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~Chapter Songs~

-Alice by Avril Lavinge (I think this is kind of a theme for this story kind of how Clarys stuck in her own world and found a new way and stuff... Just wanted to share =D It might pop up again in this story.. =D)

-Bad Reputation by Joan Jett (This is Jace feels bout his reputation, which he obviously doesn't give a damn about)

-Dig by Incubus (Its a good song and I thought some of the lyrics were appropriate)

-New In Town by Little Boots (Not much of the lyrics aply at all, but the mood and title fit the chapter)


Chapter One: New In Town

Clary's POV

I've never really fit in all my life, no matter how many friends I had or have, I never really fit in inside. Everyone at Everlinge high-pronounced ever-linn- loved me-well except the bitch crew Aline and Kealie, along with her followers. I never really understood why people felt that way, ever since I moved to America, it felt like I was the center of attention. So I should be happy right? Popularity, whoopidy doo, not all that great people. They only few people in my life I've fit in with are my best friends and my brother. Simon Lewis, Maia Santiago, Bat Michael's, Erik Hastens, and of course Jonathan Fairchild-my bro-, are the closest friends I've ever had.

They always say how I'm stuck in my own world, how I can get so lost in my head and not notice any ones there for like ten minuets. That's my personality usually, very kind and in-closed, but once and awhile this ferociousness comes out of me. Must of gotten that from my dad. But we don't really speak of him...

I don't remember most of my childhood, and its better that way. I didn't always used to live in the sunny San Diego community I live in today, I was born in Wexford Ireland. My mom is full Irish, and my dad is/was full American. He traveled on a summer vacation, and fell in love, got married, had kids.. But that didn't last very long with my dad...


"Jonathan why did we move to America? What happened too dad?" The young twelve year old asked her brother, his eyes looked pained. "You want to know the truth Clary?" He spoke almost in a squeaky tone-and no he was not going through puberty, not yet- sitting ajar from his sister on the couch. "Yes," she said matter of factually, thinking she could handle what her brother was about to say. "Okay," he sighed. "It all started when you were six, and I was seven. Valentine(Jonathan never could call his dad from his real name anymore) was tiered of being with mom, wanted too explore the field. So he kept eyes on this young women and her two children who lived in England-found her on a 'business trip'-, and when he was ready he kidnapped us and the woman and her two children. He thought his plan was perfect, even found us a home in Cork , several miles from our home town. His plan was pretty twisted, he wanted me too be with the woman's daughter, and you with the son. We would have the perfect poster family, looking all golden and perfect. But-" Jonathan sucked in a breath, his eyes glazed over, voice dropping several octaves. "He was mad at your looks, your a red head, he didn't like that." Jonathan started to cry. "He-he would hurt you... that's why you have that gash on the back of your neck." Clary froze, running her fingers over the back of her neck, Jonathan putting his face in his hands as he started talking again."But the woman's little boy would stick up for you, getting hurt in the process as well,and Valentine slowly going more insane. He started to beat and rape the woman when she refused to him, and her two children had a protective nature, the little girl wanted to protect her mom. Which got them both killed..." His breath glitched. "Thankfully," Jonathan continued slowly. "The neighbor got suspicious and called the cops. We were returned to mom and the little boy was put into foster care." Jonathan finished his story, shaking. Clary just sat their frozen, unable to speak.

End Of Flashback

It was a terrible thing for Jonathan to tell me, but I asked, so technically its my fault. My mind represses unpleasant things, so I had no recognition at all of what happened. Even though Jonathan told me what happened, its a past in our family, we ignore it, never bringing up my dads name or last name, like it never happened... But things come up,and we remember, being depressed for the moment,day week, etc. And the hardest thing to forget-and the thing Jonathan never bothered to mention- is my dad never was arrested.. He fled the scene before they could arrest him... After the whole drama of the situation my mom fled too America with her friend Luke. It was easier for us because we have dual citizenship, so no worries about getting a visa. My mom later married Luke, who is now a book publisher. My mom and Luke made lots of money here in America, Mom even has her own Gallery in San Diego,Los Angels, and Reno, so she travels a lot. Same with Luke, his publishing company moved to Seattle, so hes gone a lot too. That means Jonathan and I are alone most of the time, but that's okay because he takes care of me a lot, hes always has been there for me.

As for Scott's Valley community, aka the gated community with big ass houses and giant pools. The people who live there can go to Everligne High- unless you have a scholarship. And lucky me gets to live here..We moved five years ago, and I've been dreading the peppiness, rich snobs, and popularity. I hate it! But Jonathan loved it for some twisted reason, that boy is too cocky and loves attention. Thankfully I get by with the support of my friends, life's not all bad L: .


"Clary get your ass downstairs!" Jonathan yelled from the bottom of the steps, as I could hear mom chasting him. My mom wanted Jonathan and I too meet these new neighbors like five houses down, she says we should tell them about Everlinge and show them around tomorrow on the first day. The whole thing seemed fishy, mom said to me personally how she knows how hard it is for me at Everlinge, how popularity isn't for everyone, and it would be nice if they had a friend. That wasn't why i thought the whole thing was fishy though.


Clary stared down at her cereal bowl, not all that hungry anymore after seeing the social worker at the door. "Do you think its about dad?" Jonathan said with his mouth full of cereal, both of them staring at out the window, watching their mom talk too the social worker. "No shit Sherlock look how her eyes are all glazed over." She said in an annoyed tone towards her brother. "Whatever smart-ass," Jonathan grumbled, scarfing more food down. Five minuets later Jocelyn walked back into the house. "Was that about dad?" Jonathan blurted right out. "Nope," their mom said trying to make her voice cheery. "Then what was it about?" Clary asked. "Oh well the landlords assistant told me that my old friend Maryse I met back in the summers I spent in New York is moving here!" She cheered, but Clary and Jonathan wasn't convinced with her cover up.

End Of Flashback

So I wasn't convinced that's what that was about, but oh well, I'd make friends with the new community members, they would need some.

"Okay,okay!" I yelled from my room, I was still getting ready for peets sake! I applied just a bit of eyeliner to highlight my eyes. Looking back in the mirror, I was satisfied with my pink tank, skinny strech jeans, and my Blondie Converse. {A/N: Two outfits are on my page} "Happy," I appeared downstairs as a saw Jonathan impatiently tapping on the stairs railing. "Yes now lets go!" Jonathan hated waiting, plus I think we were all anxious too see our new neighbors. "Alrighty lets go kiddos!" Joyclen smiled. "Moooooomm," we groaned at her remark. "What! I'm just being your mom," She still had her cheery smile on her face, grabbing us both, tucking us under her arm. "You better not embarrass us like that at their house," Jonathan gave her a sharp look. "Don't worry,I'll try my hardest," she laughed, I swear our mom sometimes...


We knocked on our new neighbors door. A middle aged woman,in about her thirty's, with long shadowy black hair, lithe frame, very tall, and serious work suit. "Maryse," Mom greeted the woman with a hug. "Jocelyn so nice too see you," She smiled returning the hug, but it wasn't as warm welcoming high energy as Joceyln is. Maryse seemed more the serious type."Why don't you come in," she smiled letting us in. Their house was similar too ours, except the living room was in the front, instead of the parlor first like ours. The Lightwoods are very organized, only moved in two days ago, and their house was so put together already.. We took a year to fully finish unpacking, that shows how put together we are.. "I'll get the kids," Then Maryse disappeared into the house, somewhere. "Nice place they've got," Jonathan murmured sitting on the couch. Two minuets later Maryse returned with four children.

"This Is Max," she introduced the first kid. He looked about 10 and had medium length brown hair with a Pokemon shirt. "Hi!" He waved cheerily, his eyes squinted a bit when he smiled, he was cute. "And Alec," the next kid was tall, but not as tall as his mom, looked about 17 or 18, with short black hair, and piercing blue eyes, wearing a white button up tee and dark wash jeans. "Hello," he said in a deep voice. "Then theirs Isabelle," Isabelle looked a lot like her brother and mom. She was tall, long black hair, the piercing blue eyes, and wearing a yellow pleated floral dress, with yes,white heels. She seemed like a fashionable Pearson. "Hi! I'm Isabelle but you can call me Izzy." She smiled hugging me, very enthusiastic like her younger brother. "And then Jace," she directed to the one that stuck out like a sore thumb too me. He looked nothing like his other siblings, he had golden blond hair that went to his ears, a bit curly and a bit straight. With these amazing Golden brown eyes, that gleemed, wearing a black veeneck tee and jeans. "Hey," he said in a very attractive husky voice. "Were pleased too meet you, This is Clarissa and Jonathan." My mom introduced us back.I hated how they were speaking for us. "Mom," I mumbled. "Its Clary," I corrected in a louder voice. "Well why don't you kids get too know each other, while Jocelyn and I catch up." Maryse left with my mom to the kitchen.

They sat down and we all sat in silence for a bit before Jonathan,of course, killed it. "Well this is awkward," he said in a funny Australian accent, making most of us laugh. "It sure is," Jace smirked. "Well break the silence is what I always say." Jace kept his smirk on his face, like it was apart of him. "Yeah because you can never keep that insolent mouth of yours shut." Alec murmured under his breath, but he knew we could all hear him. "You've got that right Alec." Isabelle mimicked Jace's earlier smirk, throwing it back in his face. "Pshh your tellin' keep my mouth shut, your the chatty Cathy here!" He laughed at her expression, taking pleasure in her scowl directed to him. "Wow you guys are hilarious to watch," Jonathan laughed, slapping his knee as if it was the funniest thing in the world. Jonathan is such a dork sometimes. "Reminds me of us baby sis," he grabbed me in a friendly headlock to give me a noogey. "Hey! Just by a year!" I squirmed in his arms. "Jeez Jonathan I'm not one of your dude pals! Let go!" I squirmed some more, slightly embarrassed he would do this in front of our new 'friends'-I'm not sure what to call them yet. But at least its normal, Jonathan never holds anything back, he would strip naked in public, that's just Jonathan's personality. And I love him for his braveness and confidence in his own self, but at times it annoys the shit out of me. "How old are you guys anyways," Jace leaned forward in his seat. Jonathan smiled a bright smile, leaning in his seat also. "Well I'm seventeen and my baby sis over here is sixteen." I scowled at him, I hated when he called me his baby sis. Though it gave me comfort at the protectiveness that lingered when he said those words. "What about you guys?" Jonathan asked back in casualty resting one arm over me."Well I'm seventeen, Alec over there is eighteen, Izzy is sixteen, then Max is ten. "Nice," they gave each other gleaming smiles.

"You two are spitting images of each other." I laughed at Jace and Jonthan, and at the proximity of their names and personality's.

"Nah I think Jace is worse," Isabelle shot a smile my way.

"I don't know about that," I said rubbing my chin as though deciding. "Hey don't talk about us like were not here!" Jonathan said in mock out rage, which made everyone laugh. "Looks like everyone is getting along, a good sign." Maryse smiled walking into the room with my mom, but her eyes were cutting into Jace, which made his smirk falter slightly. But only slightly, what I could gather from Jace so far was he took shit from no one.

"Yeah Maryse,were doing great so stop killing me with your eyes." He snarled, then invited Jonathan up too his room. "Hey why don't you come up too my room." Isabelle offered, and we went up the long twisty stairs.

When we got to the entrance of her room I was amazed. Her walls were black with gold swirls elagant but hand painted, with a big plush queen sized bed, an amazing closet with clothes any girl could dream of, furry pink vanity that looked like a Mac counter in Macy's, and racks and racks of shoes.

"Nice room..." I was pretty shocked with the family's organization.

"Yeah my moms pretty strict on organization, so is my dad but a little softer. My mom wanted us set up in two days, so we did." She plopped down on her bed and offered me a space.

"So it seems. So whats with Jace and your mom?" I cut too the heart of my curiosity, after seeing Maryse's burning gaze on Jace. "Oh well they get along most of the time, Jace just has a bit of a reputation..And mom tends to worry with new guests that he'll embarrass us, but today he seemed to be on pretty good behavior." She explained, which made a bit of sense, but some part of me was still confused and I think she caught that. "Hes adopted," she explained lightly. "Ohhhh," making more sense of why Jace looked different from all the rest. "So where did you live before the sunny communitys of San Diego" I asked making light conversation with Isabelle. "Oh nothing better then this, just New York City. Pretty much the same deal except a lot colder." She pointed out smiling. "So what are you going to wear for the first day of school tomorrow?" She turned and asked me. "Um I don't know," I shrugged. "Probably just the usual," pointing out my current outfit. "Serious?" She glanced at me. "Yeahhh..." I said casually, I mean whats wrong with my outfit. "I mean your outfits pretty cute but is it first day of school material?" Isabelle pointed out.

"Well I don't know..." I said kinda nervous, because I am no sort of fashionista and thought nothing wrong of my outfits.

"Hey can I can come over tomorrow before school? you can show me around school, and I'll help you with your outfit." Isabelle suggested with a smile on her face. Could I be friends with a girl like her... I mean shes nice too me but seems like she belongs with the rest of the Everlinge school and not my crew. Simon would blush at her sight, Bat would say some insane comment then snuggle closer to Maia, Maia would smile but try to figure out if she was a liability too our group and end up an Aline or Kealie, and Erik would smile and try to flirt with her probably.

"Umm I don't know I mean I'm not the hottest commodity in school and wouldn't want to bring you down in the schools social ranks." I looked down, but this comment made her laugh.

"Don't worry about that! You see I used to hang out with the popular skanks at my old school, and its not all its cracked up to be..I didn't have true friendship, I mean half of my friends were banging Jace, I know gross. So I guess you could say I'm looking for a new start, and so far you seem like my new start." She flashed me a white genuine smile.

"Thanks, you can for sure come over and I'll show you around." I flashed a smile back. Then you could hear clapping from the doorway. "Wow that was a pretty deep speech sis."Jace smirked leaning on the door frame, which he obviously thought was sexy, but I for one thought it was him trying too hard.

"Oh shut up Jace!" Isabelle hurled her white pump towards Jace. I was hopeing it would scratch some of his too perfect face, but sadly he caught it. Jonathan roaring with laughter behind him.

Jace frowned an innocent mock frown. Then added,"Too bad, no more pretty chicks for Jace too bang from Isabelle's friendlist. Guess I'll have to lure them here on my own, which shouldn't be too hard." Isabelle slumped in her bed scowling, while both boys reverberated with laughter.

And hey I'm not stupid, I live with Jonathan,so I can spot an insult anywhere. "Excuse me?" I shot back at Jace. "Oh don't worry shorty, your not too bad looking, but I'm not so sure I want to meet your little friends." He flashed me a breathtaking smile that made me want to strangle him.

"Clary! Jonathan! Time to go!" Jocelyn yelled from somewhere below. "And thats my cue," I jumped off Isabelle's bed. "See you tomorrow," I said to Isabelle.

Before I left she shouted,"Oh can I have your number?" I turned around and we exchanged numbers and gave her one last good-bye.

"Bye shorty!" Jace called behind me smirking at me as I retreated. And I turned around smirking right back at him, "bye pretty boy."


Finally..alone time.

Today wasn't a too bad of an day,I met Isabelle, a sure new friend. But what I feared was who would haunt my dreams tonight, and that is a golden haired Jace. He seems like big trouble that I will be sure to steer clear of. Because soon enough he will be with Aline and Kealie and they hate my guts with a fiery passion. As of right now though, I was clearing my head by drawing. I lighted my oil warmer that sent a sense of relief and serenity into the ember lights of my room. Dressed in nothing but comfy sweats and a sports bra, I was comfy and calm to draw.I was at home.

"Hey I know this is your peaceful zen drawing crap time, but can I come in?" Jonathan called through the door.

"Sure," I called, "not like it would stop you." I added, pencil dropping by my side.

"Whats up?" I looked up at him. My big brother,my protector, my friend...No matter how much of a cocky asshole he is, he is still my sweet big bro.

"Just wanted to talk," He sagged into my bed.

"You interrupted my zen crap time to talk!" I mock punched him, which ended in dying laughter and noogeys.

Then we just laid on my bed talking until late hours. This was defiantly home...


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