Oh and I love Jeff to death by the way! It's just that Phil doesn't, haha. He'll get more love in later chapters :)

"Jay." Jay turned around when he heard his name, looking to the back of the room. Mr. Copeland was sitting there at his desk, blonde hair pulled back into a loose bun, wearing a white button shirt and dark jeans. He stared for a second before Mr. Copeland spoke again, "Jay come here, I need to talk to you for a second."

He looked around at the other students quietly doing their work before he got up and walked to Mr. Copeland's desk, playing with the hem of his black skull t-shirt as he went. He bit his lip and stuffed his hands into the back pockets of his jeans when he stood in front of his desk, slightly nervous.

"Yes?" He looked in Mr. Copeland's green eyes, god he was way too hot to be a teacher.

"I think I need you to stay after school today," Mr. Copeland answered, staring at Jay's lips.

"But I didn't do anything wrong, " Jay started, looking innocently at Mr. Copeland.

"Yes you have. You've been bad Jay, very bad..." he smirked, leaning forward over his desk...

Jay was snapped out of his thoughts by a rubber eraser flying and hitting him in the side of the face. He blinked a few times and turned in his desk to glare at the person who threw it at him.

"What the fuck Phil?" he glared at his best friend, who was sitting sideways in his desk laughing at him in his yellow Avengers t-shirt and camo shorts. Jay picked up his eraser and threw it back, hitting him in the chest.

The pink eraser bounced off of Phil's chest, hitting the Captain America right in that face, and onto the floor in between them. Phil continued to look at Jay and didn't skip a beat, "You're picking that up. And next time I'll just let you sit there looking like a moron and not tell you that we're about to take a test."

Jay looked around, the rest of the class was already moving around and switching desks. Mr. Copeland was unusually cool and let them take tests and quizzes in groups, most likely so he didn't have to worry about grading thirty or so papers. Phil waved the sheet of paper the test was on on his face, and Jay batted it away.

"I have the test already now hurry up and move your desk." Jay flicked the sheet of paper and they grabbed their desks and awkwardly scooted them together before sitting back down again.

"God, no, not again." Phil frowned as his other friend Jeff took them empty seat in front to them, sitting in it backwards with his legs on either side of the chair.

"Hey man," Jeff leaned forward onto their desks and pushed some strands of purple and red hair out of his face, "Sorry I didn't sit by you guys today, I was late."

Jay started to write his name on the top of their test and Phil just stared blankly at Jeff. "Don't worry about it, in fact you can just sit back there all the time. That would be great."

Jeff glared and pulled the paper across the desk, writing "Jeff Hardy" in his odd bouncy way right below "Jay Reso" before Phil could object. Jay looked between them and shook his head as Phil grimaced and scribbled "Phil Brooks" onto the paper. This way always how it was with them.

"So did you guys study?" Jay asked, half paying attention, looking over the test in front of them. Now was when he started to regret not doing the homework packet.

"No man, I was hanging out with Itchweed last night-" Jeff began. Jay looked up from his paper, and Phil continued to glare.

"Jeff why the fuck are you even over here? Seriously we'd be better off as a-"

"Man I help, last week I answered that one question."

Phil was grinding his teeth and looked like he was about to punch him, and Jeff stared back at him unfazed. Jay was about to say something, when he heard a voice from the back of the room.

"Guys." Jay turned his head around at the sound of Mr. Copeland's voice, "Get to work. 30 minutes." He looked at all three of them before going back to reading something at his desk.

"Okay Mr. Copeland." Jay answered back, and Phil mimicked him in a high pitched voice while making a face. Jay turned his head head back around and glared at Phil before he smacked them both in the back of the head. "Both of you need to seriously shut the fuck up." he hissed, trying to keep his voice down as he tried to return the focus back to their test, and not getting in trouble.

"Jay!" Jay froze at the sound of his name, still facing forward, "Keep it down." He put his head in his hands and sunk into his seat. He was going to kill them someday.

"Jay." Phil turned to him as the bell rang, backpack already over his shoulder. Everyone had finished their tests early, so they had sat around for the last 15 minutes of class just talking. "You need a ride?"

"Yeah sure." Jay answered, waving at Jeff who was already halfway out the door. He paused to look over at the teacher's desk before he pushed the door open, and Mr. Copeland looked up from where was straightening out the papers on his desk and smiled at him.

"Have a good weekend Jay." He felt his heart race in his chest and he blushed a little. Have a good weekend Jay, not Jay and Phil!, he thought grinning to himself.

"Uh you too!" he managed to say before walking out the door with Phil, trying not to smile too much as they walked to the parking lot.

"So you wanna come over again, go to the movies or something? I'll buy you dinner you can suck my dick?"

Jay laughed at that, "You wish, How about I kick your ass again in Marvel vs Capcom and then you can suck my dick?"

"Hmm... I'll let you call me Mr. Copeland," Phil grinned and Jay punched him in the arm, hard.

"I'm going to kill you someday, I swear."