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Summary : It takes two to tango. It takes two twisted people to make such a naughty, naughty sex play.

Teach Me Naughty

Chapter 1

The Deal of the Devils

From the very first moment she caught a glance of him, she had sensed it.

They were the same kind; they had the same passion, the same twisted desire.

It was like that he was the male version of her and vice versa.

Common people wouldn't have realized it –as they differed in appearances, characters, hobbies, societies. But just like how liar could spot a liar, the same principle applied to her and him. Perhaps because she was a girl, and naturally she was more perspective than him (although the guy himself was quite the observer himself, but he had probably been busied too pay the same intensity to her), that she noticed him first. Oh, no problem, she thought. Soon, she would make him see her too.

Haruno Sakura fixed her thick glasses that rested upon her nose as she calmly watched the scene that happened before her eyes.

The man –that man – was not yet aware of her presence. He was still busied with his lust, still busied trying to maintain his lock on that other girl's wrist while his other hand was ripping off that pair of pink lacy panties. Sakura tilted her head and put her hand on her chin as she looked at the scene –as she looked at that rape scene – and thought, voila, here came inspiration.

"P-phwease, s-someone…" pleaded the poor girl through the gag. The moon light that peeked through the window of the biology laboratory helped Sakura to recognize the raped girl better. Although she couldn't fully see the face (the girl's eyes were covered with thick blindfold), but from the uniform, body shape, voice, and hairstyle, Sakura could identify the girl as one of her own classmates. She forgot what the girl's first name was, but if she wasn't mistaken, her last name was Shibata. Shibata-san was the quiet but cute girl who could blush madly only by having a guy greeting her good morning. And despite Sakura's personal fun, she actually pitied the poor girl. Shibata would be traumatized for her entire life.

The crying didn't subside and it even doubled once Sakura heard the sound.

The man penetrated her, breaking her only last layer of modesty and purity.

Shibata only muffled through her gag more.

For a second, Sakura thought of the rationale thing she should have done. She should have gone for help, she should have at least tried to save Shibata-san. Although she knew that as a girl, she wouldn't have the power to defeat the rapist, she could have just done…something. Anything. Besides, it was a rape scene in front of her and as the only witness; she should have been able to rescue her own classmate.

But she didn't.

Because just a second after she pitied her, a smile actually grazed Sakura's lips. When she heard Shibata scream, Sakura just wanted to moan. When she saw the rapist' hand grazing Shibata's smooth thigh, Sakura just wanted to finger her own folds.

Rape brought the lust in her.

She heard the sound of the zipper and she knew that the man was finished with Shibata.

"W-why me? W-why?" was Shibata's last words before darkness engulfed her again.

Sakura had witnessed the same process several times and knew the man's habit. Every time he was done letting out his dark desire, he would just force his victim to smell chloroform. Once his victim fallen asleep, he neatly and tidily removed all the evidences that might point to him. He would usually just drag the girl to the girl's restroom, go back to his biology laboratory –the place where Sakura had witnessed him doing the rapes several times – to clean out the shredded panties, blood, sperm, any everything else. Then, he would just casually walk out of the laboratory, lock the door, and sneak out of the school building.

He would come back the next morning as the ordinary teacher to find the other teachers were trying to calm down the shocked, raped girl.

No one would know that the student was raped by her own teacher.

No one…

…but her.

"That's a great lesson, Sensei," Sakura spoke as she clapped her hands and walked from the corner of the dark room to her own teacher. "Thank you for the show. You inspire me again, as always."

The man turned around in alarm only to see a girl –a student –, still in her uniform, still in her old-fashioned braided her, still in her thick glasses.

Instinct took over him as he momentarily dropped Shibata's body and stood up to –

"I'm on your side, Sensei, don't worry."

He halted and for the first time since he brought Shibata in to his laboratory, he let out his own voice. "Who are you?"

Sakura smiled and approached the teacher. "My, my. I always choose to sit in front, and yet you still don't recognize me?"

The teacher remained silent as he studied her.

The jade-eyed girl shook her head playfully and continued. "I can't blame you though. You only look at the attractive and cute female students. I admit that in school, I am unattractive so maybe you just don't think my existence significant."

The silence continued.

"Still no clue?" Sakura sighed. "Haruno Sakura from Class 3-B. I am one of your students in your biology class, Sasori-sensei."

He blinked. Apprehension hit him. Yes, yes, he remembered now. The nerdy girl who was always looked so interested in his lesson (all lessons, at that) and took studying very seriously. As a teacher, he should have been glad to have such a diligent student. But other than her flashy pink hair, everything else about her was just simply too gloomy and never she never managed to catch his attention. She rarely spoke at class too so he was not exactly that familiar with her voice.

But then again, even when he had never heard her speak, he hadn't thought that her voice would be like that… that sly, manipulative, mature…


"What do you want, Haruno?" He shot her the question. If she thought she could blackmail him, then she was wrong because he could show her who the boss around there. Even though he didn't exactly have the appetite to do it to such a plain girl, he knew he wouldn't hesitate in trying all ways to make her too embarrassed to report his queer fetish.

The girl only smiled and pointed at the still lying Shibata. "Take care of her first. I'll wait here."

As much as he hated to be ordered (by his own student at that), somehow Sasori got the feeling that it was wisest to follow her advice. He glanced cautiously at Sakura for a moment before soundlessly he picking up Shibata and heading out of the laboratory. The 25-year-old teacher carried his victim effortlessly through the path that he had gone through several times already. The school building was so silent at such a late hour. He didn't have to worry about anyone (other than that Haruno girl, of course) to catch him in act. Konoha High was such a boring school, located a little out of town. It was scarce to find anyone in school, especially at night. If there was anyone, it should have only been the school guard (whom Sasori had drugged and locked away).

That was why his missions were always perfect.

Almost always perfect.

He tried to be as composed as he carried out on his usual act. Opening the door to the girls' restroom, he laid the sleeping Shibata onto one of the toilet stall, closed the door, locked it from outside, and went out of the restroom.

Why was that girl there? He admitted that when he was engulfed in his own pleasure, he was less cautious of his surroundings. Perhaps that was how Haruno had sneaked her sly way in and watched him –

– had she been doing it all the time? Had she been witnessing him raping the students of the school this whole time?

Most importantly, what did she want?

The red-haired man traced his steps back to the laboratory. He knew that he still had too much power to be afraid for the even worst scenario. If that geek girl was to report him, Sasori knew that the support from his family and his strong influence in the political world would just bury a mere student's confession. He knew he was still in his best bargaining position…

…but still…

"You're fast," commented Sakura as she spoke to her biology teacher when the man entered back his laboratory.

Sasori eyed the girl cautiously. She had turned on one of the ceiling lamp, and although the lighting was still insufficient, it was enough for him to study her better.

Haruno Sakura was sitting calmly on his desk on the front side of the room. She was still in her uniform –one that she wore in the most conventional way: skirt that went below her knees, buttoned up shirt with tie, and the boxy blazer. Her pink hair was still in her usual neat braid and her thick glasses still adorned her face. He noticed how she was opening the drawer of his desk (one that he forgot to lock back after he got that blindfold and gag for Shibata) and how she was now studying the handcuffs he stored inside the drawer.

"Do not touch my belongings, Haruno."

The girl gave a quick smile before dropping the thing back onto the drawer and closed it back. "I am sorry, Sensei. I couldn't help but to feel fascinated with your toys."

He narrowed his eyes and studied her better. He knew that the girl thought that she was the one with the most advantage –and whether it was correct or not, he would have to find out. "What do you want, Haruno?"

"…I want to propose cooperation, Sensei."


"Yes," she said as hopping off the desk. She walked several steps to him, bent down, and took the ripped panties of Shibata. With a smile so wicked, she crumpled the cotton lace fabric and smelled it. "Virgin. She must have felt good, didn't she, Sensei?"

Sasori took another step until he was face to face with his student. He slowly reached out to take the panties back and smelled it himself. "I don't see how it's any of your concern, but you're right."

She smiled.

He went back to topic again. "What cooperation?"

"Ah, how impatient."

"I'm not the type who likes to wait."

"Hm," Sakura tapped her finger to her lips. "I'll remember that."

He disliked the way she just bought time and perhaps, this time, she sensed his dislike too. So Sakura only shrugged and continued on. "I've always watched you, Sensei. Since you were tasked as our biology teacher earlier this year, I've always watched you."

"Tch," he seemed uninterested. "Stalker."

Sakura giggled. "I am, but not in the way you presumed me to be. I admit that I am interested in you, but it's for a reason that you might not expect. I am not the immature, foolish girl falling in love with her Sensei or anything."

"What reason then?"

"I've been watching you and you are what I'm looking for."

He raised a questioning eyebrow.

Sakura resumed her speech. "I finally found the one with the same vision as me. Someone who could finally help me for real."

"What vision?"

She didn't immediately answer what he asked, but instead, she talked about something else. "Have you heard the name Suzuki Hasegawa?"

He had. Being a very monstrous pervert he was, Sasori had been accustomed to porn. He was not really into literature or manga (or porn manga at that. He was certainly the type who enjoyed AV more than adult novel), but he recognized the name Suzuki Hasegawa as one of the newcomers in the porn manga industry. He had only read one of his works and although he favored the same hardcore, he wasn't exactly that enchanted with the drawing style.

But point being, yes, he had heard the name and from the way Haruno Sakura speak about it, it seemed that –

"Well, Suzuki Hasegawa is my mangaka name," confessed the pink-haired girl.

Sasori was not really that surprised. "I see. Apparently, the school's geek is a porn mangaka. Why are you telling me this?"

"…because I need help and you're the one I think is fitted the most for the job."


She nodded. "It's been six months since I last could draw anything. Six months I haven't had any inspiration."

Ah, he could see things now. "So… you want to me to help you with your inspiration? What, you want to become my assistant in my rape project or something? You want to be granted a VIP seat to observe the way I am doing it to the girls?"

"No, I don't want to only see. I want to feel it. So, I need you to do those nasty things to me."

Even when he was surprised with her answer, he masked his confusion well. "You want me to have sex with you?"

"Or more precisely, I want you to rape me."

He chuckled.

She could understand his disbelief so Sakura found it appropriate to explain more. "As Suzuki Hasegawa, I don't draw the normal romance-smut or the ordinary porn manga, Sensei. If you read my works, you'll find out that I am a supporter of hardcore –"

" –sadomasochism –"

" –domination-submission sex, voila. There you got it." Sakura shrugged. "Mere sex won't gain me any inspiration I need. I need something more, something edgy, something out of the decent boundary. I don't write porn with love and affection. I write forced sex. I need something queer and I need to have the inspiration with someone who can accept the same ideal. Someone wicked enough, someone bastard enough." Sakura smiled. "Of course, I admit that I am still the type of person who considers physical appearance to be important, so I can't do it with only someone with merely wicked sexual preferences. I need him to be twisted and decent to look at too."

He still made no comment.

Sakura touched that hard chest of her Sensei. "Several months ago, just when I was desperate enough, I saw you. You are very handsome and you have the sickest mind and –"

"How do you know that I am into these things?"

She smirked. "We are that alike. Our smells are the same. I saw the lust in your eyes when you eyed your targets, Sensei. Ever since, I began to watch you and occasionally I also witnessed your raping scene." She saw the displeasure on his face and Sakura added, "It's normal that you've never noticed me before. I have learned years to make my own aura dissipate and besides, I think the way you're so focused on mindlessly fucking you've never noticed me watching you is a good thing. I like the dedication you put in your work. You're the genius artist." Oh well, boosting a man's ego would never hurt anyone.

"I got your idea, Haruno."

"Good. Then we can move to the technical things and –"

"But what if I don't want to do it with you?"

She paused. "I'm sorry?"

"What you're going to do if I refuse to do it with you? You're going to blackmail me?"

She knew he was testing her. Well, she already had the answer anyway. "I know that won't work. I've done a mini research on you and discovered that you still have a big power in Japan's political world, despite your status as a teacher. And besides, I've told you my own secret. I know you can always threaten me back to spill the secret about my little side job."

Precisely. "Why are you telling me your secret, again?"

"I'm telling you so that you don't think I will trick you. I want you to think that we're in the same position. I don't want us to do this just because I'm blackmailing you. I want you to put that much passion, that much creativity like when you're raping those girls when you rape me in the future. I'm not sure you can provide me such wildness and desire if you're under a blackmail pressure."

Sasori had to admit that the way that girl thought was perplexing him enough. She was interesting…in the obvious way. No girl had the guts to admit to him that she was a porn mangaka and asked him to rape her, but the only problem that he had was –

"Like you said, Haruno. I am an artist. When I rape, I also need inspiration. I also need my muse. That's why I can't just randomly rape any girl."

"I'm not inspiring enough for you?"

The pale-skinned guy snorted. "Haruno, you are certainly not an object of desire. Look at the way you dress. Look at your face. You're too plain to be my muse. So, I'm sorry, I can't help you with this. Though it may be fun if we someday just chat about our certain hobbies and similarities."

Sakura blinked before she spoke again, "Ah, I see. You mean this braid, these glasses, this old-fashioned uniform?"


"Well…" the girl sighed. "Give me less than minute," she told him as turning around. Sasori watched his student cautiously as she took off her glasses, took off her school blazer, and loosened up her tie. She then unbraided the long braid and untangled her messy, straight pink hair with slight waves. She used her finger to comb her own bangs to cover her forehead and rolled up her sleeves until her elbows. As promised, in less than a minute, Haruno turned around to face her teacher again –that time as a seemingly different person.

Sasori had to admit that the girl looked so much better now. Without her glasses, he actually got to study her face and he could tell that although without make up, Haruno was actually a very pretty girl. Her jade eyes were big with long lashes, her nose was sculpted perfectly, and her lips…alluring enough to nibble. Her messy hair actually worked much better than her usual neat braid. He had to admit that the girl went from class' nerd into a smoking hot girl. Perhaps…he could change his mind… This young, supple, pretty girl was asking him to rape her, shouldn't he call himself a lucky man?

She smiled sweetly, innocently. "I can see that you're starting to think that this isn't a bad idea at all."

"Let me clarify your proposition. So you want me to rape you to show you queer, mindless, sex so that you can get the inspiration to draw back your porn manga?"


"Why do you need to take it to such an extreme level? Why not just gain the inspiration by watching AV or something. I can recommend you several good titles."

"I tried that, but it failed. I needed to feel the terror, the force, to make me able to write again."

"Why is drawing porn so important to you?"

"Well…other than I want to succeed my late grandfather's job –"

"Your grandfather?"

"You must have heard the famous name of Jiraiya-sama?"

"Oh, so he is your grandfather."

"He is. But other than that, I have to admit that naturally I enjoy this kind of thing. I love the sick idea, I got turned on by forced sex, I love it."

He snorted. "You're queer."

"Oh, there's another story behind my queer hobby, but I can just tell it during our intercourses later," spoke Sakura as she held her hand for a handshake. "So how about it, Sensei? Do we have the deal?" Without waiting for his answer, Sakura grabbed Sasori's right hand and dragged the hand closer to her, putting the big palm on one of her covered boobs.

"Hm, B-cup."

"I'm C-cup, actually."

"Liar. This is B."

"Well, technically, the size is still B. But I can always still grow," winked the pink-haired girl. She put her hand on the top of his hand that was holding her own breast. "See how fun this will be? How it will satisfy both of our dark desires? You can do anything to my body and you won't need to think a way to remove the evidence or anything. I will never sue you as I also give you the consent to it."

"Haruno, I am a sadist. I don't pleasure girls. I torture them," spoke the teacher. And as if giving the emphasize, Sasori gnawed strongly on the mound. He did it without any care, without the slightest worry that his strong grip on her perky boobs would leave blue bruises on the morning.

But the girl only smiled and sighed in pleasure. "I know. And you should have known also by now that I am a masochist myself."

There was a smirk adorning the man's face as he twisted her nipple through her shirt uniform painfully before he let go of his grip from her breast. "I like your idea, Haruno," he commented as pulling out the pen from his lab's coat and tore a piece of paper from his notepad on the desk. He wrote something on the paper before giving the piece to his student. "Here's my address. First practice begins there tomorrow, Saturday. 8 PM."

Sakura smiled as she took the paper and rolled it neatly before sticking it inside her bra. "I'm glad we had this talk, Sensei. See you tomorrow."

"Yes, see you tomorrow."

She smiled playfully, he smirked.

Devils found playmates.

To be continued

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