Hiya all, I don't post much! But i read a lot of Batman fanfiction haha! Decided to have a wirl at it!
I've been into comics for a while now, and never really bottled it to have my hand at it...
Loved Nightwing, and i admit i wasn't really looking forward to him as Batman, and i really didn't like Damian to begin with but by their second issue together they'd convince me.
The chemistry between them, and the potential is so good!
This is based on Batman and Robin 13 which came out last week sometime. So y'know...


And well, its getting action packed. 'Specially 'cause i liked Pyg as a villian.
But anywho they're trying all that 'Dick Grayson is going to die will Bruce save him in time?' crap, and well i was thinking of what happens after a scene in the new comic.

I've got the 3 pages on my photobucket here Take out the spaces and replace (dot) with a . naturally

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Really don't like the art...

And well, i decided to write my look on it! It won't be anything like the comic, and no doubt Bruce'll appear just on time... probs freeze time or something. God knows with Morrison.
But this was my view... More to come soon!

Oh and the speech at the beginning is taken directly from the comic itself obviously!

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters associated in this:~ Dick Grayson, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne, Thomas Wayne, hell even the 'goon' are (C) to DC Comics haha
And i'm making no money off this!

He fidgeted valiantly, squirming to at least loosen the ropes binding his ankles and wrists, but they refused to give way. If anything, he almost imagined them tightening, teasing him... mocking him. His cheek scrubbed against the cool stone, encouraging his restlessness, his mask pressing further into the curve of his cheekbone. And although he wouldn't admit it, his utility belt was beginning to dig into his hip rather uncomfortably, but his mind was telling him this was the very least of his worries; that this was something more. After all the villains he had encountered, after all the stunts he had pulled and all the problems he had faced this would be different... This would be something bigger.

He was pulled back to the present as Batman's boots invaded his vision, and he mentally cursed and scolded himself for being so distracted for a moment, and returned his focus to the matter at hand. Shifting himself slightly, he forced his weight to his left, straining his torso to face the company better. As he settled into a half-decent position, he felt a growl work itself into his throat, and his eyes narrowed as he watched the one person he had come to trust so unconditionally was sent to his knees from the blunt force of a rifle being thrust into the back his neck, and before he knew it, words had torn from his throat as he verbally released his anger at the shabby goon.

"No! When I get out of this, I'll cripple you for life!" he roared, and only acknowledged the words were his when they reached his own ears, the sentence never having crossed his mind.

He shifted round further, teeth gritting in frustration at the situation, and disgust as he watched the bearded goon rip back the cowl, freeing the top half of Dick's face, his own expression a mask of loathing as he sent an icy glare at their current foe, and making his bleeding nose a lot more obvious against his skin, rather than the black of the cowl.

Thomas Wayne... rumoured to be a man well known; a man of power and a man of mercy; a man known for the acceptance of others, devoting his life to helping and fixing... no this was not his Grandfather. And more so, this was certainly not his father's father. Once known from a legacy of betrayal, and incursion, he had been glad to walk away from the 'Al Ghul' within him, but to stumble across this side of his 'Wayne' heritage was somewhat unexpected. And if there was one thing he didn't like; it was the unexpected, at the best of times.

"...Soon I will break and corrupt this boy you so valiantly redeemed."

As soon as the words had left the imposters mouth he felt his eyes narrow further as verbal vomit climbed its way up his throat in defence, but before he had the chance to vocalize his protest, the man had continued on with his 'glory speech'.

"...Bruce Wayne failed to stop me, Mr Grayson. You dare imagine yourself superior to a Wayne?"

Damian breathed in deeply through his nose, a motion unnoticed by all in the room other than him and Dick, though the latter gave no sign of acknowledgement. He himself had not been aware the breath had been held, but the mention of his father's activities surged through his veins, encouraging the realisation that he would be back... soon.

He turned his gaze to the imposter once more, disregarding the chill that crept down his spine as he observed the light smile on the others face. It was neither a smile of joy, nor a smile of cruelty... but more a smile of glory. The mere fact that this man had control of the situation neither had predicted would take place, and it almost startled Damian. Never mind the gun the imposter had retrieved from somewhere under the cape replica, and was now observing curiously. He was shook out of his ravine as his enhanced senses caught the tightening of Dicks jaw in his peripheral vision, and he turned regarding the older male.

"You don't get it, do you?" Dick shouted towards the imposter and the events of the past three days spiralled into Damian's head; the battles, the blood and the crisis they currently found themselves in now.

His eyes snapped back to the imposter as the goon moved away and he began taking slow, calculated steps around them. The cape replica rustling ever so slightly in the thick silence, his shoes treading lightly, yet heavily at the same time across the stone floor; time almost slowing down as Damian watched him stride lazily, to settle behind Dick, the same smile upon his lips.

"Brief Bloom." The imposter spoke out loudly, raising his arm slowly to point the gun towards the back of Dick's head, his eyes trained on the unruly black hair, and Damian felt his heart speed up as it fought an impatient and furious battle with his ribcage. He had seen Dick injured in the costume plenty of times, but something didn't feel right as the blood pounded in his ears urgently and he stared at his adoptive elder brother desperately.

"You're finished." Dick uttered in a low tone, scowling darkly at the imposter over his shoulder.

Damian stared at Dick, drinking in the sight of him; the last act of defiance written across his face, settled in his stance, and Damian struggled frantically because damn it, something was not right. And it was then Damian realised the silence had been stretched far too long, and the imposter had not yet replied, and as he glanced at him, he realised the smile had grew slightly, reminding him strangely of the manic one on the Clown Prince of Crime's face days earlier, yet it did not contain the same unhinged edge... no it was more controlled... more sinister in a way.

And just as he turned back to Dick, time slowed down again as he heard the bang of the gun. He saw the bullet entering his vision and he tried fiercely to release himself of the bonds but could not, and watched dismayed as the bullet made contact, and Dick yelled out, clenching his eyes shut from the pain. He felt himself cry out, his voice scratching his throat as Dicks body jolted from the impact, before slumping forward, face first to the floor, his hands still secured behind his back, and his body hitting the stone with a solid, defining 'thud'.

And then there was silence... silence that was louder than a crowd cheering at a Gotham Knights game, a silence that uttered finality to Damian, and shook him to the core, reminding him, and he lost the battle for control.

"DICK!" he screamed, his ego taking a backseat because now was not the time.

"DICK! Speak to me... Bat... Batman... You need to get up..." He begged, squirming in an attempt to loosen his bonds.

"Dick, please...DICK! We need to beat... we need... Gotham needs us!" He shouted towards the prone figure.

"DICK! BATMAN! GRAYSON ANSWER ME! I DEMAND IT!" He yelled viciously as the anger welled inside him, and he tried once more in an attempt to free himself, intending on turning on the imposter and showing him exactly what type of Wayne he was.

"Dick..." He swallowed thickly, "Dick... Please... I... I can't do this on my own." He whispered; defeated as the anger deflated quickly and he lay still; his gaze locked on the figure of the person he had come to know so well. The one person in his life who had provided a sense of security... a sense of welcome, and the one person he had almost believed to be immortal... Unbeatable... and here he was... so still... too still.

To be Continued