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Dean did what he had to do. He took pride in knowing that he supported his brother, Sam, and that he raised him and now he was in Stanford, about to become a lawyer. Dean liked to think that he had done something right. He needed to know that he had raised Sam the best he had because after both of their parents had died, he had taken over as Sam's parent and guardian. There wasn't anything he wouldn't do for his brother... which was why he was working as a mailman.

Dean loved his brother, he really did, but after getting fired from his last bartending job- he had gotten into a fight with a guy who was getting to close to Sammy for comfort and then some- and having to take up a job as a mailman, make no mistake; Dean was going to give Sam hell. After all, he was his older brother (which was reason enough to give Sammy hell) and he was helping pay most of the kid's college tuition. He was going to get Sam through school and Sam had better graduate as vale-friggin'-dictorian… Although Dean didn't know whether they had valedictorians in college since he had never been to college.

He was getting used to his mail route although he wasn't getting used to waking up at ungodly hours in the morning. He stopped walking when he saw something that wasn't usually on his route- a man dressed in a trench coat, slacks, white unbuttoned at the collar shirt, and a loose tie that Dean had the urge to either tighten or take off in front of the Novak house. (Dean was betting the latter since his pants had tightened upon seeing the man.)

The man was standing at the middle of the six steps that led up to the Novak house before going into walk way that led to another three steps to get up to the house. To Dean's amusement, he went back down the stairs and looked like he was going into his car but then he turned and walked right back up the steps, stopping just before the fifth step. He did that for several minutes before Dean's amusement ended.

"Hey, if you're trying to pull a quick one, you probably shouldn't stand in plain sight for this long," Dean said. The man jumped, having been unaware of Dean's presence and Dean's breath caught in his throat when beautiful, wide blue eyes focused on him.

"A 'quick one'?" the man frowned.

"Yeah, you know, robbing the place?" Dean said, walking up to the man. "Where've you been? Under a rock for the twenty-first century?" The blue eyes didn't waver off of Dean's form and Dean found himself thinking he'd done something wrong. He was being reprimanded without words. Then again, the guy probably hadn't liked being called dimwitted.

"If I were going to rob my… If I were robbing them, I believe I would have done it by now," he said, his look and voice were both confused. Dean sighed. Most of his jokes- if not all of them- would probably fly over this guy's head if he didn't get the robbery reference.

"Then why the hell you standin' out here for?" Dean asked looking through the letters for the Novak house, giving a fleetingly brief thought as to why the man gave him a disapproving look. "Are you Uriel Novak, Gabriel Novak, Raphael Novak, or Zachariah Novak?"

"No, I'm not," he said, his gaze shifting towards the house and Dean found himself frowning, wanting the blue gaze back on him.

"Well that leads us back to why you're haunting the Novak's home," Dean said.

"Home…" the man muttered under his breath, glancing at the house and then when he looked back at Dean, he had a fiery look on his face. "What business is it of yours whether or not I'm standing on steps? This was my house too. I have more right to stand here then you do. If I want to linger here, then I will damn well linger here!" The curse didn't sound right out of this man's mouth and Dean didn't know why.

"Dude, chill out. Don't go all Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde on me," Dean said. "Tell me you at least get that one." The man crossed his arms.

"You don't know me to immediately say I'm pulling a 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'," he said but this time there was a trace of annoyed amusement in his eyes. Dean was stunned into silence, sort of surprised that the reference hadn't flown over the blue eyed man's head.

"GABRIEL!" there was a shout from inside the house and Dean was pretty sure that even without the open windows, they still would have heard it. Both men turned surprised towards the house and then the blue eyed beauty got flustered.

"I'm keeping you from your job…" he said, "I have to go." Before Dean could protest, he slammed the door of his car and took off.

"Well that wasn't weird at all," Dean said, depositing the mail in the mailbox. He turned his head for another look at the blue eyed man in vain.