Eve starred at him with anger, as if she was going to make a deal with the devil. He had condemned her and her friends to death, not even a nice death a long painful agonizing death. She starred at him and shook her head, how was it she was causing him any amount of trouble? She's never met him before today.

"And what would that be Mr. Bromley? Enlighten me…" She spat.

He smirked at her and shook his head, "My dear child… it really is in your best interest to take what I have to say to heart."

"Why is that? I die either way do I not?"

"No, no, no… you see it wouldn't you." He said

The look on his face was almost sinister, he wasn't going to be telling her anything she wanted to hear by the look on his face. She took a deep breath in and stepped away from him more, moving closer to the wall furthest from him.

"I would offer you to join however, judging by your display before you came up here I can see you'd rather die… now will you hear me out before I give you the alternative?"

Eve rolled her eyes, Frankie must have told his master everything she said. Great even the one vampire she kind of enjoy being around stabbed her in the back. Typical male thing to do when they see a girl crushing… love bites..

"Sure, sure what is it?" She asked him her voice drenched in sarcasm

"I'm going to ask you this one time, and one time only. You tell me where Edward is, what he's planning with your group and I may let Frankie take you out of here. He seemed pretty keen on keeping you as his own."

"Awe how sweet a masochistic vampire… sick… Why would I tell you any of that?"

"Well the alternative of not telling me is I will turn your friend into a vampire… and then we will lock you in this room with her she will either eat you and change you or deprive herself… it really is your choice…" He said he turned around, "I will be back later to hear your thoughts, get your answer… be smart Evelyn…" he said walking out the door.

She stood there starring at the door, they were going to change Ortiz….

She lowered her head, how could she let them do that to her. She could always just lie… its not like she actually knew where anyone was anyway it'd been almost 24 hours since she was last at the winery. It was highly unlikely anyone was still there, they must have left for another safe place.

Eve sat there contemplating, was there really anything she could do. It was most likely that she was already screwed. For all she knew they were going to change Ortiz anyway, soon her thoughts were ended by loud screams of pain. Eve jumped to her feet and ran to the door, trying to see anything in the hallway. The screams continued, Eve began to relentlessly bang her fists against the metal door.

"You bastards!" She yelled, the screaming had slowly turned into a loud whimper of pain.

They'd already done it, they'd already changed her. She let her head hit the door then slowly turned around and slid down the door onto the floor. Her friend was gone, but that's when she heard it. The vampires were talking outside the door. She pressed her ear against the door to listen.

"I can't believe he got Frank to turn his daughter, shit we're deprived of blood enough as it is… why would he bother to turn another one? Why not just let us devour them?"

Alison? He turned Alison… she banged her head against the door. She was such a sweet girl, she was Bromley's daughter? She failed to bring that up in any conversations. Eve stood up and walked around the room, she had to think how could she get Ortiz to not get vamp-I-fied but at the same time get out of here and find the others.

She went back to the door and began to pound of the door again, "Let me speak to Bromley!" she yelled. "Tell that bastard to get in here!" She just hoped this plan would work.

"Eve?" She heard a small voice peek up


"Eve don't…. don't tell him…. He's a liar he's going to just kill us all!" she yelled.

"Ali, don't worry about it… if we all die they die anyway… it's a lose-lose situation… we just have to try to outlast them… trust me… I know what I'm doing." I told her.

"I hope you do… I'm already a lost cause… don't worry about saving me I'm a goner and I wont be one of them I swear to god I wont be one of them." she just kept repeating that she wouldn't be one of them.

Alison had officially gone insane, she must have been so terrified about what's going on. What happened to her, what was Frankie thinking? Telling me I could trust him one minuet but in the next he's turning my friends into his next meal. When am I supposed to trust him? When I have nothing left… I'd kill him, I promise that…

The door slowly opened, and Eve moved back towards the tiny sliver she had as a window the only sunlight in the room. She looked up to see Frankie and Bromley. She just lowered her head and chuckled.

"My dear child…" Bromley whispered, "what did you need? Have you made up your mind? Are you willing to co-operate?"

"I'm willing to watch to die a slow and painful death once you realise… how completely screwed you are… what's he doing here…" she hissed out

"Who Frankie? He wanted to visit you… we were uh… just talking in my office." Eve looked Frankie over, there was blood not only on his boot but on his jacket. The vampires in the hallway weren't lying he did change Alison.

"Now… how can I take your word seriously if your going to have your daughter turned against her will?" I asked, "How would I know if your going to keep to your word if you'll do something that messed up?"

"Alison, is not apart of our deal… and she wanted to be turned. She asked for it she wanted to be with her father."

"She wanted to be a soul-less, love-less monstrosity? Yeh… okay then… if you want the remaining humans their at Senator Turner's summer house… he owned when he was human… if the winery was to be compromised that is where we were supposed to go… they will be there if not there. They would have likely began to travel towards Canada."

The older burley looking man studied her, she didn't appear to be lying. He nodded… "Bring her friend in, Frankie I'm going to help you… Thank you Miss. Evelyn.. I wanted to thank you for you're help. I hope you see what I am giving you as a gift nothing more." The man said as two other Vampires tossed her friend into the room, whilst dragging Frankie out the door.

Eve looked at her friend laying on the ground. She began to edge closer to her friend. She didn't know what to think, she did however jump when her friend moved slightly. "Ortiz?" She asked slowly. That's when she saw it… the blood. "No…" she breathed out.

"Eve…. Get out… now…" Her friend said pausing with heavy breathes

"Ortiz…. What…. Who?"

"GET THE FUCK OUT!" The girl screamed from the floor. "I can smell your blood… I can hear… I can hear your heart beating… I'm so… so thirsty…" she said slowly almost ominously

Eve stuck by her friend, "No… no you wont… I know you wont…"

"Eve…. I wont say it again…"

"Ortiz…. Please…. I know you…"

"No… no you don't … get out now…"

Eve began to tear up, what was she supposed to do? She couldn't get out of the room even if she tried. What was she supposed to do just let her friend suffer alone? If she turned her would her friend even stop, or would she kill her? There was no way Eve was going to let herself be turned into one of those things.

Eve's friend walked to the window and smashed the window open. The sun was shining. Eve went to pull her friend away when she began to burst into flames. Eve ran to the corner of the room and began to break into tears. She'd just lost the only real friend she'd ever had. She looked to the door and waited, that was when Frankie ran back in he pulled her up and tried to hide her as they walked out the door.

"You have some nerve-" he cut her off.

"Look, there are far worse things going on right now… I'm sorry about your friend… but I have to get you out of here before all the Vampires become blood deprived and try to kill you regardless."

"What're you talking about?" She began

"I have to get you out of here they're going to be looking for you they want food… and now that Bromely's daughters ash… your not even safe from him."

Eve's eyes widen, Alison was dead. Not even a Vampire just plain dead. She looked up at Frankie and nodded, she'd have to trust his word. It was all she had now. They soon left the building and headed out to a safe house that he'd made for them out near the sunnier parts of the city. People wouldn't look for her there. She looked at him and began to tear up again.

"At least Elvis and Audrey are alright." As she said that she noticed Frankie turned away from her. Oh no…

"What… what is it… what happened to them?" she began to demand

"Bromely has the woman. In a ruse to get Elvis and my brother out of hiding to kill them too…"

"Oh god…" she said beginning to cry, Frankie was looking more blood deprived each moment being next to her so he kissed her forehead and told her he'd be right back. She ran to the darkest corner of the room, hiding. Till she heard Elvis's voice saying her name.

She quickly stood up and ran into his arms once he'd come into view. She began to cry as he stroked her hair to calm her down. She soon saw a shadow advance up the stair well from the underground sidewalks. She jumped back trying to pull Elvis away from the door way. He pulled her back as Frankie entered the door way.

"I- I.. I'm fixed…" Frankie said to her slowly.

She looked at him, what did he mean fixed? That when she saw his eyes, he had the most beautiful blue eyes she'd ever seen. It must have been a long time since she'd seen eyes like his. She then ran to him and pulled him into a long hug. Followed by her pulling his face to hers, "You're Human!" she said

He just smiled and nodded, "I have to go… Elvis you watch over her alright?" He said, Eve's eyes turned to worry. "No…" she said

Elvis sighed, "I'll go, you cover me from the door with Eve… don't let any one be getting killed alright?" He said to him as Elvis left without another word.

"Where we're you going?" She asked.

"Suicide mission to save my brother and the woman."

"Her name is Audrey…"

"My brother and Audrey… look we have to go follow him the place is going to be crawling with Vampires hungry for blood we'll need to protect Elvis."

She didn't get a say in the matter, they armed themselves and began to wait by the window as the chaos began to endure in the lobby. Elvis was almost eaten alive luckily Frankie got the vampires off him. Soon there were only three or four vampires left. They'd literally gone crazy and ripped each other apart once they'd began to turn back. Stupid vampires… Eve saw Audrey come out of the room with Edward and she ran to her hugging her tightly as they began to hear gun shots. They all looked up to see another scientist Vampire standing there after he'd killed the few cured vampires. He aimed the gun at Frankie right before Eve jumped him stabbing him right in the chest with one of their arrows. They all soon jumped out of the way as he exploded.

Guess this meant they were now on the run. The car still ran Elvis in the front seat with Edward as he'd frequently turn around to talk to Audrey. Eve on the other hand was fast asleep in Frankie's. They had the cure. The real cure. Now they just had to find a way to cure the world… one city at a time.

Authors Note

Sorry it was so short guys I may write a sequel about their adventures in trying to bring humanity back to the world. I don't know for sure yet though.