"Mr Potter? Auror Longbottom wishes to see you just over there." The official looking man pointed to a rocky outcrop about a hundred meters to the green-eyed man's left, and Harry nodded his thanks before – with a tiny squeak – he popped right through the anti-Apparation wards and into existence at Neville's side.

Neville glanced happily up at him, and took his hand in a firm shake before dragging him down behind the dark rocks him and three other Aurors were hiding behind. Seamus ran over to Harry, and was followed closely after by Pavarti Patil and Susan Bones – who skidded to a halt beside the small group and hurriedly took cover as a storm of spells impacted against the rocks around them. Harry closed his eyes and then took count of the forces they were facing, stunned when he discovered that the attacks that were decimating the granite were coming from a mere group of four. "You know we're going to be late at this rate Neville!" The look in the young man's eyes clearly conveyed that he did know, and wasn't overly happy with it either. Harry peeked over the ledge, and quickly deflected a green jet with a powerful shield.

The group with which he stood was perhaps the most feared Aurorial force in the world – dubbed Hell Watchers by the dark wizards which they hunted; a name which they had happily taken aboard. Straight out of Hogwarts, the entire group that fought against Voldemort had been offered places in the elite team, but Amelia Bones had been unbelievably surprised when only four had taken her up on the offer – and indeed had nearly fainted when Harry was not among the few that had. Although Harry had steadfastly refused the offer, he still found himself called into the occasional battle – and so it was with immense glee that his first year Defence Against the Dark Arts students saw him off after he had received the summons – forcing him to promise to tell them all about it the next day. There was only one reason Neville or any other of his friends would call him into a battle, as they knew that he didn't overly like engaging in such violent acts – acts which he had assured himself he had certainly had his fair share of in his life. After looking over the battleground one last time, he ducked back behind the rock and turned to Pavarti. "Who are they?"

She smiled up at him, something akin to excitement in her eyes. "It's them Harry; the last of them remaining."

Harry's mouth dropped an inch. "Then Draco is…" She nodded, and he peered back over the wall of stone. "Who else?"

"We can't be sure, but we think it's Pansy, Bellatrix and Rudolph."

Harry's eyes hardened at the mention of the latter two – the only two Death Eaters that had managed to escape the Battle in his final year against Voldemort alive – and rumour had it that the hell he had put them through had only served to further their insanity. He hoped they were ready, because they were about to face it once again. "Are there any Aurors in our field?"

Neville nodded, and Harry's eyes were hard-set as he glanced at his long-time friend. "Get them out of here." Ten minutes later, the Aurors that had been waiting outside a barrier that Neville had established found themselves nearly vomiting at the tortured screams that came from inside the apparently normal battleground – but which they had all been warned was anything but. Finally, after a further ten minutes, the Aurors holding the barrier tensed when they saw movement from the hill in front of them – but relaxed when they saw Harry talking furiously with Pavarti and Seamus. They passed through the barrier without a second glance, and the clean-up team, also specifically trained for the sometimes horrific mess they had to erase, rushed inside where the warriors had just come from.

"Please Parvati – honestly, Hermione and Luna will kill me if I don't get there in time with Harry!" The dark-skinned woman hummed, as if in deep thought, and Harry snickered behind his hand when he saw the terrified look spread across his friend's face.

"Hmmm, fine, but you owe me Neville – you owe me big time."

"Ohmigodthankyou!" And with a rush, he grabbed Harry's arm and apparated away.

With a pop, the two men tumbled onto a thankfully very accommodating meadow – and Harry looked at his watch, but was bet to the comment by a musical voice from behind them. "You're lucky Neville, had you brought Harry back only two seconds later I would have been forced to use that transfiguration charm when you appeared."

Neville paled considerably at the blonde's threat, but Harry pulled himself off the flowers and pulled the young woman into a light embrace. "Sorry I missed you – Neville caught me just at the end of last period."

Luna grinned up at him and pecked him lightly on the cheek. "No problem Harry; your students all came looking for me as soon as school ended and told me."

He smiled warmly. "They're good kids." Another voice came from behind Luna's back, and Harry looked over to see the brunette being pulled into a hug by Neville – both of them smiling happily. Eventually Neville got up the courage to give Luna a hug, and Harry embraced his best friend happily. "I heard that you gave one Justin Weasley a detention today 'Mione…"

She pulled back and placed her hands on her hips with a disapproving huff. "I swear that boy is growing up to be just like his father – and I know that Fred enjoys teaching the poor boy how to pull pranks as well."

Harry just laughed at the very McGonagall look on the young witches face and pulled her inside the Lovegood home, where Xenophilius met a surprised Harry in a fatherly hug. "Dad, what are you doing here?"

The eccentric man smiled at Harry. "Luna sent me a letter inviting me over for dinner tonight; apparently she has some very important news for all of us."

Harry frowned and peered over Xeno's shoulder at his wife, a questioning look in his eyes. With a light twinkle in her eye, she sent him a quick message to meet her in the kitchen. Harry excused himself from his father-in-law with a confused look on his face, and headed immediately to meet his wife. He wasn't surprised to see Fawkes gulping down quite a large turkey drumstick when he entered the room, and made sure to clap him lightly over his head when he let out a rather loud burp. Properly chastised, and realizing that his Master was home; the bird ate with a little more reservation as Harry walked over to where Luna was carefully chopping the carrots in preparation for dinner. "Would you mind peeling the potatoes Harry?"

Harry nodded and automatically picked up the potato-peeler, and begun to manually strip them of their skins. "So what's the big news?"

"Well you know haven't been feeling well lately?"

Harry stopped peeling and looked over worriedly. "Yes, did you find out what was wrong?"

She nodded; a slight frown on her normally peaceful face. "I really did think that I just had a bad case of Wrapplesticking Fogspurts, but the Healer at St Mungo's Hospital assured me it wasn't."

Harry was waiting anxiously for her to speak again, and was taken aback when she turned to him, her face aglow with happiness. It took a moment for it to all sink in for the young man – but when it did his eyes flew down to where her hand was resting on her stomach, and they widened. "No, surely not…" His eyes flew back to her face, and she gave a happy nod. Harry stood still for a few seconds, but soon felt an earth-shattering grin spill out over his face as he pulled his wife to him in a loving embrace; tears threatening to spill from his eyes. "You mean, we're going to be parents?" He choked out, and she nodded – sobbing happily into his chest.

The three guests didn't see their two hosts until dinner was served, and it was with great surprised that they all found the married couple in the kitchen arguing frantically. "James Sirus." Harry said with finality, and Luna glared back at him – but with a slight smile on her lips which spoke volumes about just how serious the dispute was.

"Fine, but if you want that, then it's Elizabeth Marie."

Harry looked at a loss at what to do, but after a minute's hard thinking, he seemed to come to a decision. "A compromise," he offered, "Sirius Xeno, and Elizabeth Lilly."

Luna didn't even need to think about the agreement, because the result was exactly as she had been planning the entire time. "Deal." At her quick reply, Harry's face fell – knowing that he had been manipulated into exactly the position his wife had wanted him – but he had already resigned himself to the agreement, and so took her outstretched hand, acting slightly disgruntled.

Luna knew that it was all an act and that he was as happy with the result as she was – but it was at this point that Hermione piped up from behind them, deftly sipping at her tea. "What's this all about then?"

Luna turned back to the oven and pulled the pork roast from within its fiery depths, her voice completely light and conversational. "Oh nothing much; Harry and I were just discussing the names for our first child."

Hermione raised an eyebrow, and looked slightly disapproving. "Isn't it a bit early to be thinking about that?"

Harry shrugged and picked up the plate of potatoes before heading through to the dining room, calling behind him. "I don't know about you Hermione, but I really don't think that nine months is that far away."

Hermione spat the tea she had been sipping all over Neville as she spun furiously around, and glanced at Harry's beaming face. "What?"

Luna passed by the still-shocked brunette holding the steaming pork in its dish in-between gloved fingers, smiling dreamily as she walked past. "Yes, I was quite surprised when I found out too Hermione."

Xenophilius was the first to congratulate the pair, and had engulfed them both in a hug with tears streaming down his cheeks, whispering to his daughter that her mother was very proud of her; that he could feel his wife's happiness in his bones. This caused the younger Lovegood to burst into a new round of tears, and Harry had followed suit quite quickly – embracing the mother of his child tenderly and stroking her hair. Eventually – after quite some time – the tears had stopped, and the five witches and wizards sat down for dinner. After Hermione had gotten over her complete and utter shock, she had followed Neville's example and heartily congratulated the pair – and it was at a very late hour that the married couple's guests finally apparated and flooed away.

Harry sat on their couch, his wife lying beside him; the flames from the fire casting dreamy shards of light over their bodies, and Harry's hand which was held by Luna's on her stomach. Harry gave his wife a tender smiled, and pressed his lips to hers in something that conveyed his complete love for her. "Thank you so much Luna."

"What for?"

He smiled into the flames, and thought back to his memories. "I always wanted a family; I wanted to give my children the love that I never had – and now you've not only given me that, but you've given me all that you are. You've bound yourself to me for eternity, and I- I just can't thank you enough for what that means to me."

The silver-eyed woman by his side nuzzled his nose with hers softly; his words touching her deeper than he realized. "Thank you for loving me Harry."

He smiled warmly down into his wife's eyes, and he saw a future together that promised happiness in her deep, comforting orbs. With a gentle finger he stroked her smooth cheek, and placed a soft but loving kiss on her cheek.

He was ready to begin living.

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