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Teach Me Naughty

Chapter 10

The Good Girl

Sakura didn't have any grudge against her.

They barely had anything to relate to each other, they were in different class, but Sakura had heard that the new transfer student, Hinata Hyuuga, was a shy and kind woman. Hinata was also very beautiful –but the said girl didn't suppose to realize that she possessed such beauty. The humbleness and the sense of humility inside her was what Sakura supposed as Hinata's magnet. Boys gathered around her –and even that certain teacher felt the urge to rape her.

Well, notwithstanding the fact that Sasori would not deny any chance to rape any girl –not always Hinata in particular…

Sakura sighed.

It was not that she wanted to feel sentimental or anything. Years had taught her well. She didn't really have any friends, female nor male. To her, high school was not a place for socializing. She couldn't completely understand why girls just liked to hang around in groups and gossip the random nonchalant things. Sakura wasn't an emo or goth or punk or prep or any other classification. Well, perhaps she was the nerd. But she knew she was more than that. Social classification in high school didn't matter to her. She tried to be as less attached as possible to high school life. Thus, supposedly, she shouldn't consider any of her high school mates to be important.

But there was something about Hyuuga Hinata that made her really doubted Sasori's ideas.

Sure, she had witnessed him raping other innocent, fragile-looking girls. Hinata was supposed to be no different. Sakura was not meant to show any particular pity to her, but…

Perhaps because the nature of Sasori's idea was absurd enough –that she got these doubts.

Raping someone? She was not unfamiliar to the forced sex and rape, but to actually do it to another girl would be a different thing. And she was not a lesbian. Having sex with girls would be…plainly ridiculous.

And it wasn't as if she had to obey Sasori's order anyway. She truly wanted to keep their cooperation pact, but raping a girl had consequences and –

"After school. Seven PM. I'll take care of the preparations.."

He always had the habit to surprise her, but thankfully, she could mask her surprise well enough. Slightly looking to her left, Sakura saw the deranged teacher was already standing and walking beside her on the school's corridor.

Sakura exhaled a sigh. "I don't know, Sensei. I don't really feel –"

"Just be there," he shrugged. "You just have to pay heed to my command. You want to keep our cooperation, don't you?"

She groaned. "You're not my world, Sensei."

"No, but I am still your muse. You need me."

"I don't need you."

"Oh, is that so?" he mocked.

She grunted and muttered some curses under her breath. "Fine. Seven PM, right?"

"Yes. See you there, Haruno."

She came back to the classroom he had referred in his text at seven PM. Sakura had earlier returned to her home to change clothes and even did her homework. Which was queer to her, how was she able to still maintain her normal daily routine when she was about to commit one of the most cursed crime ever? She thought that maybe her own deranged mind was enough to wipe away all moral she had for herself –and other people.

But when the pink-haired girl walked into the classroom, she found out that even she could be deterred.

The room was dimly-lit. It was not that bright, but the dim light from a ceiling lamp was enough to illuminate the crying figure that was bound to a chair in front of the class. Hinata's eyes were blindfolded but tears seeped slowly from the black cloth. Her mouth was gagged with a ball gag, muffling her whimpers. And her ears were all covered with big headphones with blazing music. She was perfectly immobilized on her chair –Sasori always knew how to use ropes well.

"She is all yours," a voice announced.

Sakura turned to her left to find Sasori was sitting casually on one of the tables. He was wearing a mask and she could immediately tell how the mask had something to do with his suddenly changed voice. The voice was still low and dark, but it was even huskier. If she hadn't recognized his tone well, she wouldn't have been able to tell out it was the perverted teacher. "You –"

"I don't recommend you to speak, dear student," Sasori spoke in that low voice. "We don't want Miss Hyuuga here to report you after what you will do to her. There are possibilities that she still could hear, despite the ear plugs and headphones that I put on her." He sensed the questions in her jade eyes and in lazy manner, Sasori just signaled the intelligent girl to follow her to the back of the class –where their whispers would never reach Hinata's ears. "I actually still have one voice-changing mask, but I hate to see you wear that mask. I want to see your expression as you rape Hinata-chan."

Sakura shot him a glare and muttered slowly, "I haven't agreed to –"

"For the sake of hiding your identity," he interrupted her words. "I'm going to call you Puppet, during your little rape show. I'll be the one giving you the instructions. Your task is to prepare and stimulate Hinata-chan. The rest is my job, but of course, you are more than invited to join."

"I don't know, Sensei. I –"

"You've seen me raped the other girls, what's the big deal?"

"The big deal is that I will be involved in it."

He snorted. "Don't start the saint façade again, Haruno. You are a slut. It's not a new thing for you."

"Yes, it is!" she hissed. "I don't want to –"

"Then…consider our pact over."

She narrowed her eyes. "I am not the only one who needs our cooperation. You also need me."

"I am sorry, Haruno. But you can be substituted mindlessly. However, my substitute won't be found that easily," he smirked. "And I heard that your manga is climbing its popularity peak? Surely it will be too fast to fall down now, won't it?"

He enjoyed the hatred that shone in her eyes. He liked the way how she detested him for being so…true.

"Come," he spoke as dragging her back to the front of the class –to the spot where Hyuuga Hinata was tied on that chair. "I'm going to show you the first move," and with that, Sasori clutched the school shirt Hinata was wearing and tore them open.

The muffled shriek made Sakura cringe. She really couldn't understand herself. It really wasn'ther first time seeing Sasori did improper things to other. It was not the first time that she had seen how crystalline tears flowed freely from a girl's innocent face. It was not the first time she heard those groans of despair, to sense the fear, to feel that suffocated.

…wait. Suffocated?

Yes…it wasn't the first time, but where was the first time again?

"No, please, don't do this! D-don't…"

"Calm down, Sakura."

"N-no please…I trust you, I –"

Sakura unconsciously gritted her teeth. Why did she remember that again at times like this?

Perhaps because Hinata reminded her a lot of her young, innocent self?

Yes…probably that was why she found it difficult. Although she and Hinata differed in personality and appearance, but the fear was always real, always the same. Sakura probably hadn't felt much sympathy towards the other girls Sasori had raped because she didn't get to experience how the rape process first hand. But now…she was looking at the exact fear, the exact weakness that was her years before. The fear and weakness that was formed inside one Hyuuga Hinata was exactly what she had felt years earlier.

She had been weak and that was why she had been raped.

Weakness is a curse.

Weakness is a sin.

And to have payback…

"Sensei, I beg you, I beg you…! No…!"

This…was probably her only chance.

Sasori's lazy eyes were settled towards the form in front of him. He chose to sit on a chair on the side of both Sakura and Hinata. The girls' action could be seen easily that way.

His blood rushed faster in silent excitement.

Just by merely looking at the dark-haired student, Sasori felt like he would acquire all. Hinata Hyuuga was a beautiful girl to begin with, but the contorted pain and embarrassment that adorned her face made her even more desirable. Her whimpers sounded like sweet melody to his ears and her building fear paced his adrenaline. She let out a muffled moan when those fingers tugged down her shirt until her elbow. Her pale, spotless skin was seen and his own fingers yearned to touch it.

But he had to show restraint.

It was not yet his turn, it was still his other whore's turn, it was her job.

The Haruno seemed to slowly lose her poise. He supposed that albeit her queerness, she still had doubts in taking Hinata's clothes one by one. Perhaps it was sympathy, but Sasori would like to think that more as a fear. He couldn't precisely tell why, but he was sure that Sakura's trembling hands was not only because she felt guilty towards Hinata.

"Just yank the shirt off, Puppet."

Sakura only clutched the fabric of Hinata's shirt but she did nothing.

Sasori sighed. "The first act is probably always hard. But eventually it will be alright. Nothing will matter anymore afterwards. You rip it for the first time, and you'll feel no remorse as you rip it for the second or more time," he remarked and gave her the advice as the pro one here.

Sakura still didn't do anything. And her trembles got worse. He faintly noticed that even compared to her victim, Sakura's body shook harder.

The girl would never be able to continue that way, he thought. Standing up, Sasori then pulled another blindfold from his pocket. He got behind Sakura and casually tied the blindfold to his student's eyes as well. His big palms went to her front to squeeze her breasts as encouragement before he whispered the mantra, "You see nothing now. You are to fear nothing. Nobody would blame you for this and it would all be over before you know it."

Sakura's trembles didn't immediately dissipate, but the girl slowly nodded. Being blindfolded actually soothed her more. The way that she heard Sasori's authoritative voice made her feel like she was his puppet, that whatever she did, she still had her master. Even for a moment, she would lie to herself and told herself that she would never be responsible for anything she would about to conduct –her puppeteer held all her strings.

She needed only to succumb…and obeyed her master.

"Stretch your hands forward until you touch the shirt's garment," Sasori began and to his pleasure, the blindfold method was pretty effective. Although slowly, but Sakura did as what she was told. "Yes, like that. Clutch the fabric. Gather the garment on the both of your palms and…rip them away."

Hinata's already torn shirt was pulled even further. Sakura's hands immediately retreated back –as if the sound of the ripped clothes and Hinata's muffled scream scared her. But…

"At the moment, you are my puppet. You do what you're told to do. Now, extend your hands again, yes like that, and feel her skin, yes, precisely…" Sasori commented as Sakura's fingers slowly and timidly reached out to touch the pale skin of the Hyuuga. The tips of the rosette-haired girl were pressed onto the virgin's skin. It was Hinata's turn to shudder again. To see both his girls to be so timid and embarrassed, Sasori was pleased. Hinata's actions were pretty expected and he was pleased with her. However, Sakura's uncertainty and shivers were even more unexpected. Apparently, he might have another card to use upon the cocky girl later besides humiliating her. It was pleasant to know that she was not all that strong and mighty.

"Trail your fingers low until you feel the garment of her bra."

Hinata flinched when those fingers made slow traces towards her breasts and whimpered again when the dark voice told his puppet to take down the cups of her bra.

Slowly, slowly…in agonizing manner…

Sakura finally managed to release her mounds from the bra. She drew back her hands instantly but the voice of her master told her to touch the breasts now. She hesitated, but Sasori gave a strong jerk on her pink hair that she deemed as the cue to do what she was told to.

Slowly, Sakura's fingers enclosed around Hinata's breasts.

Sakura had often stimulated herself, so the softness and the supple weight of breasts were not exactly a new thing for her. But she had to admit that it felt different to touch other girl's assets. Other than the fact that Hinata's probably D cups were bigger than her, it felt weird to touch breasts but not feeling the sensation herself. It was not that she wasn't turned on; Hinata's suppressed whimpers (and she swore she heard moans too) were rushing her adrenaline, almost turning her on. Sakura was straight, however submissiveness always turned her on –be it her own submission or the others.

"Squeeze her boobs more, like this," Sasori commanded as he gnawed his fingers around Sakura's covered breasts.

Sakura flinched a moment before she applied the same pressure to Hinata. The jade-eyed girl's small hands would never be able to fully engulf Hinata's breast, but her fingers were trained and the size of her hands didn't really matter that much.

"Now, lick her breasts," the teacher spoke as pushing the pink head further until her nose touched the softness of what she would recognize as Hinata's mound. Sakura hesitated for a moment, but Sasori's palm around her left breast mashed her B-cup boob, and like his obedient whore, she started to do what she was told to do.

Sakura thought she would hate herself for being that submissive towards Sasori, but no. Well, yes, she liked how Sasori always dominated her in sex, but she didn't quite like how Sasori dominated her and told her to do something in life. It was the different kind of submission. However, the mangaka somehow didn't care much.

No, she faintly realized as her tongue reached out to wet Hinata's nipple. I just can not think of anything at the moment.

Her mind was beginning to feel numb and still she didn't care. She supposed she was turning more and more into Sasori's puppet: she licked the way Sasori wanted her to, she squeezed the way Sasori wanted her to, she did whatever he ordered her to do. Hinata's whimpers, shudders, trembles, moans, through-the-gag beg, tears didn't matter anymore. Sakura supposed her own fear slowly dissipated and she got bolder in licking and slurping Hinata's erect nipple. But her boldness, she presumed, had nothing to do anymore with sexual urge.

It was order, as simple as that.

Sasori ordered her to crawl lower, until Sakura kneeled on the floor, her chin almost touching Hinata's knees.

His orders continued: Spread her leg, lift her skirt, roll down the underwear…

She did it all.


"Put your finger inside her vagina," told the red-haired man.

Sakura's small fingers reached forward. Humidity and heat already surrounded Hinata's nether area. Her finger touched Hinata's pubic hair and she realized that the girl was wet already.

The Haruno was about to insert her finger in, but the muffled voice halted her action.

"W-why?" Hinata whimpered through her gag. Her voice was not clearly heard due to her gag, but somehow, Sakura could hear the voice well.

Her weak voice even broke the numbness inside her.

"Y-ywou're a g-girwl t-too, r-rwight? W-Why y-ywou dwo d-dis to me?"


"W-why c-cwould ywou b-be d-dis crwuel? W-what m-mwad-de y-ywou swuch a perwson?"

What made her such a person?

Something inside Sakura snapped.

The unwanted memory came back.

"I really like you, Sensei. You're the only person who doesn't consider me ugly or stupid or –"

His large hand gave a soft pat on the top of her head. "You're not ugly or stupid. You never are."

"What made me…such a person?" she repeated the question again, ignoring Sasori's earlier suggestion not to speak, ignoring Hinata's muffled mutters.

The red-haired teacher wanted to shut the pink-haired girl's mouth –if only he wasn't curious with the sudden change of voice, the sudden change of aura from his twisted student. He knew all along that the girl was not someone he could regard easily. Haruno Sakura could be dangerous, but he had often thought that she was too restricted with her own self control (except in sex, that was) to let any of her true nature out. But at the moment, he knew he was facing the dark side of this girl.

It was something that he did not want to meddle with.

He didn't fear her, but he didn't want to bring troubles to himself either.

"I was raped before," Sakura began and Sasori noticed that it was the same darkness, the same psychotic side of the girl that he had encountered that day when he first learned about her bitter past. "You are lucky, Hinata-san. At least, you are not twelve. At least you don't trust your soon-to-be rapist. At least you've spent years of happy-go-lucky life," she paused to sigh dramatically. "I wasn't that lucky."

Hinata couldn't hear anything Sakura said. The pearl-eyed girl realized that someone was talking to her, but the music and the earplug were preventing her to sort anything out.

To Sakura, it didn't matter. It didn't matter that Hinata couldn't hear. It didn't matter that Sasori could hear, despite her earlier hatred to talk about her past towards her partner in crime. Sasori himself was sure that even the cherry blossom didn't have control over herself at the moment –how could she even realize what she was talking about?

"He was my elementary teacher, Hinata-san. As a kid, I was bullied. And he was the only one there to comfort me, to make me feel like it's alright to live, to make me feel for the first time that someone…truly loved me. And I trusted him..."

The jade eyes turned cold as her pale hands suddenly reached out to touch Hinata's trembling cheeks. "And he was so kind…so very kind. He said the sweetest words and did the gentlest touch…" she continued. "And you know how it all happened, Hinata-san?" she rhetorically asked, because the next moment, Sakura continued her story. "It was raining hard that day. I was probably the last kid at school. Those other girls had thrown away my bag and shoes and I spent hours after school to look for them." she paused to chuckle. "Only to find that my shoes were burnt."

"I was almost used to being bullied, but that was the farthest they had done to me. So I cried. And I knew I had to meet him, because he was the only one who could make me feel better. And besides, Mother wouldn't even care if her 12-year-old daughter came home several hours late. Her dates were always more important than such an annoying pink-haired brat."

"So I came to the school infirmary, where Sensei and I would usually meet. He was a math teacher, but he somehow always liked to stay in the infirmary. Rumors said that he was engaged with my school's nurse," Sakura giggled. "Ah, too long for a prologue, Hinata-san? Did I bore you already? You want me to go to the real details?"

Hinata's whimpers already ceased, but her tears hadn't stopped rolling.

Sakura affectionately brushed out her tears. "Shh. Calm down, Hinata-san. Calm down. I'm not here to hurt you..."

"Calm down Sakura-chan. You don't have to care about anybody. I'm your friend. I'm your only friend. You know you can trust me. I will never hurt you."

"Sensei. It hurts.. I hate being bullied. I hate being humiliated! I hate it how my friends are always so cruel... I hate how my mother never cares. I want it all to go away!"

"..you want it all…to go away?"

"He told me to lie on the bed. He patted my head until I calmed down..."

"What's this blue bruise on your knee, Sakura?"

"...Ami pushed me to the ground..."

"That's very unthoughtful. Did she hurt you somewhere else?"

"...No, i suppose. It was more of –"

"Let me check it, Sakura. We wouldn't want you to have more unknown bruises."

"His hand grazed my thighs, searching for wounds... creating more wounds instead..." Sakura darkly muttered as her own hand slowly caressed Hinata's thighs. "He coated it so nicely, like he cared..."

"Now open your shirt, Sakura. I need to see whether Ami hurts you there."

"N-no, Sensei. Y-you don't have to check it. I-I'm sure that Ami has never –" the young girl blushingly muttered as trying to pull up her rolled down pink skirt.

The larger hand stopped her action and pulled the skirt even further away. Then, his other hand started to unbutton her white ruffled shirt.


"You do trust me, don't you, Sakura-chan? I'm doing this for your sake."

"I-I d-do trust you. B-but y-you don't have t-to worry. Ami never hurts me physically –"

"I couldn't be that sure, Sakura."

"No, Sensei. Really it's –"

"And he unbuttoned my blouse. One by one. Stripping me. I didn't even wear bra that time. He only yanked away my camisole... roll down my underwear..."

"You're right. There are no other bruises. But why is your skin burning? Do you have fever, Sakura?"

Sakura gritted her teeth as she suddenly pressed both her hands onto Hinata's breasts. The other girl moaned as the pink-haired continued her story, "His big, disgusting hand touched my breasts. He played with my nipples. He rubbed his member on my core..."

"Sensei, please! Stop this! I don't want this! I –"

"I'm making you feel good, Sakura. Trust me, just trust me like usual. You'll feel better after."

"L-lick my nipples, s-suck my clitoris –" Sakura angrily clawed at Hinata's breasts.

"Sensei! No, I beg you! Stop this! STOP!"

"You taste really good, Sakura. You taste too 're a good girl. You're my favorite girl..." the man kept saying soothing words between his bites to the lips of her sex.

She cried. "SENSEI! STOP IT! I BEG YOU!"

"S-strech my legs away, part my labias, and he fucking f-fucked me!" Sakura screamed hysterically as she pulled away from Hinata. She hadn't realized that her face was already wet from tears. Shakily, Sakura dropped her body to the floor and she hugged herself tight. She hated that memory. Why would she be reminded at such horrifying memory again? Something had changed within her that night. Something had snapped. Something that had made her stronger, more cynical, more powerful...

But it was still something she never wanted to remember.

Her first experience had driven her crazy. Reversed psychology, she found years after her first sex, when she was 15, that she ironically became obsessed to sex. She owed it to that teacher. But at the same time, she still hated him for that.

It was insane.

She was insane.

Sakura didn't have much time to think though, as she suddenly felt the strong arms that scoped her up. His hand snatched away the blindfold. Her head was still slightly dizzy from the painful reconcialiation, but she still vaguely saw that it was Sasori who lifted her up from the floor and seated her on the table. Hn, Sasori. She almost forgot that he was still in the scene.

That night was too much for her. She would just apologize to Sasori and let him do her Hinata project alone. What Sakura needed right now was to go straight home to bed, take a long bath, trying to forget and –

Her body was pushed down until it hit the table. She confusedly looked up, where Sasori was already hovering above her.

"...Your little confession makes you more interesting than you already are, Haruno. Now that you've spilled your secret, how about if I help you replay and reminiscence that old past of yours, eh?"

There was maniacal glint on his eyes. The glint that she used to crave for, but not so for the moment. "Sasori, what do you –?"

The red haired man pried her legs away and forcefully penetrated his penis inside.

Sakura grimaced. "D-don't you want to do it with H-hinata?"

"I change my mind. Apparently, you truly can ignite my passion and inspiration more than any other girls. Consider it a compliment. Now..." he softly spoke as putting his palm on her eyes, blocking her sight. "You are going to be that weak 12-year-old girl. And I am going to be that hypocrite teacher. And we are going to have a play-by-play account. I need you to remember that moment again, Haruno. Remember the fear. Remember the trust you had on that teacher..."

"I don't want to –"

"You do trust me, don't you Sakura-chan?" the hazel-eyed teacher cruelly, unconsciously, imitated the ghost of her past.

Her limbs got weak and her voice cracked. "N-no..."

She knew it was stupid. Her mind, her brain kept telling her that it was Sasori, it was a different teacher. She knew they were different. She knew that she was not the same weak little girl. But she couldn't help but feel...

Nostalgic. In a cruel, sadistic way...

No matter how much she kept telling her mind that it was different, that this was Sasori –only trying to make fun of her – but she couldn't control her own body reaction. She whimpered, she cried, she was afraid.Fear drove the instinct inside of her. Sakura quickly pushed Sasori away with her best strength, jumped off the table, and ran towards the door.

But before she could even touch the handle, a rough arm was pressed against her mouth and another arm was encircled around her waist. His force was pulling her down and soon she was pinned to the ground. Her limbs rebelled a lot, she tried to scratch him, kick him, push him away again, but to no avail. The red-haired man only gave a powerful slap on her cheek that made her whimpered immediately. One of his hands was choking her neck and another one was ripping off her panty.

"N-no, S-sensei..."

She didn't even know why should she act exactly like whom she was years ago.

"Hush, Sakura-chan... You only need to trust me," he said as locking her hands with metal handcuffs.

"S-sensei, s-stop. I-I..."

Sasori spread her legs away. He probably spread her too much from what was truly required, but he gave no damn. Her shaven womanhood was shown and without any stimulation, he penetrated her.

Her scream broke.

A wicked smile crossed his handsome face. There was tingling satisfaction as he added more force inside her tight walls. "How many times did he fuck you, Sakura-chan? You still remember?"

Her tears cascaded more. "P-please, stop this. I-I don't want to –"

"Three times? Four times? The entire night?" he questoned as he pinched her clitoris hard.

She screamed.

Sasori laughed. "Finally. It took you long enough to really succumb like this. Finally, you are a proper victim. I really should be thankful to that elementary teacher of yours, Haruno."

Sakura's jade eyes slowly fluttered close. Just like that time. To cease the pain, she only needed to numb herself.

She fainted not so long after.

To be Continued

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