you stop recording?"

"Oh!" Sakura fumbled with the camera and stopped the recording. "Well...I have no idea how that went. I mean, Naruto did do some weird flirting, and that could have left Sasuke confused as to what to think...especially if he was secretly enjoying it, but nervous because he wasn't sure if Naruto was joking or not. I've seen it happen in FanFiction many times and I'm pretty observant. Besides, it's just a start. If we just went right to the se-" Sakura instantly blushed at the sudden thought. ", making out and...other stuff, it'd be too full on and they might catch on. We aren't FORCING the yaoi onto them, or it wouldn't be real NaruSasu. We are just helping them...Ino are you even listening?"

"Huh? What? I zoned out about five minutes ago. Seriously, no one asked you for a friggin' monologue." Ino replied bored, examining her nails. Sakura growled but decided not to say anything; however Inner Sakura was on a fuming rampage. "Actually..." Ino's voice caused Sakura to snap out of her mini inner rant, and her head turned to Ino. Sitting up, kneeling with one leg, and using the other as support, Ino grabbed the camera from Sakura's hands and pressed record.


"They're fighting, this looks interesting and we are better off filming this then possibly missing out on something if we hadn't recorded." And with that Sakura nodded, and with the camera Ino zoomed in on the two boys.

Back in the Uchiha household Sasuke and Naruto were fighting, about nothing as per usual.
"I was merely asking why..."

"No! One minute I'm at my home, enjoying my ramen, then next thing I know...I'm at your house on your floor!"

"No baka! You were perfectly conscious when you were banging loudly at my door, demanding me to let you in! And when you...!" Sasuke suddenly paused feeling his face redden. Damn you Naruto!

"Liar! Liar! I was never at your door! I blacked out and woke up on your fl...OH MY GOD SASUKE YOU DID POISON MY RAMEN!" Naruto growled and leapt at Sasuke, tackling him.

"Wha-? Oomph!" Landing on the wooden floor, Naruto's legs were straddling Sasuke by the waist. Sasuke, remembering how Naruto had been previously acting, noticed how physically close the two of them were, and shuffled uncomfortably from beneath Naruto. "Naruto, I swear to God I did not by all means poison your ramen!"

"No! No! That was a wild guess last time! But now I have proof! PROOOOOOF! YOU POISONED MY RAMEEEEENNN!" Naruto yelled, while shaking Sasuke violently, his hands firmly gripping Sasuke's shoulders.

"Nah-ah-aru-uto-o! Sto-o-o-op it!" Sasuke's voice staggered from being violently shaken. Slowly Naruto stopped. Sasuke brought one hand up at felt Naruto's forehead.


"You've been acting strangely today Naruto, are you sick or something?"

"No! YOU'RE the one who is sick Sasuke!" Naruto shouted back. "In the mind Sasuke. IN THE MIIIIND!" Sasuke sighed and pushed Naruto off of him before getting up and dusting himself off.

"Well, since I'm supposedly 'sick' go home. And rest. And I highly recommend going to see the Hokage. You're weird."

"No! You're weird."

"Out." Naruto noticed Sasuke's deadpanned expression. An unsettling image formed in his mind if had he stayed any longer, Sasuke would start breathing fire with smoke escaping his ears. Not pretty. Swiftly he got up, and he too dusted himself off before making his way to the front door.

"Fiiine but don't think you've won this time Sasuke! I know of your evil plans..." With a last glance at the bemused Sasuke, he narrowed his eyes and left.
Sasuke breathed out a sigh of relief before turning sharply to the window. What were Ino and Sakura doing there...? He waited for Naruto to definitely have left before he made his way out the door and followed to where he had spotted the two girls.


What's going to happen when he sees them?
So yeah, er 'stay tuned to find out!'

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