Hello everyone!
First things first, i apologise that this may be misleading! 'cause it isn't a chapter... But more of a Authors Note.
But i just wanted to say big thank you's for the reviews! And for the kind words people have spared towards this story... I hope to continue it!
First things first i know there's no excuse, but lately things have been quite mad in life!

I went to Cyprus with my best bud a few weeks back which was the start of the delay, then lately it's been hectic with University!
I just completed my A-Levels, and then i didn't even think i was going to Uni, but then got in surprisingly, and it's been absolutely mad trying to get things completed, sort my loans out and go to the Uni for interviews and such.

Finally i've reached a slight writers block lately, so if anyone has ANY ideas for this then don't hesitate to inbox or email me! I love to hear suggestions and the like!

I won'tgive up on this... Hopefully when the 6th of October rolls round and all the new Batman comics come out i'll be writing again, but i hope to do more soon...

Thank you all for your patience!
And again for the lovely words!

Padfoot x