"Did... did you dye your hair?"

Jay looked up from his history textbook and gave Adam a confused look. "What?"

"Your hair, it's..." Adam motioned with his hands for emphasis, "blonde."

"Yeah? It's always been blonde." Jay looked at him like he was crazy.

"No it hasn't! At the beginning of the year it was brown! And what I meant was it's really blonde. Like platinum blonde now."

Jay's pen slid out of his hand and onto the pages of his book as he leaned back in his chair, cracking his neck. "In a good way?" He asked as Adam looked away from the little bit of tight stomach above his belt as his shirt came up.

"Yeah, I mean-" He wasn't quite sure how to answer that, so he changed the subject, "So do you dye it yourself or...?"

"No, Jeff always does it for me. I guess it came out more blonde because we were messing around waiting for it and lost track of time..."

"I'm so bored." Jay frowned, sitting on Jeff's fluffy bed in a big t-shirt and his underwear, "What are we going to do to pass the time?"

"Pillowfight?" Jeff grinned as he sat next to Jay, grabbing a fluffy white pillow from the head of the bed.

"Good idea!" Jay laughed, grabbing a pillow and smacking Jeff with it, bouncing on the mattress as they hit each other, giggling hysterically. Jeff got one last hit in before dropping his pillow next to him on the bed, putting his hands on Jay's shoulders and pushing him down into the blankets, straddling his hips. Soft white feathers fell around them from the pillows.

"I know something else we could do to pass the time," Jeff purred, making Jay blush underneath him.

"Damn Adam, you're not even pretending to listen to me."

Adam blinked and smiled at Jay, trying to look apologetic. Damnit, this was not good.

"And you complain about me not listening to you." Jay rolled his eyes and Adam couldn't help but laugh.

"That's during class, you're supposed to be listening to your teachers! Plus I'm not standing in front of the class talking about dying my hair, Barbie."

"Whatever, you were the one who asked." Jay blushed a little, looking away for a second. "What were you thinking about then?" He ran his tongue over his lower lip and Adam couldn't look away.

"Uh..." Adam looked from his moist lips up into his blue eyes and his mind drew a blank. What was he supposed to be talking about? God, they way Jay licked his lips was so distracting, and what was worse is he did it all the time. Was he doing it on purpose? Wait, what was he supposed to be talking about? What he was thinking about? Pillow fights? Big t-shirts? Fluffy bed?

"So what did you think of the game last night?" Nice save!

"What game?" Jay narrowed his eyes.

"You know, any of them. Did you catch any of the games last night?"

"It's football season, last night was Wednesday." Jay bit his lip, almost looked like he was embarrassed for him, "Sundays and Mondays bro."

Crap. It was football season and Adam knew that, and now he just looked like an idiot, possibly a pervert idiot that thought of his students having pillowfights! He needed to say something, anything to change the subject...

"Well you're a nerd." Adam smirked. That'll show him.

"What?" Jay frowned, "I'm not a nerd, you're a nerd!"

"Yeah you are," Adam grinned, having turned the tables, "You know when every game is on, you know every team, if it's not hockey, it's football, if it's not football it's baseball, if it's not baseball, it's tennis, you know every player, you're always looking up little nerd facts on your phone and you play fantasy football."

"I don't play fantasy football!"

"Yeah but you didn't deny anything else, see! You're a nerd." Adam laughed at Jay as he blushed and stammered to defend himself, trying not to think about how cute he was when he did.

"And section one," Adam licked his finger to turn Jay's book a few pages, "through section four. That's all going to be on the test next Monday. You have any questions?" He watched as Jay flipped through, his eyes skimming the pages. Jay didn't say anything for a minute, and Adam's eyes wandered from his face to the tight gray t-shirt he was wearing.

"Like all of it or just the highlighted parts?" Jay looked up from his book at him and licked his lips.

"Here, let me see." Adam got up from the desk in front of Jay and moved next to him, putting a hand on his back and looking over his shoulder. Concentrating was difficult when he could see Jay staring at him out of the corner of his eye, feel his toned back beneath the thin layer of t-shirt, the clean smell of his skin, his wet tongue running over his lip...

"Yeah don't worry about this," he turned to look at Jay, whose face was inches away and suddenly the lesson wasn't so important anymore. He looked from his clear blue eyes to moist pink lips and leaned forward-

"JAY!" Phil kicked open the door and Jay almost jumped out of his chair, but Adam kept his cool, standing and moving his hand from Jay's back to rest on his desk. "Hurry up! You said you'd be done 5 minutes ago!" He turned to Adam and nodded, "Sorry for busting in Mr. Copeland, but I gotta return the car."

"Well, we'll continue where we left off Thursday." Jay looked up him, his cheeks pink and he opened his mouth to say something, but looked like he changed his mind. Adam closed his eyes, thinking about what he had just said.

"Hurrrry up." Phil tapped his foot as Jay slid all his books and papers into his backpack, before walking over to the door and following him out, kicking him as he did so.

Adam just stared at the door as it closed behind them.

"So..." Jay locked eyes with Adam, licking his lips nervously, "Are we going to continue where we left off?" He was standing in front of Adam's desk- he had chosen to forgo sitting with Jay that day to try and avoid... something happening between them. After the last tutoring session, and the last several nights alone in his room, he couldn't trust himself.

"I..." Adam felt his mouth go dry, "I think we went over all that already, right?"

Jay blinked, and looked down at his converse for a second before looking back up at him. "Yeah, sorry. Forgot." He looked over at his computer screen, avoiding Jay's eyes until he saw him take the seat closest to his desk, sitting backwards in his chair. They looked at each other for a few seconds, and Jay tapped his pen on the chair he was sitting in.

"So," Jay scratched the back of his neck, "I know you said you were married and it didn't work out but... when was your last boyfriend?"

Adam's eyes widened in surprise and Jay laughed a little, embarrassed, "I mean, like... hey you asked about me and Phil! You can tell me. Unless it's like fifty guys, then lie to me and tell me something normal."

Adam shook his head, "Why do you want to know?"

"Well you asked me about it, it's only fair." Jay stared at him for a second, "My god you did, didn't you? Fifty guys."

"No I didn't..." Adam looked away for a second, wondering why he was about to talk to Jay about this, "It's actually the opposite. Never had one."

"What... really?" Jay sounded sincerely shocked, "I thought you said you were..."

"Look," Adam pulled his hair out of it's bun and ran his fingers through it, "I got my second divorce two years ago. I haven't dated anyone since, but I haven't been alone." He tried not to laugh as he watched the gears click in Jay's head.

"Sooo," Jay bit his lip, and Adam's eyes followed him as he walked over to his desk, leaning against it- something he often did when he came over to ask Adam about something, but this time... Jay's toned biceps were at eye level, and Adam looked for a second before meeting Jay's eyes.

"Yes Jay?"

"Have you just been busy or... you just haven't found the right guy?" Jay looked into Adam's eyes, holding his breath and hoping he hadn't gone too far.

"I guess I just haven't cared enough to really pursue a relationship with anyone. Haven't had that chemistry with someone yet." He looked up at Jay, smiling a little, "What about you, you haven't found the right guy?"

A blush quickly spread across Jay's cheeks and his knuckles were white on the side of Adam's desk, "I," his let out a breath that was almost shaky before tried again, "I-"

Damn him for being so cute when he's embarrassed.

Jay's eyes rolled back as Adam stood, looking down at his soft lips before sliding a hand to the back of his head and pulling him close, moaning as their lips touched and Adam slid his tongue into his mouth. His hands fisted in the back of Adam's black button shirt as he let him take full control, pushing his back into the desk almost painfully as he ravaged his mouth.

Adam willed himself to pull away, taking a deep breath before taking a step back and look at Jay, face flushed and lips slightly swollen, leaning back against his desk.

"What... why'd you stop?" Jay looked at him with half lidded eyes and Adam resisted the urge to finish what he had started.

"Because," Adam ran a hand through his hair to calm himself down, "We can't do it here. We can't ever do it here." Jay watched as he looked around frantically on his desk, stopping when he found a pen. He ripped a sheet of paper out of his printer tray and scribbled his address on it, before handing it to Jay.

"My address. Come over tomorrow after your game." He couldn't believe he was doing this, couldn't believe he was this desperate, but there was no turning back now.

Jay nodded and grabbed his backpack before coming to stand in front of his teacher again, looking unsure of himself, before licking his lips and putting an arm around Adam's neck to pull him in for another wet kiss. He pressed himself against Adam's body, dropping his bag at his side when Adam's hands slid around his waist and down to cup his ass before pulling away.

"Okay, okay. Going. Fuck I feel like my dick is gonna bust out of my pants." Adam laughed a little and so did Jay, face flushed going in for another kiss before picking up his bag. "Tomorrow." He straightened out his shirt and jeans before heading out the door.

Adam closed his eyes and leaned back against his desk, tomorrow.