Author's note: I changed the rating from K+ to T but at this I don't think I will be doing a full lemon...although there may be some serious making out. Thank you for all the reviews and follows.

Bella POV

I was excited that I would be able to spend the night with Jasper but I was extremely nervous too. I had been with a few guys in college but only to prove to myself that I was attractive and worthy of love. Edward had messed me up big time in that department but the work I did for my book really helped me see that I didn't need a man to prove I am worthy of love. Even though I knew that I deserved love there was still that hurt little girl who was whispering that Jasper was going to hurt me too. I needed to put that girl to bed quickly before I dissolved into a pile of blubbering goo. I decided to make myself something complicated for dinner so that I had to concentrate.

Jasper POV

My ride to the Cullen house was fast. I took off my helmet and went off road so I could drive as fast as the bike allowed. It was invigorating. It also helped to clear my mind. I was going to spend the night with Bella. What was she expecting? Did she want to just talk? Or make out? Or more? By the time I parked my bike in the garage I was a mess. The greatest threat of the Southern Wars was being defeated by a case of nerves. I went inside to take a shower and get a grip.

As I was showering, I heard my phone beep signaling a voice message. I must have been more distracted then I thought if I missed a phone call. I hurriedly finished my shower, got dressed then listened to the message.

"Hey boss, I have great news...our special project had an initial success. I still plan on monitoring her to see if her health declines any...but as of right now, she is totally healthy and happy and alive. I bought you a ticket to return to Japan in two days so you can see her for yourself."

I was excited that the project was working but I didn't want to leave Bella. I had been thinking about maybe going on tour with her as a bodyguard. I decided a run through the forest was needed to clear my mind before going to spend time with Bella.

As I set off my phone went off letting me know I had a text. It could only be from Alice.

"Jazz, spend the next two days with Bella as if they were your last...don't make future plans. Just trust me, will be happy if you listen to me"

I decided to listen to Alice and ran straight to Bella's house. When I arrived I could hear her singing in the kitchen and I could smell food that was probably appetizing to her but nauseating to me. I entered through the back door calling out as I entered so I didn't startle her.

"Hey beautiful. Miss me?" I said as I snuggled her with my arms around her waist and nuzzled her neck with my nose.

Bella turned in my arms and said "oh were you gone...I didn't notice", of course the sparkle in her eyes gave her away.

"So whatcha cooking, good looking?"

"I decided that I had too much time on my hands so I am making homemade Italian Wedding Soup. It freezes nicely so it should last Charlie for a few months while I am on tour."

"Could you use any help, my lady?" I asked.

"Yes but before I give you any directions...what is going on? You are acting weird" Bella said not looking at me and I could feel her nervousness while she spoke.

I took a deep breath before speaking. "I have to leave in two days because there has been a development in one of my experiments in Japan. I don't want to leave you but I need to. So I am trying to make so you will miss me like crazy while I am gone."

Bella put down the spoon she was using and stepped up to me. "Jasper you are so dear to my heart. I am sure I am falling in love with you but need time to process what is happening between us. So stop being so silly, you go do your thing and I will go do my thing and then we will regroup in a few months."

Then she kissed me a deep soul reaching kiss that surprised me with how much passion, love and purpose that she pushed towards me as we kissed.

After what felt like a lifetime, Bella pulled away and handed me a rolling pin saying "roll this dough out to about 1/2 inch thickness. Then use the round cutter to make the rounds for the ravioli".

We spent the rest of the evening cooking, talking, and occasionally making out.