Daybreakers Fanfiction

Image trees, burnt trees. Nothing but ash and dust down a long winding road.

[Voice over] I always knew, deep down in my soul. Humanity would end. Something new, something horrible… something wrong would end up taking its place. However I never thought this would be it. Hemophagia. Or Vampirism. The end of the human race was all but to close for me to handle. Which is why I had chose to run. Flee from the offer of turning.

You may be thinking to yourself, that I am free. Free from being a ghost of my former self. But I'm not. Its worse than that.

Anyone who chose not to become one, of those disgusting blood sucking demons were hunted. Hunted and farmed like food.

Its said that those who are caught are usually brain dead and are fed through tubes and blood is drained slowly so they live longer.


My father turned my mother, and brother. Where are they now? Back home in New Hampshire. England. I fled to America in hopes that not everyone here was as insane as back home. It shouldn't have shocked me so much when I had found out there was only 5% of the human race left.

I did think there was more of us hiding out there but, I was wrong.

I wasn't like the other humans. I was a survivor. I wasn't afraid of being around the vampires. I infact was in the city now. Trying to get information for the humans. Trying to help us find a safe place.


My name is Evelyn Walker. I am currently twenty-two years old. Lucky me right? Not having to celebrate turning that age ten times over? I'd say.

Before all this I was thirteen years old. Excited for school every morning, excited to see all my friends, make new ones. I was even excited for High School which was only two more years away.

Because of the pandemic, I never got to go to High School. Oh and my friends? Many of them… still look Thirteen. However the past is the past and not where my story begins. It begins on night I may come to regret forever.

Evelyn was on her way through the streets looking for shelter from this horrible rain. She noticed a long cammo bus. Clearly the soldiers were home from a long time away… hunting humans.

"Savages…" She whispered under her breath.

She watched the pile out of the bus when she'd gotten a text from Audrey. They'd managed to find a Vampire they felt they could trust. Ed Dalton. She lowered her head when a vampire pasted her. Dalton. It read on his military name badge. She breathed out slowly, and responded to her friend.

Is he in the army?

No. Doctor. Blood Doctor.


Why do you ask… did you find him too?

No. Brother.

Get out of there. Now. That's an order girly, not safe around the army.

Be home soon, making a pit stop for more blankets, pillows and other needs.

She shoved her phone back into her pocket and began to head off into a direction that was the suburbs. There was one house as to which still had lights on. Probably best to stay hidden and go in when the sun is out. Their weaker then, more unlikely to attack her.

She waited peering into a window, watching them as they were attacked by some thing. She hid in the shed when she'd heard the cop cars come. She continued to stay hidden when she noticed Audrey come. This was probably the Doctors home. Which would mean it was safe to go in to gather materials.

She waited.

She waited till the sun was a little higher before she snuck into the home. She began to snoop around looking for anything the humans could use to keep comfortable and stay warm at night. Anything and everything. She knew they didn't have food, so the kitchen was a lost battle.

She turned around quickly when she'd heard foot prints. She swallowed hard hoping it was the Doctor. Ed. She opened her eyes once she was completely turned around and saw a man. No. Not a man. A vampire. He was wearing a dress shirt and dress pants. His ears were oddly pointier than any others she'd seen.

"Are you the Doctor?" She asked.

His face was that of a puzzled look, two humans in one night. If only he drank human blood. He'd be one lucky bastard.

"I am a doctor. What are you… how did you get in here?"

"The door? How else… I'm not mystical. Not possible to walk through walls." She said trying to ease the tension.

He just smirked, "Do you need my help as well?" he asked.

"If you could. I was sent to look for supplies for the group I've been staying with. We needed pillows and blankets. It still seems weird… growing up I always thought vampires lived in underground tombs. Slept in coffins, turned into bats… and yet here you are living like your humans. Sleeping in beds… above the ground."

He chuckled softly, "I don't want to forget what is was like to be human. Most of us don't we go about of lives like we used to. Only difference is, we do it at night. Here follow me I may have a few things in the cupboard."

She mentally kicked herself for not thinking to check there first.

"Thank you… for doing this. It's hard to trust almost anyone anymore. Its sad if you ask me… You're not any different. Besides the obvious you drink blood, I don't."

He raised his eyebrow, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard a creak. "Here take these and go… last thing either of us need is someone seeing you. Hurry, use that door." He said as he wondered off.


Evelyn began to walk towards the exit he'd pointed her too and hauled all the things he'd given her. She noticed something out of the corner of her eye, something golden. Eyes.

"Human…" she heard.

This stopped her dead in her tracks. He had another vampire living with him? Probably not the nicest one either.

"Are you mental?" He asked her.

The brother. She'd forgotten all about seeing him earlier when she was near the military bus stop. Her eyes widened. He was a hunter… he searched and brought in humans. She swallowed hard.

"Depends." She said, "That sort of thing get your blood flowing."

"Funny… I saw you earlier. Near the bus stop didn't I?"

"And yet then, you had no idea I was human." She was taking a risk being cocky. She had to, she was buying time till the sun came out. He couldn't chase her then…

"Oh trust me, I could see those beautiful veins pumping long before I pasted you."

"A vampire with a heart. I was unaware your kind found my kind any bit pleasing to the eye…" she said with a smirk.

"Don't flatter yourself…"

"Well maybe if I could remember what you looked like, I could return the flattery. However It's the break of dawn and I really must be going now…" she said as she jolted out the door.

Evelyn ran down the street, and towards her car. Throwing all the pillows and blankets into the back seat she drove off as fast as possible. She had to get back to the winery.

[Voice over] [Picture yourself driving down a long empty stretch of road with nothing but sand and dead trees to look at.]

I had to admit, they did scare me from time to time. No matter how macho I would try to seem. That second vampire. He would be the death of me. Probably both literally and figuratively. I would come to find myself seeking him out often. Trying to provoke him.

It had become a game to me. Just trying to find something that remained in those glossy golden eyes. Something other then a thirst. Something besides a hate for something he used to be.

What drove me to seek that I would honestly not be able to tell you. Perhaps it was that I wanted to know that they weren't all bad. Wanted to know that there was still hope inside them. Still something, anything that these things, these Vampires held onto when there was nothing else to hold onto.


Something other than that nothingness, meaningless existence. They attempt to call a life. Nothing more than an empty black hole of their former selves. However cold those words may be. In his eyes, I would often see hope.


Once she had reached the winery she could already see that Audrey and Elvis were outside waiting to speak to her. Probably to ask her about where she had been the past ten hours. Why she'd never texted them back, explain what she was doing. Probably would have avoided the conversation she was just about to have.

She stepped out of the car and was instantly pushed against it. She looked up and her eyes had met Audrey's. She looked towards the ground almost in shame.

"I'm sorry, should've been more careful I guess."

"You guess? Are you mental Eve?" Elvis said.

That was the second time today that someone had called her mental. Both Vampires. Well… Elvis wasn't technically a Vampire anymore. Either or he was one to her.

"No. I'm not alright I met that stupid Doctor you found. He gave me pillows and blankets. I waited to go inside because they had a subsider problem alright?"

"They?" Audrey asked

"He has a brother… he was there. I waited till the brother was long gone till I went in. You told me not to trust their army men remember?"

"Yes I remember.. I was just confused, Anyway we're meeting up with the Doctor again today. I want you and Oritz to do a recon… be there but you know.." she paused

"Yeah I know, out of sight… out of mind. Watch your flank.. Got it." She said as she walked off to get at least some sleep.

"Hey get up!" Ortiz called to her.


"You've been out for hours its nearly time to head out… lets go."

"Crap…alright meet me outside." She said

The car ride was long, long and uneventful. She sat there pondering and thinking about those eyes, that voice. Who was he other then the obvious answer of being the Doctors brother? Why had his obvious mysterious-ness been so hard for her to forget. Why was he the least bit memorable?

"You look lost."


"You look lost in thought, talk to me."

Ortiz was her best friend. The two girls were often sharing their stories of growing up on the run, boys, family, fear. Everything and anything.

"I wouldn't know what to say or how to start." Eve confessed.

"Well what's it got to do with?" Ortiz asked her


"Ew not with Tom I hope."

"Ew don't kid yourself." She said slowly pushing her hair behind her ear.

"Well who is this boy you seem to be obsessed with?"

"What are you going on about?" Eve said slowly.

"Well, you brought back hair dye. Last time you dyed your hair was when we were nine-teen. When you liked that guy what was his name… Jared?"

"He turned, can't like a guy who can't even like himself." She said.

"True enough but you're a blond, trying to go what red?"

"Why not? Change is good besides what if they have a picture of me somewhere, lord knows they know what Audrey looks like."

"True she's not very suave."

The two girls looked at one another and began to burst into a slight laughter. Eve looked at her friend, she was a tall well built girl. Strong, brave. Brown hair long, always held up kept out of her face. Her soft pale green eyes hidden behind the mess of hair and glasses.

Not at all like herself, Eve flipped down the mirror. Shoulder length blond hair, bright blue eyes, soft facial features. Well curved, very fit. The two girls were like polar opposites, that was probably what had drawn them so close together.

"You know I think your right… it's about time I gave myself a make over." Eve said smiling.

The girls had began to dye Eve's hair a nice deep auburn colour, it made her eyes pop right out. She looked gorgeous, she wondered if that vampire would like it. She shook her head, "I'm going back into the city tomorrow…" Eve said finally.

"Eve no…" Ortiz said

"I have to Jen… it's just… I have unfinished business there."

Her friend rolled her eyes, "I told you not to call me that anymore, hasn't been my name since this outbreak began. Are you ever going to tell me who this guy is?"

"Probably some day…"

Her friend smiled, "fine…" she said in defeat.

"Lets go were going to get him," Audrey said

Eve and Ortiz nodded and saddled up and got ready to go to the meeting.

The drive was long and most uneventful what else was it supposed to be? The two girls climbed up into the tree well hidden and waited till they saw a car pull up and a man get out.

He began to talk to Elvis, Eve couldn't hear them Ortiz was closer to them.

Then out of no where a military vampire came out of into the shadows with Audrey in arms ready to shoot, he was yelling something.

"Awe Frankie no put the gun down." The one guy said

"No Ed, just come over to me and we'll go, this is treason come with me."

Then Audrey pushed him into the sun and more trucks came. They took off in the Doctors car and began to drive off the tanks and Ortiz following them. She couldn't believe they'd left her behind.

Eve climbed out of the tree and saw the vampire on the ground still in the sun.

Vampire or not it wasn't like her to leave someone in pain. She pulled him out of the sun and propped him up against the tree.

"Hey," she said "Don't re-die on me now… christ.." she said

He needed blood, she cut the center of her hand and put it to his lips and he slowly began to drink from it. He let her hand go which actually did shock her. He without looking up began to speak to her.

"Your voice…" he said

She looked at him, "Yes, My voice would be mine." she laughed

"Come'on I gotta get going if my kind knows I helped someone in your kind nothing good will come from it so get up.."

"You were in my brothers house last night, I almost killed you."

Her heart skipped a little, he was the Doctors brother. The vampire who made her all weak… Frankie… At least now she knew his name.

She turned and saw the trucks coming back.

She had no way of escaping.